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  1. Role playing? Interesting. But I don't think I would fair well with the fat/gay/monkey/nerd jokes. Thank you. Wanna arm wrestle?
  2. Couldn't do it. I can barely stand the threads here on JN; All the what ifs, coulda shouldas.
  3. This thread is making me sick all over again.
  4. It's amazing what a good workout can do; I'm only disgruntled today instead of sad and disgruntled!
  5. I'd sacrifice a small step back; it's highly unlikely the Jets will make 3 straight AFCC appearances anyway.
  6. Is there a doughnut in it somewhere?
  7. You know a dude is losing an argument when he has to use the "period" comeback.
  8. When you said "flat" did you mean "empty"?
  9. Boy do we know THAT feeling. Thx!
  10. I feel the same way. I made the mistake of believing and being positive last year around this time so....
  11. They'll hop right back off if the Jets lose on Sunday, no worries.
  12. If you're superstitious, like I am, then changing your m.o. is bad luck. Thanks, Bob! lol
  13. I posted this earlier in a different thread. Tom Jackson is a spinning dick!
  14. Possibly. One thing is certain, though; your signature pic is WAY too big.
  15. Well see, that's my point. She's clearly just a little crazy.
  16. If your lady friend was truly psychic she'da left you already!
  17. Oh and... In Bart's infamous post game interview with Sal Paolantonio he specifically references T. Jackson & Keyshawn's disrespect. I can watch this clip over and over. Chills....
  18. Yeah, it was fairly early on the Mike & Mike show the next morning. Tom Jackson was a call in. I have it Tivo'd. "“I wanted to further fuel them in a little of a cement—cement them in that bunker mentality of ‘us against the world." Here's a news link... http://www.sportsgri...art-scott-jets/
  19. This is ALMOST as good as Tom Jackson explaining on Mike & Mike how his & Keyshawn's dissing of the Jets before the Pats game was done intentionally to "fire them (The Jets) up".
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