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  1. Pile on, Yenta. I have a good memory!
  2. These threads never yield anything scandalous. If you really wanna find out secrets, you have to become an administrator and read PMs.
  3. I believe Garb could be a Leo but Max is too wuss to be a Leo. Not buying it.
  4. I did go to the doctor and she prescribed valium. It didn't work for my neck but I'm thinking of using it for Sunday's game!
  5. I think HT is smart enough to figure out who is the butt of the jokes around here!
  6. Was Max with you at the time?
  7. How on earth did you sprain your neck, anyway? It's not like you do anything strenuous!
  8. The valium has worn off, I'm much sharper now!
  9. Did you take something for it? You bastid! lol
  10. BWAHA! We have so many inside jokes, you and I. Can you imagine if I was blonde?!
  11. Yes, I know but there is no such thing as diminutive claims court.
  12. Even though I'm a Mac user?! That IS love! Love you too! I know Max is a sucker for blondes. So I guess being brunette has it's advantages, afterall!
  13. Don't forget Ugg boots and man purses!
  14. Max can SO do that snap! lol
  15. Thanks HT, if I have to use you to get things done around here, so be it! This girl gets it! lol
  16. Ignore me Max, that's fine. But I know damn well if HT had started this thread, you would've upgraded to a better server! lol
  17. I can do a triple snap with either hand.. but I can't whistle.
  18. It's so cute watching you two fight over the new girl!
  19. Does "scare" mean "turn me on"? You are SO transparent! lol
  20. They're used to it, they just don't give a sh*t.
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