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  1. Verde


    Please, HT, don't get gg started on music!!
  2. Verde


    I was almost afraid to read further than, "Last weekend at the tailgate.." lol
  3. Verde


    JN and hijacked threads are like Max and assless chaps. lol
  4. I can't, it's bad luck! lol We're like Pavlov's dog, unfortunately.
  5. Jokes aside, anyone else getting these error messages here lately?
  6. Don't think I don't know what you are implying! Ptttth
  7. LOL!! It's ok, Crush, let Tom have his moment.
  8. Someone needs to bottle Crusher, dontcha think?! lol
  9. I was totally expecting a compliment from you, actually.
  10. Insults are their way of flirting with you. But you already know this!
  11. haha.. totally looks Arena Football league!
  12. I don't think Garb was referring to your posts; you don't come off as preachy.
  13. Verde


    Thanks! I figured it was a piece of info Max might not share with you whilst attempting to impress; He has a thing for fru fru dogs! lol
  14. The Mayan calendar has the world ending by Dec of 2012
  15. Verde


    Conflicted. Is that like trying to act masculine but owning a Bichon Frise?
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