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  1. Congrats, HT, you've figured out in hours what's taken the rest of us YEARS to figure out!
  2. Verde


    Max, you should be ashamed of yourself! lol
  3. Blasphemous! Silly, silly Crusher. I still love you.
  4. Apologies, HT.. In my excitement to make fun of Max, I forgot to welcome you aboard! Haha!
  5. Scared away? Bwahaha! First of all, you know first hand that most of the men here are ghey. Second of all: your board has become boring and obsolete in this Twitter era!
  6. Tough guy, eh? We both know the Jets are not winning the Superbowl.
  7. 4 egg white omelet and grilled asparagus. Awesomeness.
  8. Gives new meaning to the term "graphic design", eh?! Bwahahaha
  9. I appreciate your vote of confidence but I somehow doubt my illustration/design style would suit Mick's tastes.
  10. Verde


    My parents live 10 minutes from Cabelas. The only good thing about it is that it brought LOTS of other businesses to the area; Before Cabelas visiting was a drag.
  11. Well that's settled. Now the NFL can get back to putting the Jets under a microscope!
  12. Admit it, the Justin Beiber life size cut out was yours, wasn't it?
  13. The whole injury and timing of it is suspicious to me, given he went from 80% to almost 100% in 2 days
  14. Are you shocked or correcting my punctuation? lol.
  15. He should work at Tupperware with that haircut.
  16. I'm an artist, Bob. I can't help my affection for Apple; it's genetic!
  17. The FedEx commercials are much better! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMseTvPtLEA
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