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  1. Oh hell yeah it affects it.

    Seattle might now have a QB of the future available. I would guess someone from Smith, Curry or Monroe are now off the board as the Chiefs take one. Where does Sanchez drop to? Does someone like Tampa now try to move up and grab him?

    I think that Crabtree is also a possibility. If they lose Gonzo in the next couple years they will need someone to pick up the slack.

    My best guess is that the Chiefs go OL.

  2. dont be sore just because you couldnt make it in the competitive tea drinking tourneys.. you really had the napkin folding down .. it was your posture and the crumbs on the table from the biscotti that was your downfall

    If he loses the QB competition to Pennington and Clemens we can always convert him to tea drainker later.

  3. The Rams, Falcons, Chiefs, Jets, Pats, Ravens, Bengals, Saints & Bills don't need a running back.

    What team do you think would trade up for McFadden if he was around when the Jets pick at #6?

    The Bengals absolutely need a running back.

    Also, what do we know about the health of Larry Johnson?

  4. Building primarily through the draft does not work unless you keep your players happy and willig to resign with your ball club. Since Parcells left we seem to be pissing off our players with our negotiating tactics. The list is miles long:

    James Farrior

    Laverneous Coles (twice)

    Pete Kendall

    Kareem McKenzie

    John Hall

    Randy Thomas

    Kerry Jenkins

    Kevin Mawae

    Jason Fabini

    Chris Baker

    We need free agents to replace the starting quality players that we were unable to keep or replace with draft picks. Unless we become the franchise that players want to play for we will need to keep spending big money on free agents to make up for our apparent lack of people skills.

  5. IMO, no. The spread was only 11.5. That's not such a big deal. Especially when you consider the amount of points the Pats were throwing up. The Giants only lost by around three on the last week of the season and that was without Bradshaw. In Super Bowl III people were convinced that the AFL teams were worse than the JV. It was like a replacement team winning a playoff game. Second biggest super bowl upset sure.

    I have to agree that the point spread says it all. The Jets were at 17 point underdog and no one gave us a chance, The Giants had come within three points in the regular season and were only a 12 point underdog.

  6. Brien was just a scapegoat (we wasted a damn second rounder because Herm through this guy under the bus).

    Instead of leaving Brien in position to make a reaonable kick, Herm doesn't trust his defense so he has Chad kneel down for a six yard loss to burn a few seconds of the clock. As Biien hit the bottom crossbar, it is a good bet that he would have made the kick from the prior line of scrimmage.

    Herm will burn in hell for what he did to Doug Brien and this team.

  7. The oline is about 5 guys bonding and performing as a unit. I really feel that if Kendall isn't there this season it's going to hurt the Jets.

    It's a tough situation with Kendall. He says he took a paycut for the team to help out them out last year. The Jets say that he signed that contract and has to honour it.

    It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

    Jets fans: Welcome to the Patriots model of doing business.

    Who else thinks they should just pay the man?

  8. Generally speaking, I can't recall one situation where the "stacked" team in the NFL actually went on to win the trophy. Yes, the Patriots have the talent to be a terrifying team, but they also have the potential of blowing up rather quickly. Time will tell.

    You are forgetting the years of the 49ers and the Denver Broncos. Also, the 70s Steelers. I think you get the idea.

  9. He's a bum, for 6 first round picks in a row he wanted that team to take a receiver. 6 in a row! Then the Panthers pick, and what do ya know...a receiver...ruh row Me-shawn, you might be out of a job soon.

    Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.

    Personally, I thought Keyshawn did a good job. You wouldn't think it was his first time out there.

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