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  1. You got the handicap, not me. Picking in the nineteenth slot of each round is a lot harder than the ninth slot. That being said the San Diego Chargers had an outstanding day one. My second and third round picks filled big needs fo the Chargers with the BAP available when I picked. Vince Young gave me the best QB depth in the league. Whoever starts at QB for the Chargers will have to earn it.
  2. Watch Millen draft another WR on day one though. Just wait for it. Also, keep in mind that you drafted 10 spots ahead of me in each round.
  3. The way this draft is falling you never know.
  4. Not too hard though. Davis was a good pick but you passed on Vince Young. Jackson was another good pick but you passed on Donte Whitner Toledo was another good pick but you passed on Derek Hagan. This weekend I guess I will have to make room on my mantle for that Nugent pic.
  5. My question was why you didn't draft Faba yet if he is # 1 on your list.
  6. If you really were # 1 on his list, why is he waiting until round four to take you?
  7. I almost took a QB with my last pick (mostly to piss more peorple off) but thought Hagan was a better value. Croyle is a good pick here.
  8. 19.Vince Young QB Texas 50. Donte Whitner SS, Ohio State 81. Derek Hagan WR, Arizona State University Wow, how about that for value? After a few years of Herm and Bradway I would be happy if the Jets got these guys with our picks.
  9. The San Diego Chargers selct wide receiver from Arizona State University Derek Hagan. Miami Dolphins -{rsherryjr}- OTC
  10. Fasano was an amazing value where you picked him. He was # 1 on my board.
  11. When I PM'd my pick to Smizzy, Allen was my second choice in case the Cowboys swiped Whitner.
  12. Damn, he was on top of my list. I almost thought Kiwi would fall to me for San Diego.
  13. Of all the team message board for this arguement it is ironic that a Jets messageboard would have so many posters disputing BAP. In 2000, the Jets had four first rounders and many needs. After using their first two picks on Abe and Ellis they were looking for a WR (remember we just traded Keyshawn and Cherbet was our only decent WR). Rather than draft a WR for need they took Chad Pennington. Vinny Testverde had several years left on a monster contract and his last full game before the draft was the AFC Championship game in 1998. Bottom line is that we got Laverneous Coles in round three and got an MVP caliber season from Chad in 2002. If anyone should appreciate the value of a franchise QB it should be a Jets fan.
  14. Gotta agree. We need youth and speed.
  15. Bull****! Drafting for need is the fast track to the cellar. You can never go wrong drafting the best player available. Between injuries and free agency you can never have enough depth. If you draft for need above talent you are reaching. Drafting a player a few spots ealy to fill a hole is fine as long as the opportunity to take a better player is limited. With Vince Young (possibly a top 5 pick) available at pick # 19 I am very happy with my pick. If I can find a QB as good as him late in the first round I have every confidence that I can find good players later in the draft to fill my holes.
  16. Keyshawn and Coles sounds pretty nice to me.
  17. Williams was a great pick. He was up there on my board with Vinve Young and Jimmy Williams
  18. I could say the same about Winston Justice.
  19. Grand larceny = steal lots WR is actually a high priority for San Diego but looking at the top WRs in the draft I dind't see how one was that much better than the others. I was actually thinking about Bunckley before the draft started but he was gone and I would have taken Young anyway.
  20. Good point but the first rule of drafting is .... when in doubt, take the QB. I could see you guys ripping me if I took Young in the top 10 but at 19? That's not a steal, its grand larceny.
  21. 1. Vince Young will be one of the top ten players in the draft. 2. There is no way in hell that I let KC take Young at # 20 if I am San Diego.
  22. One of the QBs would likely be traded. Also, Young at pick # 19 would be much cheaper than Young at pick # 1-5. I think he would be a bargain where I took him.
  23. If Rivers can't take the starting job from Brees I am not sure if he really has it. Also, Young is by far the BPA. If Jimmy Williams dropped a couple spots I might have hesitated but still would have gone with Young. Not only do the Chargers get great depth at QB (and insurance against one of the two QBs being a bust) but they get the luxury of trading the QB that doesn't get the starting job after things settle down.
  24. Despite the need at OT you should have grabbed Vince Young. I am glad you didn't though.
  25. The San Diego Charges select Quarterback from the University of Texas Longhorns - Vincent Paul Young, Jr. I had a few players I was thinking of here but there is no way I pass up on this kind of talent.
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