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  1. Please don't post the names of players that haven't been taken yet!
  2. Usually these things don't start to drag until round two or three.
  3. Given the contracts that linemen are getting this year, the Giants got themselves a bargain when they signed McKenzie last year IMHO.
  4. More likely Hawk than Mario. The Saints already have a good pair of bookend DEs.
  5. AJ Nicholson would be a nice value in round three.
  6. Too bad we couldn't trade him for something.
  7. Omar would be a good value in the second half of round two or at our third round pick.
  8. Coles contract is just fine as it is. They should leave it alone.
  9. 1. Kendall is younger. 2. Cutting or trading Kendall would leave more dead money on the cap than cutting or trading Mawae. 3. Mawae may have more trade value (if we eat his remaining bonus) as his salary is lower than Kendall's.
  10. Hutchinson would be great but LeCharles Bentley is the guy I would target. I would think it would be easier and cheaper to lure a player away from the Saints than a SB contender. Also I would keep Kendall over Mawae if I had to choose.
  11. Betting against KC looks like a sure thing.
  12. Laverneous Coles was the Jets best pick since Mo Lewis. Finding quality like that in the third round is really something.
  13. I wouldn't do that trade at all. What do we need with a QB that old? We already have Vinny.
  14. I was thinking Culter for the Raiders or White for the 49ers. Either way it will be interesting.
  15. This is interesting. Who else thinks that it is either Culter or White?
  16. I like the Raiders deal better. Pick # 6 overall and a second rounder sounds pretty sweet.
  17. I wouldn't mind having him around to rebuild our line.
  18. Thanks Taborjet! It doesn't get much closer than that.
  19. You sound like a guy who's team didn't go 4-12. Herm was one of many Jets coaches with a losing record. Good riddance.
  20. For every guy like AJ Hawk, there is a guy like Brick to neutralize him. If you can't protect your QB and open lanes (for running AND passing) you can't win. If this season has taught us anything, protecting your QB is priority one.
  21. You can't have it both ways. Either Gruden gets credit for the Bucs going to the SB or he should at least get credit for the Raiders going there. Without him, neither team would have been in that game.
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