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  1. According to the trade value chart I looked at it would have been a fair trade. It looks like we had the same idea about Barron's value though.
  2. Actually Ham I offered #31 and the second third rounder # 94 (I think). I wasn'r born yesterday.
  3. Actually Fabini played guard next to McKenzie a few times last year. If we drafted Barron and Jones was ready to step up, Fabini could play guard.
  4. Jones and Bradford should be relatively cheap. Law might be a bargain depending on his health. Getting Law AND Sharper is a stretch but I would like to have at least one of them.
  5. Is there any way we could get & afford these guys? CB Ty Law SS Darren Sharper TE Freddie Jones WR Corey Bradford I wouldn't mind going into the draft wiht most of our holes filled.
  6. Kind of bored waiting for the draft so I thought this might be fun. Some of the best comedies are the product of a very good villian. Who do you think is the best?
  7. Henry's stock seems to have gone up after the combines. If he is there in round two I would take him over Bartell.
  8. Thanks! After fixing our defense last year I think our offense should be the priority.
  9. 1. Jamaal Brown LT Oklahoma 6'5" 310lbs 4.9 2. Ronald Bartell Jr CB Howard 6'2" 203lbs 4.4 3. Chris Kemoeatu OG Utah 6'4" 335lbs 5.2 4. Gerald Sensabaugh SS North Carolina 6'2" 217lbs 4.55 5. No Pick - Jeb Putzier TE Denver Broncos 6. Eric Knott TE Michigan State 6'3" 267lbs 4.75 7. Jamaal Branch RB Colgate University 6'0" 225lbs
  10. 1. Pat Williams 2. Kennoy Kennedy 3. Freddie Jones 4. Backup QB (not sure who yet) 5. Samari Rolle
  11. With Brown and Barnes on the board I would hate to see the Jets pass on the chance to get a LT prospect.
  12. Right now I would have to say Pete Kendall. Without him our offense goes from utile to pathetic.
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