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  1. Aside from the fact that Chris Henry is one of my favorite non-Jets to watch, the real problem that I have with the suspensions is that the league is punishing these guys for actions that occurred before they started their no-nonsense stance. While these guys aren't model citizens they may have behaved better if they knew what the punishment would be. Ray Lewis may have killed someone and he got a slap on the wrist. While these punishments serve a strong message to the rest of the league, I believe that the players had no warning as not only weren't the new rules posted anywhere but they didn't even exist yet.
  2. I could see us moving up if Leon Hall slides or if we trade away a certain linebacker.
  3. Shaun Andrews for the Eagles was taken 16th overall and mae the pro bowl at guard last year. Again, you are posting incorrect information. Why are you making up facts to support this bogus arguement?
  4. Less than one guard = zero. You know this is not true. .83 per year X 6 Years = 5 guards taken in the first round in the last six years. Why are you posting your opinion as if it were fact?
  5. Why do Eric Barton and Brandon Merriweather sow up as question marks?
  6. Kyle Young is on the money. He would be a great selection to fill our need at rG in round six. I would have agreed with you on Higgins when he was reposted to have 4.3 speed. After he ran at the combine and we learned that he isn't all that fast, the guy is not all that apealing anymore. Also he has been rising and may not be there when we pick anyway. Not sure that I know miuch about Sartz.
  7. They have been doing thre draft parties each year. Manhattan, Central New Jersey and Long Island. They haven't announced this year's parties yet as far as I know.
  8. I will probably go the Jets party in New York City again. Last year it was at the Hard Rock Cafe.
  9. I just thought that it was funny how the name of this website was edited and replaced with the *****s on my "private message".
  10. Tone down the damned roughing the passer rule. It is ruining the game.
  11. Understandable considering that it was more than two year ago.
  12. It's funny. I just noticed an old "private message" in my inbox on that other Jets site: Private Message: hey 02-23-2005, 08:55 PM Top Smizzy Banned Join Date: Apr 2003 Posts: 10,736 hey -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maxman & TomShane started a Jets website www.*********.com come check it out. Hope you guys get a kick out of it.
  13. You are forgetting about the players that Herm inherited and cut to install his 3-4 defense. Roman Phifer and Bryan Cox were key contributors to the Patsies Superbowl victory that year since Herm felt that they were expendable. In later years, Aaron Glenn, Marcus Coleman, Laverneous Coles, Kareem McKenzie, James Farrior, Kerry Jenkins, Randy Thomas, Eric Obogu, Victor Green, Jason Fergeson, and Lamont Jordan were also considered expendable. Santan Moss of course was traded to the Redskins to get Coles back (yes it's true we had both of them at the same time once). Rich Kotite could have won a championship with the talent that Herm threw away let alone the guys he kept.
  14. We still need help on the right side of our OL. If we fix that look out!
  15. You must be grading on a curve. We are off to a good start but we haven't even drafted yet. Let's not break our arms patting ourselves on the back just yet.
  16. But, but that's impossible. He's gay!
  17. To the extent that players are a distraction to their teammates and coaches their talent should be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, some of these players with off the field problems that can get along with their teammates and love the game of football aren't all that big of a problem. Professional football is extremely competative and every opportunity to improve should be explored. Brandon Merriweather is an example of a guy that has a bad reputation and stomped on some kid's head during a game on national TV. He also had an incident where he fired a registered gun at someone who had shot one o his teammates. From what I understand, this guy listens to coaches, gets along with his teammates and provides leadership on the field. He is also one hell of a football player. I would have a long talk with his coaches to get the full story but really don't see a problem. Randy McMichael is more of a risk as his off the field problems may get him kicked out of the league. I don't follow Miami very closely but I haven't heard of him being a problem in the locker room or on the field. If the guy can show up and play football I have no problem signing him. I do feel that his problems should factor into the amount of compensation though. Randy Moss is a whole different story. The guy is a lazy piece of crap that takes plays off. I would put Michael Vick in the same category. Vick is extremely talented but isn't committed to improving himself as a player. I would put off the field problems or character isues in the same category as injuries. They take away from the value of a player but by no means would I completely write off a player if I thought he could add value to my team.
  18. We don't need Peterson anymore. The Patsies drafted Richard Seymor at # 6 overall. If we move up to # 2 look for a pick on the DL.
  19. While he was injured, I believe that Indy gave a rather large signing bonus to Corey Simon. Also, please tell me that you didn't forget the signing bonuses they gave to keep Manning, Harrison, etc. Yes, those teams drafted well but it is better to be lucky than good. All NFL teams obtain starters and depth in free agency. To ignore the options out there or to balk at the overall price tag on a player that is a good value for the money is foolish. Some teams do overpay but not every big contract is a mistake. Otherwise, Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison would have been playing for some othe team last year.
  20. I don't care who they are talking about but pick # 25 and any one of our defensive players in exchange for the # 2 pick in the draft is a steal. I think that D-Rob or Rhodes might be the player that Detroit would want but it could be Vilma as well. Pick # 2 is absolutely huge. We could trade down from there to any other spot in the top ten and get extra picks to fill our holes. If we did pull this off, I would mov down to a pick no higher than # 6 and no lower than # 10. We could get a real star on our team and get better in a hurry.
  21. If all of the free agents are "overpaid" then maybe none of them are. You can't compare this year to prior years and place the same value on the new contracts as the old ones. The TV money went up last year and went up more this year. The contracts only seem ridiculous because many of you are living in the past. In this year's market, a starting guard (top 5 free agents anyway) is worth $7 mil. Either you pay the price or you settle for a lesser player at that position. Green's contract is no more ridiculous than the contracts the Jets will sign later on when the first tier guys are gone.
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