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  1. While I believe that our DL could use improvement the front office bringing Kimo back begs the following questions: Could the defensive line be better than we think? Are we vastly overrating our starting lienabckers in the 3-4? Kimo isn't the solution but he may not be the problem either. Keep in mind that the Steelers won the SB with this piece of crap starting for them the year before we got him.
  2. Next year's draft has a much better RB crop than this year. I would much rather sign Dillon for a year or two than trade up to # 2 to get Peterson.
  3. We did all that and the Patsies cleaned our clock in the playoffs. They also made big moves in free agency and have more draft picks than us (including two first rounders). Building exclusively through the draft is fighting with one hand tied behind our back. We need free agents as well as draft picks and there is no time like the present to sign them.
  4. The Panthers at pick # 14 could really use a MLB like Vilma. I am not so sure about the teams picking 10 - 13.
  5. When do teams have to present tender offers to RFAs they wish to keep?
  6. He forgot Kerney. At this point, Kerney is the best available IMHO.
  7. The year before Jordan walked as a free agent Oakland offered up the second pick in round three for him. That is all that Turner is worth at the most.
  8. The Rams and Colts did win it all. Also, Tom Brady got three rings for the Patsies. The Bucs loaded up on offense the year they won the big one. The Steelers drafted a QB in the first round when they won it. Besides if you bothered to read the reast of my post I said that talent, balance, and coaching are what wins championships.
  9. The best defense is a good offense. Even so I want Thomas as well. Talent, balance, and coaching win championships.
  10. Best talent available: 1. Victor Abiamiri 2. Eric Weddle 3. Zach Miller
  11. Well that decides it. He will be a Bengal next year.
  12. Wow, Andre Dyson was a steal for us last year in free agency. I would rather pay him $2 mil per year than cough up $8-10 mil for Samuels. I hope that we are very aggressive in free agency. Building through the draft is not a complete strategy when most draft picks can hit free agency in three or four years.
  13. You would be surprised how many free agents you an afford when you don't have any draft picks.
  14. Mangold and it ain't even close to that ain't even close.
  15. The best thing about that draft is that we managed to get Coles back. Coles is more valuable than all of the guys we took in the draft that year combined.
  16. No way does Hobson start over Barton. Forget it, it just ain't happening.
  17. Beliheck without Mangini = No Superbowl
  18. In any system Barton >>>>>> Hobson In a 3-4 Barton > Vilma
  19. Of course they were loaded, Denver violated the salary cap that year and was punished for it by the league a few years later.
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