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  1. We got a very late thrid rounder for Lamont Jordan, Kareem KcKenzie, and Jason Fergeson.
  2. The Raiders offered the second pick in the third round but we turned it doen. The following year Jordan left as a UFA and we got zilch.
  3. The senior bowl is about as close as it gets to NFL talent for college players. Many of the players in that game will go in round one and many more will go on the first day of the draft. While he did stomp on some kid's head, his character issues are overblown. Someone will take this kid in round one and I hope it is the Jets.
  4. I don't know if he is the answer at CB or SS for us but Brandon Merriweather proved at the senior bowl that he is the answer. I would have no problem if we made him our first pick at # 25. The guy can cover man to man, create turnovers, and hit like a truck.
  5. Unfortunately it is on NFL Network this year. Is there any way to watch it online?
  6. Spelling aside, that is one point we can agree on. Having a better defense than your opponent gives your team an advantage. With that being said, a slight advantage over your opponent will do little good if your offense and specail teams are inferior to those of your opponent. As a general rule, you need to be better than the other team in two of the three major areas (offense, defense, and special teams). Defense is no more important than offense in this regard.
  7. Once again you make a huge leap of logic with little evidence behind it. Just beacuse a defensive player (one of 11 guys on the field for his team) has a great game does not mean that the offense didn't show up. Each team has 22 starters and half of them play on offense. Name one, just one team that won the superbowl with a truly horrible offense.
  8. Karma got the Patsies back for that Tuck Rule call against Oakland a few years ago.
  9. I stand corrected, the Bears have three outstanding tackles. I remembered John Tait and Olin Kreutz (one of the best centers in the NFL) but couldn't remember John St. Clair's name. When I looked it up I saw that Fred Miller is now the starting RT and John Tait who has started at both tackle positions (he was a LT for Kansas City) is now a backup. I also forgot to mention that Ruben Brown is one hell of a guard as well.
  10. Ok, here you go: Passing Statistics NAME CMP ATT YDS CMP% YDS/A LNG TD TD% INT INT% SACK YDS RAT Rex Grossman 262 480 3193 54.6 6.65 62 23 4.8 20 4.2 21 142 73.9 Brian Griese 18 32 220 56.3 6.88 75 1 3.1 2 6.3 3 22 62.0 Brad Maynard 1 1 37 100.0 37.00 37 0 0.0 0 0.0 0 0 118.8 Thomas Jones 1 1 -4 100.0 -4.00 -4 0 0.0 0 0.0 1 1 79.2 Totals 282 514 3446 54.9 6.70 75 24 4.7 22 4.3 25 165 73.5 Rushing Statistics NAME ATT YDS AVG LNG TD FUM LST Thomas Jones 296 1210 4.1 30 6 1 1 Cedric Benson 157 647 4.1 30 6 0 0 Adrian Peterson 10 41 4.1 11 2 0 0 Jason McKie 8 18 2.3 7 0 0 0 Bernard Berrian 2 5 2.5 5 0 0 0 Rex Grossman 24 2 0.1 22 0 3 2 Brian Griese 6 -5 -0.8 0 0 1 1 Totals 503 1918 3.8 30 14 5 4 Receiving Statistics NAME REC YDS AVG LNG TD FUM LST Muhsin Muhammad 60 863 14.4 40 5 1 1 Bernard Berrian 51 775 15.2 62 6 2 1 Desmond Clark 45 626 13.9 33 6 0 0 Rashied Davis 22 303 13.8 31 2 0 0 Mark Bradley 14 282 20.1 75 3 0 0 Jason McKie 25 162 6.5 26 0 0 0 Thomas Jones 36 154 4.3 21 0 0 0 Adrian Peterson 6 88 14.7 37 0 1 0 Justin Gage 4 68 17.0 34 0 1 1 Cedric Benson 8 54 6.8 22 0 0 0 John Gilmore 6 38 6.3 18 2 0 0 Gabe Reid 4 37 9.3 19 0 0 0 Rex Grossman 1 -4 -4.0 -4 0 0 0 Totals 282 3446 12.2 75 24 5 3 Statistics Glossary Data Source: STATS, Inc. Copyright 2006 STATS, Inc. Commercial distribution without the express written consent of STATS is prohibited.
  11. The bears have two outstanging OTs and their center is one of the best. Try again.
  12. A below or average offense can win a SB with an outstanding defense. An offense with a poor or average offensive line would need a miracle though.
  13. For each of the 40 SB winners I lister their starting QB, starting LT, leading rusher, and leading WR / TE. For every Trent Dilfer on that list there was a Larry Allen, Jay Novacheck, Don Maynard, or Jerome Betis that I left off the list. Very few teams won the superbowl without a superstar at the quarterback position. Doug Williams and Mark Rypen had at least three potential hall of fame linemen blocking for them. For all the talk about Bellichek's coaching, the Patriots have some very underrated and talented players on both sides of the ball. Antowain Smith won two superbowls as a starting running back, he can't be all that bad. Also, every SB winner had a solid offensive line. I can't think of one team that was soft up front that won the big game solely because off their defense. Jonathan Ogden and Tom Brady will both enter the hall of fame as offensive superstars.
  14. Jonathan Ogden and Jamal Lewis had as much to do with the victoryy as the defense did. Also, Shannon Sharpe was a big part of tier 15 win regular season. You can rip on the rest of their offense as much as you want but Trent Dilfer and the rest of those players controlled the clock, moved the chains, and limited turnovers. As good as the Ravens defense was, they woul have wore down if the offense couldn't give them some rest. Imagine Tony Saragusa playing 45 minutes or more in a game, the man would have had a heart attack. The '86 bears had Walter Payton (one of the best RBs of all time) and Willie Gault on offense as well as a stout offensive line. Even the Fridge was a part of that offense.
  15. Every superbowl winner had sperstars on offense that helped them to win the big game. Listed below are the QB, LT, RB, and WR / TE that led each Superbowl Champion to victory: SB QB LT RB WR / TE 1 Bart Star Forrest Gregg Jim Taylor Max McGee 2 Bart Star Forrest Gregg Benjamin Wilson Carroll Dale 3 Joe Namath Winston Hill Matt Snell George Sauer 4 Len Dawson Ron Yary Otis Taylor Mike L. Garrett 5 Johnny Unitas Dan Sullivan Tom Nowatzki John Mackey 6 Roger Staubach Tony Liscio Duane Thomas Lance Alworth 7 Bob Griese Norm Evans Larry Csonka Paul Warfield 8 Bob Griese Norm Evans Larry Csonka Paul Warfield 9 Terry Bradshaw Gordon Gravelle Franco Harris John Stallworth 10 Terry Bradshaw Gordon Gravelle Franco Harris Lynn Swann 11 Ken Stabler Art Shell Clarence Davis Fred Bilitnekoff 12 Roger Staubach Pat Donovan Tony Dorsett Billy Joe Dupree 13 Terry Bradshaw Jon Kolb Franco Harris Lynn Swann 14 Terry Bradshaw Larry Brown Franco Harris John Stallworth 15 Jim Plunkett Art Shell Mark Van Eeghen Cliff Branch 16 Joe Montana Dan Audick Ricky Patton Dwight Clark 17 Joe Theisman Joe Jacoby John Riggins Charlie Brown 18 Jim Plunkett Bruce Davis Marcus Allen Cliff Branch 19 Joe Montana Keith Fanhorst Wendell Tyler Roger Craig 20 Jim McMahon Jim Covert Walter Payton Willie Gault 21 Phil Simms Brad Benson Joe Morris Mark Bavaro 22 Doug Williams Joe Jacoby Timy Smith Ricky Sanders 23 Joe Montana Harris Barton Roger Craig Jerry Rice 24 Joe Montana Harris Barton Roger Craig Jerry Rice 25 Jeff Hostetler Jumbo Elliot Otis Anderson Mark Ingram 26 Mark Rypen Joe Jacoby Ricky Ervins Gary Clark 27 Troy Aikman Mark Tuinei Emmitt Smith Michael Irvin 28 Troy Aikman Mark Tuinei Emmitt Smith Michael Irvin 29 Steve Young Harris Barton Ricky Watters Jerry Rice 30 Troy Aikman Mark Tuinei Emmitt Smith Michael Irvin 31 Brett Farve Earl Dotson Dorsey Levens Antonio Freeman 32 John Elway Gary Zimerman Terrell Davis Ed McCaffrey 33 John Elway Tony Jones Terrell Davis Rod Smith 34 Kurt Warner Orlando Pace Marshall Faulk Torrey Holt 35 Trent Dilfer Jonathan Ogden Jamal Lewis Brandon Stokley 36 Tom Brady Matt Light Antowain Smith Troy Brown 37 Brad Johnson Roman Oben Michael Pittman Keyshawn Johnson 38 Tom Brady Matt Light Antowain Smith Dieon Branch 39 Tom Brady Matt Light Corey Dillon Dieon Branch 40 Ben Rothlisburger Marvel Smith Willie Parker Hines Ward
  16. Moss and Porter together is enough for Vick. The # 1 pick is too much to give up even if the Falcons throw in pick #10. Bad deal for Oakland.
  17. You are the one who used the mantra "defense wins championships" to support a weak arguement. Calling you out for it is not threadjacking at all. You are simply ducking the questions. With Ellis and Robertson under contract (they can not be traded or cut for at least two years), my unanswered question to you is why are you taking two 3-4 linemen with our first three picks in the draft when it is very likely that one of them will most likely be a backup? What about our needs on offense and in our secondary? Without balance, a team can only go so far.
  18. Yes, the Ravens had a very good running game. If we fix our OL we too can have a good running game. New England did have a good pasing game but they also had a great offensive line. Again, if we upgrade our OL, our weakness in the running game might not be as noticeable. What guards later on are you suggesting that we take? Should we take one in round three? Should we wait until round five? I am not sure you have this thought out.
  19. I hope we stay away from the skill positions unless we take one of the outstanding junior WRs coming out this year. Gary Russel is all the RB that we need and he will mst likely be there for our thirs round pick.
  20. I wil call bull**** on that quote. Defense doesn't win championships, balance does. The Baltimore Ravens won the SB with a dominating defense but their offense had Jonathan Ogden, Priest Holmes, Jamaal Lewis, and other talented players as well. Our problems are on both sides of the ball. There is no poit in holding another team to ten points if you can't score more than seven points yourself. We need OL help just as much as we need another lineman. With Ellis and Robertson locked up to long term contracts, taking two defensive linemen with our first three picks is cap suicide unless one of them can play OLB.
  21. First of all, I do think that Justin Blalock can be that good. If you look at guys like Steve Hutchinson and Larry Allen, a dominating guard is a viable first round pick, especially for a team that had a great deal of difficulty running the ball last year. Like I said, I don't think he makes it to # 25 but I wouldn't be so quick to pass up a chance to get him if he did. Chad Pennington and our coaching staff did an amazing job of moving the chains last year. Much of our success was due to misdirection and trick plays though. Many have criticized Chad for underutilizing Chris Baker but the fact is that Baker is an average starting TE at best. Getting more targets on offense takes a lot of pressure off of Chad. I agree with you about Merriweather. You should have had him higher in your mock.
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