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  1. I believe that Gallery started at left tackle last year. As Gallery was taken # 2 overall in the draft that year, I am not the only one who thought he had potential. With Art Shell as his head coach, Gallery should have made the pro bowl just for not committing suicide. If I remember correctly, I was right about Sean Taylor even though you were equally critical of that pick. As for the money spent at one position (and first rounders), I believe thatthe New England Patriots have three first rounders playing on their DL, How is that working out for them? I think New England's defensive line is living proof of Ham's super unit theory. Once again JoneJet you have proven yourself to be a dumbass.
  2. If the draft goes as you projected, we should take the following players instead of the guys you chose: Baltimore RavensJustin Blalock OG Texas I don't know how he gets past the Cowboys and Chiefs but he is one of my favorite players in this draft. Minnesota VikingsZach Miller TE Arizona St Getting the best TE in the draft in round two is a slam dunk. San Diego ChargersBrandon Meriweather DB Miami Fl This guy is one of the best safeties in the draft and may even be able to play corner. He has first round talent and will only be available in round two due to character issuses. I doubt he will be there for our own second round pick but he would be an absolute steal there.
  3. No one else voted for OL? You have to be kidding me? On paper, Adrian Jones is our starting RT now that Clemnts is a UFA.
  4. What do you plan to do on DL? Ellis and Robertson can't be cut or traded due to their contracts. I hope we aren't using one of our top three picks on a backup when we have needs on offense that could be addresses.
  5. Agree with the first four but Coles and Keyshawn have both had better pro careers than Cherbet. By the time he is finished, Santana Moss will probably surpass Cherbet as well.
  6. Aaron Glenn James Hasty Ken O'brien Although he was never a Jet, Art Powell was one hell of a WR for the Titans (AFL) and was up there with Maynard.
  7. The San Diego Chagers had Tony Martin who we originally drafted. Also, Glen Cadrez comes to mind. Don't forget John Riggins.
  8. Keep in mind that one reason we went from 4-12 to playoffs is that we got Barton back from injury this year. Barton and Kendall are the two most underrated Jets on the roster.
  9. 36 Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame pass rusher 46 Brandon Meriweather CB Miami (FL) corner 116 Gary Russell RB Minnesota running back I filled all three needs with draft picks. Why would you be pissed?
  10. I thought so too. ESPN had him listed as our SS. If Rhodes is our FS, cancel the order for Ken Hamlin.
  11. I got you a WR, a RB, and a TE. What else do you want?
  12. Is there any game this weekend that can change our draft position or has that been decided?
  13. I used a different chart but the points worked out pretty well. If not I think that I got it pretty close. Perhaps the Giants give the Panthers a player or 2008 pick to make it work. I really like the players that I found for my mock draft and trading an existing player for picks is risky but has a ton of upside.
  14. Getting a low first rounder for one of our stars an be a bitter pill to swallow. Just think back to last year before we knew how good Mangold was going to be and we still need a pass rusher. The reason the trade looks so complicated is that I was trying to milk that low first rounder for all it is worth by getting a 2008 first rounder and positioning us to take full advantage of the talent in the draft. The Giants probably come out of this with too much but I don't see how the Jets or Panthers could really complain (much like Denver winning from the Abraham trade). Thanks for the feedback.
  15. While I think that Mangini's first season with the Jets exceeded expectations, I think that with a strong offseason this year that our team can go much further. While there are some very flashy free agents this year (Freeney, Clements, Samuels, etc.), I think that there is a very strong class in this year's draft that can solve most of our problems. That being said, it is my belief that we should aggressively pursue (overpay) the following free agents: Leonard Davis RT Arizona Cardinals 6'6" 365 lbs 28 Years Old Terdell Sands DT Oakland Raiders 6'7" 335 lbs 27 Years Old Ken Hamlin FS Seattle Seahawks 6'2" 209 lbs 26 Years Old (next week) Eric Johnson TE San Francisco 49ers 6'3" 252 lbs 27 Years Old I think that Jonathan Vilma is an outstanding linebacker that does not fit our system. As he is much better suited to a 4-3 scheme (that we will not be running), I believe that the Jets and Vilma would both be better off if we can trade him to a team that runs a 4-3 and could use a big upgrade at MLB. The best fits that I could find were Carolina, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Aside from getting fair value for Vilma (a low first rounder), my other goals in a trade would be to get a high pick in next year's draft, move up in each round in day one of this year's draft, and to obtain a fourth round pick. In round one, my priority is to get ahead of Dallas. Carolina with pick # 14 makes the most sense here. As their pick is a bit too high, I would include a third team (the Giants) to get better value at pick # 20. I think that the following trade is fair to all three teams and that the players drafted make all three teams more competative as well. I have included the players to be drafted by each team to help demonstrate the incentive for each team to make the trade. Giants get pick # 14 (Panthers 1st Rounder) Marcus McCauley CB Giants get pick # 89 (Jets 3rd Rounder) Tony Taylor LB Giants give Pick # 20 (1st Rounder) to Jets Justin Blaylock OG / OT Giants give pick # 84 (3rd Rounder) to Jets Matt Spaeth TE Giants give pick # 116 (4th Rounder) to Jets Gary Russell RB Panthers get Jonathan Vilma (Jets) Jonathan Vilma LB Panthers get pick # 25 (Jets 1st Rounder) Troy Smith QB Panthers get pick # 57 (Jets 2nd Rounder) Earl Everett LB Panthers get Jets 2008 2nd Rounder ??? ??? Panthers give pick # 14 (1st Rounder) to Giants Marcus McCauley CB Panthers give pick # 46 (2nd Rounder) to Jets Brandon Meriweather CB Panthers give pick # 78 (3rd Rounder) to Jets Paul Williams WR Panthers give 2008 1st Rounder to Jets ??? ??? Jets get pick # 20 (Giants 1st Rounder) Justin Blaylock OG / OT Jets get pick # 46 (Panthers 2nd Rounder) Brandon Meriweather S / CB Jets get pick # 78 (Panthers 3rd Rounder) Paul Williams WR Jets get pick # 84 (Giants 3rd Rounder) Matt Spaeth TE Jets get pick # 116 (Giants 4th Rounder) Gary Russell RB Jets get Panthers 2008 1st Rounder ??? ??? Jets give Jonathan Vilma to Panthers Jonathan Vilma LB Jets give Pick # 25 (1st Rounder) to Panthers Troy Smith QB Jets give pick # 57 (2nd Rounder) to Panthers Earl Everett LB Jets give pick # 89 (3rd Rounder) to Giants Tony Taylor LB Jets give Jets 2008 2nd Rounder to Panthers ??? ??? Here are the first four rounds of the 2007 draft for the Jets (after the trade): 20 Justin Blalock OG Texas 36 Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame 46 Brandon Meriweather CB Miami (FL) 78 Paul Williams WR Fresno St. 84 Matt Spaeth TE Minnesota 116 Gary Russell RB Minnesota By moving ahead of the Cowboys, the Jets are able to bolster their rushing attach by get a dominating guard that can also play tackle if necessary. The Redskins 2nd rounder obtained last year gets the Jets the pass rushing linebacker they despertely need. Swapping picks with the Panthers in round two allows the Jets to select a defensive back with first round talent (and some off the field problems). Swapping picks with the Panthers in round three brings a big WR with speed. The third and fourth round picks obtained from the Giants allow the Jets to add two Golden Gophers to improve our offense at the RB and TE positions. The Giants are able to patch up their secondary with Marcus McCauley on the cheap (4th rounder and trade picks with the Jets in round 3). The Carolina Panthers fill their two biggest needs at MLB and QB with Jonathan Vilma (pro bowler) and Troy Smith (Heisman winner). They also gain additional linebacking help with Earl Everett using the Jets second round pick. While they gave up thier third rounder and swapped a first rounder for a second rounder in 2008, they get to fill their needs (with outstanding players) without having to reach at pick # 14. If the Jets acquire all four free agent targets and the draft happens as I have described, here is the bulk of our roster next year: QB Chad Pennington / Kellen Clemens / Ramsey (or other) RB Gary Russell / Leon Washington / Cederic Houston FB BJ Askew / James Hodgkins / Stacey Tutt TE Eric Johnson / Chris Baker / Matt Spaeth / Jame Dearth WR Laverneous Coles / Jericho Cotchery / Brad Smith / Paul Williams / etc LT D'Brickshaw Fergeson LG Pete Kendall / Brandon Moore C Nick Mangold RG Justin Blaylock RT Leonard Davis / Justin Blaylock RDE Sean Ellis / Dave Ball NT Terdell Sands / CJ Mosely / Sione Pouha LDE Dwayne Robertson LOLB Bryan Thomas LILB Eric Barton RILB Victor Hobson / Anthony Schlagel ROLB Victor Abiamiri / Cody Spencer LCB Andre Dyson / Hank Poteat / Drew Coleman RCB Brandon Meriweather / Justin Miller SS Kerry Rhodes / Rashad Washington FS Ken Hamlin / Eric Coleman / Eric Smith P Shane Graham K Mike Nugent Cuts Justin McCarrens Wade Smith Adrian Jones David Barrett Bobby Hamilton Kimo Von Olhofen Derrick Blaylock Kevan Barlow What do you guys think?
  16. If Bryan Thomas can play in the 3-4, why not Freeney?
  17. Eric Steinbach, UFA, Bengals Dwight Freeney, UFA, Indianapolis Colts Nate Clements, UFA, Buffalo Bills How about those three and Terrell Sands? Now that would be sick.
  18. After extending Cotchery and Rhodes, I hope we can sign three or four of the following players before the draft. Then we can draft BPA with every pick IMHO: Tight Ends Jerramy Stevens, UFA, Seattle Seahawks Daniel Graham, UFA, New England Patriots Eric Johnson, UFA, San Francisco 49ers Wide receivers Kevin Curtis, UFA, St. Louis Rams Kelley Washington, UFA, Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Line Leonard Davis UFA Arizona Cardinals Eric Steinbach, UFA, Bengals Floyd Womack, UFA, Seattle Seahawks Defensive Line Terdell Sands UFA Oakland Raiders Dwight Freeney, UFA, Indianapolis Colts Jared Allen, RFA, Kansas City Chiefs Justin Smith, UFA, Bengals Edward Jasper, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles Linebackers Lance Briggs, UFA, Chicago Bears Na'il Diggs, UFA, Carolina Panthers Cato June, UFA, Indianapolis Colts Adalius Thomas, UFA, Baltimore Ravens Defensive Backs Nate Clements, UFA, Buffalo Bills Asante Samuel UFA New England Patriots Ken Hamlin, UFA, Seattle Seahawks Tyrone Carter, UFA, Pittsburgh Steelers Deon Grant, UFA, Jacksonville Jaguars Michael Lewis, UFA, Philadelphia Eagles Donnie Nickey, UFA, Tennessee Titans
  19. I think we need a TE as much as we need a RB. Baker and our RB by committee can win games but playmakers can help us to score points. If we can get the top TE in the draft at pick # 32 I would take him. Otherwise I would like to get one of the top three somewhere between Wahington's pick and ours. Pennington gets a lot of heat for our limited offensive production but I believe that adding to the talent pool on our offense will make Pennington look a lot better.
  20. The Patriots have Logan Mankins and Matt Light starting (both were first rounders). the Patriots also have drafted other linemen in round one that didn't make it. The Broncos have also used first rounder to help build their line. I believe that more than 70% of stating tackles in the NFL were taken in the first two rounds. Also, the best guards (Hutchinson, Faneca, Andrews, etx.) were first rounders. Offensive line used to be an afterthought but more teams are learning that a strong line will make an offense run much better. As a result, starting free agent linemen are getting big contracts if their teams are foolish enough to let them test the market.
  21. Free agency should help to fill in the blanks: Our top priority in free agency should be a top flight CB. Either Asante Samuel or Nate Clements would be a big help to our defense. It might be a long shot to find a pass rusher in free agency but if we have enough cap room, Dwight Freeney or Justin Smith could make us forget about John Abraham. Little known Terdell Sands is a backup DT for the Raiders (6'7" 335 lbs) that would fit nicely in our 3-4 scheme. We will have Celement back next year but the following players could give us a boost here: Eric Steinbech plays guard for the Bengals but could play RT Leonard Davis or Floyd Womack would also be an upgrade over Clement While safety isn't our biggest need, any of these players would look great playing alongside Kerry Rhodes (and help our rushing defense): Ken Hamlin Deon Grant Donnie Nickey Michael Lewis
  22. Thanks for the feedback. Keep in mind that this draft does not include the Juniors (they haven't mostly declared yet). I am assuming that Spaeth is the third TE taken. If better TEs declare, we would get a better player. Also, If the top TE in the draft is there at # 32, we don't trade down at all. As for the guards, Ramirez is huge. Next to a road grader like him, even Clement would look like a pro bowler at RT.
  23. Here is my first shot at a mock for this year. Assumption # 1: The Jets win it all (so we have the last pick in each round) Assumption # 2: We can trade down from pick 32 to get a second, third, and fourth rounder (picks 44, 76, and 108) Round Pick Player / Pos School Height Weight 2 37 Michael Bush RB Louisville 6'3" 247 lbs 2 44 Matt Spaeth TE Minesota 6'7" 265 lbs 2 64 Manual Ramirez OG Texas Tech 6'4" 335 lbs 3 76 Jasper Brinkley LB South Carolina 6'2" 258 lbs 3 96 Samson Satele OG Hawaii 6'3" 311 lbs 4 108 Desmond Bishop LB California 6'2" 243 lbs 5 160 Derrick Jones DT / DE Grand Valley State 6'5" 284 lbs Hopefully we can get one of the top CBs in free agency because I focused on our offense for the most part. What do you guys think?
  24. Here is a post from Ham on another message board. I think he has it right. The Pick from Washington is #5 in RD 2 - #37 Overall RD 1 ==== 1. Raiders {2-14} 2. Lions {3-13} 3. Browns or Bucs {4-12} 4. Bucs or Browns {4-12} 5. Cardinals {5-11} .. Weaker SOS 6. Redskins {5-11} .. Stronger SOS RD 2 ==== 33. Raiders 34. Lions 35. Bucs or Browns 36. Browns or Bucs 37. Redskins {Traded to Jets} .. They flip spots with Zona in RD 2 38. Cardinals .. DITTO
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