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  1. While a top RB in 2007 would be helpful we may need to use our day one picks for DL, WR, OL, TE, or even another QB. Also, in today's NFL a solid backup RB is a must. If a fourth rounder buys us our # 2 RB for the next five years, sign me up.
  2. Jones has enough trouble with RT. He isn't a starting LT for any NFL team. Perhaps we can trade J-Mac or Strait to another sucker so we can recoup the 4th rounder.
  3. We will not keep 6 WRs or 10 LBs. Add at least one OL, one DL, and a FB to the roster and you should be set.
  4. First of all, football is a game of trenches. Neglecting the lines to add flashy players does not get anyone to the big game. Secondly, he neglects to mention that the Jets did get a quarterback in the second round of the draft. To say that we simply handed the reigns to Pennington is a joke. Leinhart looked good at USC but it is way to early to tell who will make a better pro. Also, if QB is the biggest need why not Vince Young? If we blew it by not trading up for Bush, did we blow it by not moving up for Young? Finally, if we did trade up for Bush, not only would Pennington be our QB but we wouldn't have Clemens either. You would think that there were only two decent prospects in the whole draft if you took this lousy article seriously.
  5. Horrible trade for the Jets. If we still had Abraham, Ellis may have been expendable but our line falls apart without him now.
  6. 0-0 Al Groh wouln't let Pennington off the bench in his rookie year.
  7. I am going to the practice. Where is everyone meeting up?
  8. Why were they arresting him in the first place though? Propably more to the story than parking.
  9. Great movie! I laughed my ass off.
  10. How does one get tased and arrested for a parking violation? Pretty strict don't ya think?
  11. Kiper's review sounds about right to me. Would have liked to hear his thoughts on our QB and the 2007 2nd rounder though.
  12. Guy Whimper is another mid to late round possibility at OT.
  13. Very bad draft after horrible losses in free agency.
  14. With the second pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Saints select D'Brickeshaw Fergeson.
  15. McNeil is striclty a RT IMHO. Whitworth would be a better bet to compete with Adrian Jones on the left side.
  16. Omar would be a nice pickup at the top of round three.
  17. Guy Whimper may go day one. He has some upside.
  18. Terry Bradway is that you? Without freakin linemen Leinhart or Culter would rapidly find their way to injured reserve.
  19. Much appreciated Maxman. After the time we all put into this thing am sure that others are also looking forward to hearing more. I am glad to hear I made the top 5.
  20. Any more feedback from the panel? I am curious to find what they thought of my draft. I would also like to know more about what they thought made the winners stand out most.
  21. Just look at my draft. The picture is as good as mine. Muahhaahaaa!!!
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