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  1. Or what did Jill have to do with Jacks accident in the water incident..?
  2. Montana did play well in his 2 years in KC going 11-5 and 9-7.. 3 years before he came they were 11-5,10-6,10-6 with Deberg and Krieg as QB's..
  3. It's putting a different meaning to a word or thing that was intended.
  4. I see racism in a different way..If the color of one's skin keeps someone from having a better life,job or being able do do what everyone one else does obviously that's wrong.. But words themselves to me is meaningless. BTW Caucasians shouldn't be the only group on earth that are being blamed for being racist.. Like I said before does a certain red hat say racism to you?? People constantly try to use a food group or a article of clothing to mean something it shouldn't IMO..
  5. True however we haven't had a QB pass for 4,000 yds in 16 games..LOL
  6. I don't think anyone should get a neg rep for having a different opinion but you feel strongly the other way and it's not the team you root for..
  7. Fair enough change that to native american's first called themselves redskins.. Although Cowboys and Native Americans don't have the right feel somehow..
  8. The word Redskin was first used by the Indians themselves and they called white people paleface's.. Idiots through history have made words racist. Hell some have made red hat's,water melon or fried chicken into racist words..
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