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  1. True.. ''Win the game, fight like men, we're together win or lose, New York Jets go rolling along.'' Don't play like a horses ass..Wait that was Hess..LOL
  2. Actually because of 14 game seasons Weeb went 5-8-1 3 years in a row 1963-65. Lots of games ending in a tie back then before rule changes.. He didn't have a winning season till year 5..
  3. Actually while it was due to Kotite The Tuna had the 1st overall pick in 1997 and wouldn't guarantee Peyton he would be the pick if he came out so he went back to school.. Parcells said he would coach for just 3 years and didn't want to deal with a rookie QB..
  4. Savage69

    It's Bruce Ariens fault

    No Pro Bowls played 8 years on some good teams look at his stats nothing but a Jag + IMO..
  5. Savage69

    Darnold observances.

    And Peyton had some future HOF players in Marshall Faulk and Marvin Harrison to help him..
  6. Mangini?? left the team without a QB and never won a playoff game total loser...
  7. Savage69

    Mel and Todd

    The Pats traded Bledsoe to the Bills..
  8. Savage69

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    When the Giants went 9-7 they beat the 13-3 Pats in the Bowl and when they went 10-6 they beat the 16-0 Pats in the Bowl..
  9. Savage69

    Should the Jets sign Hunt?

    July 24, 1965 - A jury finds Jim Brown not guilty of assault and battery against 18-year-old Brenda Ayres, after an incident in his hotel room. If they Jets existed then would the Jets have signed him since he was found not guilty??
  10. Savage69

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    Sort of like Joe Mixon?? But that was before the NFL
  11. Savage69

    Kareem Hunt Attacks Woman

    Called him Mike Hunt said fast??
  12. Savage69

    Caption this pic!

    Blue Hoodie has job in the future Green Hoodie doesn't..
  13. Savage69

    Jaguars fire OC

    How many RB's get the most carries of their career at 31?? This is also a guy that called the Jets a bottom of the barrel team who didn't really like football and he's a hero?? LOL
  14. Savage69

    Jaguars fire OC

    Daddy Hackett the compilers college coach and Jets OC under Herm got him in the HOF with those 3rd and long calls..
  15. Savage69


    Maybe next time they lost to the Pats in a close one at foxboro..

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