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  1. I think that definitely helped Mahomes sitting and learning in year 1 behind Alex Smith who was a pro bowler his last 2 years with KC..
  2. Sort of like a QB 1st rd 1st pick of the draft that started out with 38 td's and 63 picks in his first 3 seasons?? Yet many Jet fans liked him when he came to the Jets many years later..
  3. Cooks was a 1,000+ w/r on other teams and Fuller another 1st rd pick wasn't too bad.
  4. Shula and Walsh both great coaches that won with HOF Qb's. The Tuna won 2 with avg QB's Simms in the 1st Bowl win had 21 td's with 22 picks and a 55% completion rate during the season. And Jeff Hostetler was a backup that won the 2nd..
  5. Dick Rehbein, the former Patriots assistant coach who in 2000 helped convince Coach Bill Belichick to draft the unheralded Brady. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/this-coach-convinced-bill-belichick-to-draft-tom-brady-now-his-daughters-keep-his-memory-alive/2018/02/02/b610ce94-0820-11e8-8777-2a059f168dd2_story.html
  6. When Brady was hurt Chaddy cakes took the 1-15 Fins and won the East..
  7. Like when Brady went over BB's head to Kraft to get get Jimmy G traded??
  8. I've heard that phrase since I was a kid and it was never racial till now.

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