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  1. So I assume that would make you anti Tom Shane??
  2. Get well soon JN the board is more fun with you on it healthy and in fighting form.
  3. I was thinking QB but CB and WR are up there too.. http://sportsagentblog.com/2009/04/03/the-jump-to-the-nfl-who-has-it-the-hardest/
  4. Not if they are worth anything plenty of worthless players are what makes it 3+
  5. There are also some states revising the cause of some deaths, giving hospitals another 1200 bucks if they report a death due to the virus was probably not a great idea in hindsight..
  6. People who get flu shots still get the flu, hell we aren't immune from the common cold either..
  7. Warfish starts controversial threads that he knows will probably be locked which is why I think he should change his name to Warlock..
  8. The Tuna was going to coach for 3 years he didn't want to use the 1st pick in the draft on a QB that would take some time to develop in his mind.. Archie and Bill were friends so....
  9. This says it all right here..And it all may have been because Bill Parcells couldn’t commit to what practically everyone else thought was a sure thing.
  10. +1 Not to mention a cop saw him coming out of a hotel with a blonde the morning of the game..
  11. Wrong he could have had Manning but made no move to promise him he would be the 1st pick in the draft. Even Manning's mother said they waited to hear from the Tuna and he never made a effort so Peyton went back to school..
  12. Really?? He had no game starts and threw just 4 passes that whole season..Next year he was with the Packers..
  13. We would have used a 1st on him said Ron Wolf had we not used it on Rob Moore in the supplemental draft. When Wolf went to the Packers he used a 1st rd pick to the Falcons to get Farve a year later..
  14. Then how about we leave Bill as the HC as he was in 1997 and not bring in the Tuna? The Tuna said he was only going to coach for 3 years think about how things may have been different..

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