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  1. Savage69

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Only 14 game seasons when Joe did that...
  2. Savage69

    Leonard Williams ~ ~ ~

    As did Mike Westoff who had talked to Leo..
  3. The Kenny O that played under different rules then Joe and never won a Playoff game or had a rushing td?? Joe had 7 wearing braces ..
  4. Check out Joe's college days at Bama he could scramble with the best of them until his 2 knee operations happened.. Many thought he wouldn't last 3 years in the pro's.. Back then Joe wasn't just a QB he was a event much like rock stars got.. I'm the same age as Joe so I know how good he was..If he had good knee's with todays rules protecting the QB and WR's there would be no stopping him IMO..
  5. Savage69

    Get Well Soon Tailgate Joe

    Best tailgate food ever get well soon Joe..
  6. https://nyjets.akamaized.net//NYJ/videos/dct/video_audio/2018/04-April/043018_Clay-Helton-Phone-Interview-500k.mp4
  7. While I have always thought you a good guy and poster I agree with Tinstar, but keep in mind how that has changed some formally good posters. Look what it did to Ham, he went from a great poster to a psychopath once he became a Mod just ask Warfish..🐬
  8. I agree it's like self imposed castration so you can get revenge on others for something you did to yourself.. Not to mention loss of some friends along with your balls..😃
  9. Savage69

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Sam Old Jets 😎
  10. Savage69

    Happy birthday, Curtis Martin!

    Ok Free.... it seems the compiler is just compiling years now good for him.. For a guy who didn't like football and thought the Jets were the bottom of the barrel they sure made him rich..
  11. Savage69


    As soon as I saw the title I thought it's going to make the Crusher hungry..
  12. In McCown's case I think he could be a help to Darnold, most starting QB's aren't a help.. That's why they have a QB coach.. Hell Montana wouldn't even talk to Steve Young.
  13. Savage69

    Mac - Scout or GM????

    It wasn't a loaded draft for O-line men but Mac did sign some UDFA's like Austin Golson and Darius James
  14. Savage69

    Grade the Jets Draft

    Are we playing next week?? Plenty of things happening between now and the end of camp..