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  1. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    New York Jets: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA image: http://walterfootball.com/college/UCLA_logo.gif The Jets will be looking for a new quarterback, and that is obvious in the wake of their trade to No. 3 overall (go here for my NFL Trade Grades.) Their preference could be Josh Allen, as Charlie Campbell pointed out in his Senior Bowl Rumor Mill. Allen, however, is off the board, but Josh Rosen is available. NFL coaches and owners are wary of the sort of things Rosen has discussed to the media, and his open views could hurt him. Scouts have told us that his teammates don't like him either, so that's a major strike against him. And for the cherry on top, even if his high school coach criticized him. Rosen was prolific in some big games last year, so that could push him into the top spot, but as Charlie Campbell reported, two NFL general managers have expressed major concern about Rosen.
  2. I can do Martin for you.. I wasn’t the biggest football fan to begin with, but if I was going to play, I didn’t want to play for what was in my mind the worst team, ever,” Martin recalled Monday afternoon in a Midtown steakhouse. “I looked at the Jets as the bottom of the barrel.” http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2012/07/curtis_martin_never_liked_foot.html
  3. Jersey prices are crazy

    Southpark has Cotch because he went to school at North Carolina st..
  4. Mount Rushmore of Jets General Managers

    You can't compare what the D could do in the 60's compared to the rules after 1978.. The D line and DB's got away with murder before then.. D linemen could head slap the O line men at the snap..
  5. Yep 1982 in 81 the front 4 amassed 66 sacks lead by Joe's 20 1/2 ..
  6. Mount Rushmore of Jets General Managers

    We should have made Ron Wolf the GM when he was with the Jets in 1990-91 instead the Packers hired him as their GM and the rest is history..
  7. Mount Rushmore of Jets General Managers

    Kenny got the crap beat out of him because he had a slow release and couldn't move in the pocket. Pat Ryan never had a problem.. Marino had 2 5'9 receivers and no running game.. With Toon,Walker Mickey Shuler and Freeman at RB and his quick release he would have done just fine..
  8. Robby Anderson Deleted Tweet

    Your on the east side west side isn't like that..
  9. Remember this game?

    They lost the first Pat game 19-10 and needed OT to win the second in a Brady less year. Meanwhile the 1-15 Fins signed Chaddy cakes and won the East.. Mangini was hated even more so when he went to the Browns.. The big mistake was Tanny giving Farve his release if he didn't he would have had to play for the Jets or not at all..
  10. Mo released

    First Senor Gato was cut and now his BFF Slo Mo, coincidence?? I think not..
  11. Maybe he suffers from Tunnel vision??
  12. How many out of NJ??
  13. If your thinking of taking the RV they better be playing in your back yard..
  14. LB David Harris Retires from the NFL

    Don't feel bad I remember when we drafted Namath I was in my 2nd year in the Air Force and look how long he's been gone..
  15. LB David Harris Retires from the NFL

    Not first team All Pro..LOL We just don't agree on what Great means. And as far as getting numbers retired if it was up to some Jet fans there would be no numbers left for any players..Chrebet was a special player and a huge fan favorite and Marty was good but not for a 1st rd pick IMO