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  1. Also which Defence did the draft pick go to?? Going to the Bills may make a player look better if he's surrounded with other good players..
  2. Don Maynard played 14 game seasons and had many 1,000 plus years with a high of 1434 in 1967.. And so did George Sauer..
  3. Funny thing HOF'er Lynn Swann never had a 900 yd season or caught more then 61 passes in a season but was dangerously streaky in the spurts that counted in big games..
  4. We got Marshall for a 5th rd pick and he did around the same..
  5. BB had 4 losing seasons along with that 11-5 season and he had a young Vinny T for 3 of them.. BTW Drew Bledsoe was in the Super Bowl in 1996 and was a rookie in 1993??
  6. I'm not sold on Gase yet either but how was BB after his time with the Browns and then going 5-11 year one with the Pats??
  7. And in keeping with Christmas tradition we got a Bengal fan off his roof and back in bed with the wife..
  8. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker had better years then Cooper ever did so far.. And Marshall was a 4th rd pick and Decker a 3rd.. Cooper was the 4th player taken in the 1st rd so going by production according to some here he would be a semi bust compared to Marshall and Decker..
  9. You were right when you said great compiler.. His first 6 years in the league he was under 4 ypc half the time. Then in 2001 he got his old college coach Paul (Third and Long) Hackett who let him compile with a smile. For me costing a 1st and 3rd pick and a huge contract he wasn't worth it.
  10. In 2010 the Seahawks won the division at 7-9 and knocked the 11-5 Saints out of the playoffs in the first game..
  11. The last time BB did that Chaddy cakes took a `1-15 Fin team and won the East..
  12. +1 George Seifert won 2 bowls with Montana and Young, McCarthy had Farve and Rodgers. Gee I bet having HOF QB's make it easier to win a bowl..
  13. You have always been a class act and no doubt they are a much improved team this year. Good luck with KC next week..
  14. Biggest climate change was during the Ice age and then it got warmer..LOL

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