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  1. Talk about a Bum never won a playoff game the best thing he ever did was a cameo on the Sopranos..
  2. He has 2 sacks no picks according to PFR.. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sea/2020.htm
  3. Nope not one of the Johnsons have had anything to do with the company for decades the main owner is Alex Gorsky..
  4. Pretty well when you consider the money he's made doing nothing..
  5. And in 1984 Marino passed for over 5,000 yds and 48 td's or was the 80's easier then the late 90's??
  6. In 1997 the Colts QB was Jim Harbaugh RB Marshall Faulk and W/R Mavin Harrison and they went 3-13. The next year with Peyton at QB they went 3-13, now if that was the case with Jet fans they would be calling Peyton a bum and you all know it..😇
  7. Except Morrall was the 2nd player taken in the 1st rd of the 1956 draft..
  8. Actually lost the first game to the Pats then needed OT to beat them in the 2nd in a Brady less year..
  9. How many playoff games did Mangini win with a stacked roster??
  10. Doug Brien lost a game where the offence scored zero points.. Yep it's totally his fault..
  11. Been a fan since the 1960 Titans when I was 16 I agree with the bolded part.

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