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  1. Savage69

    Who Does Your Gut See In Green?

    But we might get Gulliver and Turd..
  2. Savage69

    The case against Williams is weak

    Reggie White was a Minister..
  3. With good knees he was a scrambler in college had he not been hurt easy first pick in the draft..
  4. Savage69


    Your post was spot on just one thing you left out.. Joe was a party animal and did not take care of himself..John Schmitt the center said the guys in the huddle used to get a contact high from Joe when he called a play.. The 60's were a very turbulent time and Joe brought that to football in a big way.. Those of us that are Joe's age saw it all live and it was unforgettable..
  5. Savage69

    Draft Trade Rumors

    And when we won Supe lll our center John Schmitt was a UDFA from Hofstra when the draft went 20+ rounds..
  6. Even Mannings mother said he was waiting to hear something and when he didn't he went back to school..
  7. They won a NFL championship in 1934 with 5'8 Harry Newman as QB ..
  8. Savage69


    And a hangover..
  9. Not always though look at who said this.. “I wasn’t the biggest football fan to begin with, but if I was going to play, I didn’t want to play for what was in my mind the worst team, ever,I looked at the Jets as the bottom of the barrel.”
  10. Savage69


    The knee surgery they did in the 60's was like the stone age compared to what they can do today..
  11. Savage69


    AFL truly was a passing league minus the rules of today that helps passing and protects QB's..
  12. Savage69


    Using your value Judgments the Compiler was better then Jim Brown,Gale Sayers and Earl Campbell.. Oh and Vinny had more yardage and td's then Montana.. Joe had a gunslinger style and attempted throws that most QB's wouldn't even try.. He came into the league damaged goods with 2 bad knees many thought then he might only last 3 or 4 seasons.. The rule changes from 1978 and on was a huge help to offense's not to mention how a QB can be hit.. I wish Joe could have played in todays NFL with 2 good knee's he would have been really fun to watch.. I saw him at Bama when the knee's were good and man could he run..
  13. The coming season with Williams as DC should show if Leo is worth his pay grade.. I remember when Mike Westoff was on SNY he said he talked to Leo and they both agreed he wasn't be used to the best of his abilities.. Hell Bowles and Rogers had Sheldon playing LB'er..LOL
  14. Savage69

    Stick and Pick

    That reminds me of Joe Klecko who had a bar in Rockville center in the 80's and we were busting his chops about his 40 time compared to Gastineau.. He said if the QB was 40 yds behind the line I guess I wouldn't get any sacks..

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