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  1. Savage69

    Happy 14th Birthday JetNation.com

    Well no doubt you were insulted so that had to be part of it..
  2. Savage69

    Happy 14th Birthday JetNation.com

    Sooth on JI kicked off Ganggreen girl and her 2 flunkies Max and Tom and the rest is history..
  3. Savage69

    Classic Clips

    Back in 2003 LT had 1645 yds on 313 carries avg 5.3 ypc had 13 tds rushing 100 catches for another 4 tds 725 yds and even had a td pass. And he didn't make the Pro bowl..
  4. Savage69

    Classic Clips

    Funny year Kenny had 10 TD's 11 picks and makes his 2nd pro bowl..
  5. Close better yet imagine Marino with that cast and then add the sack exchange defense.. Coulda,Woulda,Shoulda..
  6. Savage69

    Canton Ohio August 2019

    I second Tom's birthday wishers you finally turned 30 Brenda??
  7. Savage69

    PFF’s Top 101 Players from 2018

    I miss Snacks at number 40 still the best run stopper in the NFL..
  8. Time for you to do your Sally Fields imitation..
  9. No he was the 2nd rd pick we took a FB with our other 1st rd pick after Joe.. Our 3rd rd pick was Verlon Biggs and the 4th and 7th were also QB's.. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nyj/draft.htm
  10. Actually in the 1965 draft we took Namath and Hurate 1 and 2 we drafted 4 QB's overall in the first 7 picks.. In 1964 our big picks were Matt Snell,Gerry Philbin and Ralph Baker..
  11. Imagine how fans feel of teams that have never won or even made a Super Bowl??
  12. Not true old buddy been a fan since the NY Titan's in 1960 at 16, and I'm excited about the future.. I do agree bad seasons affect some people more then others.. The 70's was a dismal time for a Jet fan and you weren't around for that I don't think..
  13. It's easy to take less when your wife is worth 360 million by herself.. I wonder if she had Tom sign a prenup??
  14. Was a great 7th rd pick..
  15. Bradys base salary in 2018 was 15 million.. Over the years he has always taken less money to help the team.. Mevis he is not..LOL

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