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  1. Staubach was the first QB to call the last shot desperation pass the Hail Mary..
  2. He read Mo's book get big contract sit on butt..
  3. No one makes anyone a fan of any team.. Some kids want to please their Dad's so they root for his team.. I have a friend whose a life long Jet fan back to the Titan days and his kid is a Giant fan and his 2 boys are Cowboy and Packer fans.. Unless your dad threatened to kill you, a kid can root for any team they want it's called free will.
  4. You would have been a big hit during the Spanish Inquisition.
  5. If I tell you the right way to do something so you don't get hurt and you don't do it and get hurt that's on me??
  6. JN this is a Jet board logical or reasonable thought has no place here..
  7. I remember the trash talk about Sheldon that we couldn't get anything for him..How did that work out??
  8. I know and I'm not for giving up draft picks but it was his opinion that they should have signed someone better then what they did.. Taylor got a 11 million for 2 years with the Chargers..
  9. Not true Bit I've been a fan since the 1960 Titans and have gone through tougher times then this.. But if your a member of the Chicken Little the sky is falling brigade you could be right..

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