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  1. No that would have been your Guy Hermie the Flim Flam BBQ man.. Before coming to the Jets as HC he was never even a coordinator
  2. I was alone in my Apartment and the game was just starting and someone knocked at my door. It was my GF wearing a fur coat and she opened it and her naked body had happy birthday John written in lip stick.. I said are you out of your F-ing mind the Super Bowl is on and slammed the door.. She never talked to me again but the bowl win was the best birthday present ever..
  3. Savage69


    When I was in the Service my friend a Bama grad was a huge Namath fan and was ecstatic when the Jets drafted him so I see where your coming from..
  4. Savage69

    Congrats Drew Brees

    His wife is his biggest fan??
  5. Savage69

    Congrats Drew Brees

    And he's only 6 feet tall..
  6. Namath threw for 4,000 in a 14 game season and when QB's weren't protected like today. Hell the D linemen could head slap the O linemen when the ball was hiked..
  7. Savage69

    The Colts Will Be A Litmus Test

    jWe won 3 of our 5 wins last year in a row..Fins Jags and Browns
  8. Where is Sar when you need him??
  9. Plus they will get to see Tom Shane again, although without cursing certain posters will have their vocabulary cut by up to 70%..
  10. Savage69

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    But does he like Baker more then Mike Glennon??
  11. Savage69


    Defense will be gassed by the 2nd quarter
  12. Jobs for Kap and the Hack coming soon..
  13. Savage69

    Mo out for the season

    No he picked up a extra 5 million toward his retirement.. 3 game stats no sacks and 2 tackles..
  14. Savage69

    What Was Josh Gordon High on Last Night?

    Tide pods because he's cleaning up his act..

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