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  1. Mark was doing Photo shoots with a model for a magazine Zak want's to hang out watching film what a concept..
  2. That's on the west coast of Florida why go that far when they could dump him in the Atlantic ocean??
  3. We had faster backs like Ty Johnson but Gase was helping Gore compile yardage..Hmmm that reminds me of another compiler.. Johnson impressed scouts by running a 40-yard dash time clocked by most scouts as anywhere between 4.3 and 4.4 seconds, with one scout reportedly timing Johnson as fast as 4.26 seconds.
  4. He wasn't drafted in the common era he was drafted when there were 2 separate leagues.. And in the AFL he was taken 1st by the Jets.. Gale Sayers was drafted 5 th but chose to got to the Bears. Here's a example.. Draft: Chicago Bears in the 1st round (4th overall) of the 1965 NFL Draft., Kansas City Chiefs in the 1st round (5th overall) of the 1965 AFL Draft.
  5. Major League Baseball MLB.. You must be hungry go get a snack.
  6. And what happened with KJ?? The Tuna traded his complaining butt to Tampa much like JD did with Jamal.. BB got rid of plenty pro bowl players on the Pats and Maye a good player never made a Pro Bowl..
  7. Ryan Leaf's Drug addiction and being sent to jail somehow sounds like ZW to you??
  8. Looking back at new HC with no experience from 2000 we had Groh 9-7, Herm 10-6, Mangini 10-6,Rex 9-7, and Bowls 10-6 It's the years after when things went down hill.. Yes I know all those teams had a bunch of talent on them compared to now but until this new team plays how do we know the talent level??
  9. The Pats were known for shipping out their players when it got expensive plus they were lucky Brady played cheap.
  10. LOL Excellent point that I always make about Cement shoes Ken..
  11. Great post I look at the Jets the same way although being Namath's age I got to experience a Bowl win.. I started as a Titan fan when the AFL started in 1960 when I was 16. I look at every season as a new beginning and with JD and the new staff a bright future could be coming soon.. I'm starting to realize fans that constantly whine get enjoyment being that way..
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