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  1. The Tuna was GM for all the time he was with the Jets he was HC/GM 97-99
  2. Coach said yesterday it will change when the pads come on..
  3. He's been banging his GF for the last 5 weeks we know what isn't rusty..
  4. Bit is pretty tight with his money this could be a problem..
  5. Once both sides heard KRL was going to camp the deal was done..
  6. When it comes to food you defiantly have Hyperthymesia..
  7. a 3 time Pro Bowler?? Gastineau was a 5 time Pro Bowler and 3 time All Pro and he has no shot ever to get in..
  8. No one knows what the hold up is Alijah Vera-Tucker had no problem with his contract Wilsons agents might have some unusual stuff they want in.. If they are the same group as Joey Bosa they had him out for 4 weeks before he signed but he's a DE not a QB..
  9. Reid is 63 and has 221 wins Shula has 328 so if he avg 15 wins a year till he's 70 he might get there..
  10. Like kids in a toy store there has never been a player available that the majority didn't want to sign..
  11. Net worth as of 2020 120 million even Tom Shane could get by on that for a couple of years.. https://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-athletes/nfl/aaron-rodgers-net-worth/
  12. Because the Pats was where he wanted to go.. And they were a Bowl favorite every year.
  13. Joe even did a panty hose commercial. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?extid=SEO----&v=307719107042227
  14. Except there are only a few of us would have got it..
  15. Like when the Pats went into most seasons after Bledsoe was traded without a vet backup??
  16. +1 The number 1 exercise on JN is jumping to conclusions and Zak isn't signed yet 6 days before camp means he will sit out till Aug.. The Chicken Little Brigade is already in mid season form..
  17. It's what they live for but it's not new.. After Supe3 I went to a local bar to meet up with other Jet fans and a few were saying if we played the Colts 10 times we would get killed 9 of them after the Bowl win..
  18. What you guys could do to a all you can eat buffet would be historic..
  19. Of course their are some fan's that just rather be negative, wherever floats you boat as the saying goes..
  20. Sonny was a Fields guy I guess??
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