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  1. Crusher has snacks bigger then that..
  2. He was a D lineman played at 288 pounds..
  3. He will probably be around the 220's next year after a year of pro training..
  4. When Farve was injured he has his 3rd year 2nd rd QB on the bench I guess he never developed him huh?? Rex got to 2 AFCCG's with a rookie and 2nd year QB(That you love) that alone puts him passed Mangini.
  5. You do this on purpose I get it Sanchez was in USC those years..
  6. How much of the 75 was guaranteed??
  7. And Mangini had a future HOF QB and never won a playoff game yet the QB he let go took a 1-15 team to the playoffs and won the East..
  8. If he under preformed his contract I don't think the team can pay him less..LOL
  9. On Wednesday, Michael Silver of NFL Network reported Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard is "unhappy" with the five-year, $75.25 million contract extension he signed two years ago and is looking for a new deal
  10. A better example is how the Pats are handling All Pro Gilmores contact he's due 8 million this year..
  11. Exaggerated is right your comparing Maye to a All Pro Bowl winning QB now?? LOL
  12. Maye is a nice player is he a pro bowler or all pro no, maybe he's not right for Saleh's plan on how he wants the secondary to look??
  13. A smart lawyer will have the burglary reduced to looting and say his GF was dressed as a cop and he walks..
  14. Do you know how small he is?? Crusher eats more then he weighs for a snack..
  15. Dallas would probably give them a 2nd for him if he agrees to sign a reasonable contract first..
  16. I think these 2 guys will be unattainable ..
  17. Sooner or later he'll end up a cowboy which is want he wanted from the start..
  18. I would go with the young guys last year Sherman got in 5 games at 33 his best days are behind him..
  19. That's fine for Crusher but what will they eat??
  20. I thought Tom was dressed in drag giving happy ending massages to his favorite Texan QB??
  21. And without any mini camp training camp or preseason games as a rookie..
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