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  1. Why are you making Crusher feel bad..
  2. In a Brady less year the Jets lost to the Pats at home and needed OT to beat them in Foxboro and until 2008 the Pats QB had never started a NFL game before..
  3. A Skeleton walks into a bar and orders a beer and a mop..
  4. Dam you hold a grudge and I thought elephants never forgot ad Apes to the list..
  5. If Chad had Vinny's arm he would have been a franchise QB.. Or Vinny Chad's brain.LOL
  6. Don't disagree with most of that but he gets no credit even for 09-10 with most here where Mangini gets praised and he never won a playoff game and had a 33-47 record..
  7. The thing is Tanny gave him his release had he not he was committed to the Jets for 2008-2010.. So if he wanted to play again it would have had to be for the Jets or retire..
  8. Don't disagree however there is a negative bias when it comes to Rex that other HC's don't get. In 08 Brady is done game one with a future HOF QB Mangini goes 9-7 while the QB he dumped takes a 1-15 team and wins the east.. And I don't want to hear Farve got hurt because Clemens was in his 3rd year was that because Mangini never developed him?? The Pats went 11-5 with a QB that never started a game before..There is no equal justice in many things which includes football..
  9. Lot's a people played bad that day but we lost by more then 1 td.. Vinny had double Elway's passing yardage but in rushing it was a pathetic 178 to 14 yds..
  10. In the Denver AFCCG game we were up by 10 points but then the BB and Tuna's defense couldn't stop Elway's offense correct?? The deference in the Pitt game was the free td the offence gave Pitt without that the Jets win. I get many hate Rex but try to be fair just a tad..
  11. Too be fair Mark had better backs and W/R's plus a top D for 2 years anyway.. But yeah Sam sucks..
  12. They tried to get Farve to comeback had Tanny not given him his release he would have had to if he wanted to play again..
  13. I rarely agree with many of your posts but I do with this one..
  14. But his fumble that resulted in a Pitt td was the difference in that AFCCG 24-19 loss. The D gave up no points in the 2nd half of that game.
  15. Well we had the number 1 D in 2009 as far as offense we had the number 2 in 1968 but that was the AFL. Kenny O never did better then 7th in 1985 and Vinny was 5th in 98..And in the strike short season of 1982 we were 3rd..
  16. Sorry to hear Max but a patients attitude is extremely important for a recovery and Lauren has that in spades..
  17. So with all his bitching he decided to become one??
  18. Hmmm And the head lunatic Tom has been missing lately I wonder if he got deported??
  19. Social media has been around longer then Zack it's something that she enjoys it doesn't bother me but I can see Zack not liking it..
  20. It took that long to drive them nuts?? You do a better job on the board
  21. If he plays have as good as you can eat he'll make All Pro..
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