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  1. When he gives you the good thing he promised your gonna regret he has All his Teeth! Even Beavers stop work in admiration when Tom goes by!!
  2. Dam 6 is seems like just yesterday when you were 4 and 5!! I think Bush's election caused Bman over the edge..Lucky for him he lives on the ground floor!!
  3. OK so you and Tex are the smartest!! I can't log in under my name..I e-mailed these Twits and they never responded..It's rough to be a Eagle when you hang with Turkeys!!
  4. I know your not talking about me TS!! I go back to the Titan Days..Hint Hint!!
  5. Smizzy your as lame as TS!! Tex is the only smart one on this whole site!!
  6. You used to see that when Max bent over..Since TS now you see unload in the Rear!!
  7. Roses are Red Violets are Blue Hermie can't Coach but he can BBQ!!
  8. Well if he won't I will!! I will have to bring Lunch and Dinner though!! I'm just a powerwashing Guy!! :wink:
  9. Hey Tex TS can't figure out who I am..Now I know why you rejected him in PatNation!!
  10. Dam LL you can see a Avatar without "Cheeks" in it??
  11. And if these Twits would fix my "Real Name" I could use it!! I e-mailed them but they must have ran out of KY and nobody had a firehose to seperate them!!
  12. Dingle Henderson...Hell we could dig up Weeb!!
  13. Yeah But look at the Bright side DJ!! You have another excuse for your Guy Herm!! :wink:
  14. Always room for some Gash!! Good move!! But will Sam's gash make Dick Curl??
  15. Hey Tom I found out where your best Part is buried! Check my avatar!! :twisted:
  16. Aha so that's why you said Tom's cream of Corn is your Favorite!! Was it TomShane? Because he told me he went to the library last night. Did he do the old hole in the popcorn bucket trick? That one gets me everytime.
  17. VP is OK..But according to Tom's doctor he has a VIP condition! Very Infected Pubic area..He may have gone fishing but he came back with the Crabs!!
  18. Plus if your IP is blocked it hurts like Hell! When your IP is blocked, generally you know it.
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