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  1. What most on this topic miss is the memories they had of NY. Sadly that NY is gone yes I miss the pizza,bagels etc also but the easy living in Naples FL for me works perfectly.
  2. There have been great college coaches that fail in the NFL the crap that works with college kids don't always work with young millionaires..
  3. Some of us like busting balls Jiff old boy I always enjoy your posts.. Your Avatar makes Zak look like a fragile nerd though..
  4. Jiff if any story is positive about Zack you always find a way to spin it negative. Now his mom could be a distraction what's next his girlfriend cheats on him with Fields??
  5. You got it, Hell hath no fury like a Jiff pick not taken..
  6. Sort of a weird career he was the 2nd overall pick in the 1989 draft lasted 3 years with GB till age 25 then came back at 30 and played 3 years with the Colts..
  7. When did Zack need excuses?? Sam may have but not Zack..
  8. Who have I made fun of?? If your referring to the chicken little brigade phrase I've used in the past that's for people that always think the worst is coming. Was Martin a good durable back yes but was he worth a 1st and 3rd pick and a huge salary for what he did IMO no.. To me there there were backs that had a wow factor, take Gale Sayers did he have huge stats no but if you saw him play you knew he was special. Yes in 2004 Martin had just under 1700 yds on the most carries of his career thanks to Holmgren sitting Alexander and 2 overtime games he won the rushing title by 1 yd.. Next season Alexander got the same amount of carries and he had 1880 and 27 td's . I agree with Sonny in a big game I would take Freeman, Snell, Riggens and others over the compiler.. BTW fans can hate Namath or any other Jet it's their right as fans but to Martinette's I don't seem to have the same right..
  9. In 2002 Martin was short of getting to 1,000 yds so in the last 4 games he got all the carries to get him over the mark. Remember last year when Gore got the most carries to get to 16 thousand?? In fairness to Freeman he was in a multiple back system he never had a 300 carry season. There was Hector, Harper, Scott Dirking and others that also got carries..
  10. 1972 I remember it well Caster had 3 td's and Riggens,Maynard and little Eddie Bell had the others.. That was Maynard's last year as a Jet..
  11. You do realize Joe is my favorite player?? I agree he was given 3 or 4 years I think that may have had a effect on his mindset. Joe also was a party animal which was the case for many of us in the 60's that didn't help him with his stats.. A clean living Joe with good legs with todays rules would have been fun to see..
  12. His only season that he won the rushing title he needed Holmes to be hurt and have 2 overtime games to win by 1 yd..LOL Shaun Alexander wanted to get back in the game they were playing but Holmgren sat him down.. He always needed the most carries in order to compile.. And he was better under Hackett because he got better calls from him that got easy yardage..
  13. He never made a All decade team like Terrell Davis who WAS the reason the Bronco's won 2 bowls.. And I saw all the great QB's as well since I'm the same age as Joe..
  14. On the bolded I agree Matt and the D played lights out.. Martin was durable but without Hackett's being his OC I doubt he would have made the HOF..
  15. Jif is young the funny thing is Cumar before getting his old college coach as his OC in 2001 was under 4 ypc for half of his first 6 years in the league, with Hackett he was over 4 except for his last year. If Martin didn't have a contract that made him impossible to move he would have left when the Tuna took over the Cowboys just like he left the Pats with his poison pill contract that he did with Parcells..
  16. You do realize the rules were not changed till 1978 that favored the offence?? Elway in the new era never threw for 30 td's and had a 4,000 yd season just once.. Name all the QB's that had 30+ td's in Joe's era.. One thing we can agree on the gunslinger in Joe was a determent to his game.. Johnny U did it once and Sonny did it twice but the were on better teams and healthy longer then Joe..
  17. So they targeted the 3.5 ypc RB with 8 td's but the All Pro RB that ran for over 2,000 yds and had 20+ td's for the Bronco's wasn't a problem for BB or the Tuna?? Martinette's always have a excuse I wish Sperm Edwards would post his great essay again on the compiler..
  18. .Well Coach Saleh said that want players that love football the compiler once said; “I wasn’t the biggest football fan to begin with, but if I was going to play, I didn’t want to play for what was in my mind the worst team, ever,” Martin recalled Monday afternoon in a Midtown steakhouse. “I looked at the Jets as the bottom of the barrel.”
  19. Me too I'm no GM and don't like playing like one..
  20. True but he was hurt and only played in 6 games High Pitch would have traded him..
  21. No but it was JD that Jamal was bad mouthing to the media about..
  22. Funny thing is if the Jets have a player that looks good in camp everyone say's it don't mean anything they haven't played in a NFL game.. Yet on other teams these generational talents are going to wow everyone and show unbelievable skills never seen before.. Shouldn't we also wait till they play a game??
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