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  1. Good point only some Jet fans like to pull shot players out of the dumpster..
  2. You would take him but no way would JD Jamal is a locker room nightmare..
  3. The Ravens dumped him after 2 years I wonder why??
  4. If i thought we had a playoff shot this year I would be for a vet player capable of wining a game but I don't think we are there yet so lets see what the young guys can do. No preseason or anything else last season set a lot of guys back except for maybe Becton..
  5. You probably ate your way through the 70's and didn't realize football existed until the food ran out at a tailgate..
  6. Did anyone from the FO say the Jets are close to signing him or is this just speculation from a blog??
  7. Jiff your not old enough to be a SOJF you must have lived through at least the 70's at a age where you knew what was going on for that status. But you do qualify as a Debbie downer..
  8. No just what the team did not the QB. Tuna's team won the year before in 1997(9-7) they were ready to roll, the 2021 team is young and learning if we had Montana in his prime do you think he would take this team to the AFCCG??
  9. And Sanchez did it twice.. Bowl winning backup Flacco went 0-4 last year.. If your a established playoff team there is a value for a good backup no doubt but we aren't there yet. After Bledsoe was traded to the Bills who was the most experienced backup Brady had in his time in NE??
  10. Hoyer first signed with NE in 2009 as a UDFA so BB knows him..
  11. True but after the Pats traded Bledsoe to the Bills they never had a Vet backup behind Brady and when your winning like they were that's when a Vet QB could come in handy.. When Brady went down in 08 Cassel had zero NFL starts, but he did pretty well..
  12. 49'ers had one of the best backup's ever in Steve Young and Montana barely talked to him..
  13. No shock that Watsons astrological planet is Uranus..
  14. Change the team to Browns and I agree..
  15. He was a Liberal as mayor and ran for president as a Dem he was whatever worked at the time.. But I agree he sucked as mayor until the present one beat him for sucking..
  16. I bet Q could he already has the bad foot..
  17. 9th rd pick of the Giants in 1957 did pretty well for himself..
  18. Got us to 2 AFCCG's your boy Mangini never won a playoff game..
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