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  1. I thought that was Bit?? Funny thing with Tommy his boyfriend Watson was 6'2 216 when the Texan's drafted him maybe that's why Tom said he was only worth a 2nd rd pick at the time??
  2. Watson is 6 pounds heavier then Wilson Crusher gains that much at lunch..
  3. Did you ever see Joe Kapp play?? He knocked out a LB'er that was trying to tackle him. Not a great QB but a tough dude..
  4. Favre was a 15 along with Jim Kelly Terry Bradshaw and Donavan McNabb. Fitzmagic was a 48 https://medium.com/sportsraid/wonderlic-scores-of-nfl-qbs-take-the-test-and-see-how-you-stack-up-ea3e8740d1d0
  5. +1 You very rarely see a former top QB as a backup. The Bree's,Brady, Mannings, Marino etc retire or become a TV analyst..
  6. Saquon BarkleyRunning Back 0 can't get lower then that..
  7. Ah yes also brings back memories of Ken "The Statue" O'Brien where pigeons landed to rest.. Cement shoes Sam has rushing TD's Kenny had none..
  8. I disagree I'm not the Darksider I'm sensible and sane..LOL
  9. I don't like to play GM that's fine if others do.. So thousands of posts qualifies you as a GM? I hope Woody checks out JN if JD screws up..
  10. No problem I understand some fans like to play GM I'm more of a see the results of what was done and what could have been better possibly. How many seasoned Vets did Brady have behind him in his years with the Pats?? And they were always in the playoff hunt..
  11. Well when JD gets fired and they hire you make that move.. Till then I'm happy with JD..
  12. Maybe he talked to Saleh and explained why and forgot to call you??
  13. If you have a playoff team like the Bills or the 49'ers like with Montana you want a established vet. We are a young team that is not playoff ready yet, lets see how this season goes first..
  14. So did Flacco want him back? Right now Saleh said all the reps go to the young guys period.. Once training camp gets going and someone interesting shakes loose if someone interests JD he'll make a move then..
  15. I could see having a good backup if your a playoff team but at this point in time we are not..
  16. No I said the dropsies can be fixed like Gonzalez did no where did I compare him to Tony career wise..
  17. +1 Never won a playoff game or had a rushing TD his backup Pat Ryan had a playoff win..
  18. You know who was in that mold his first 2 years in the league.. TE Tony Gonzalez guess what he fixed it..
  19. I'm agreeing with you Watson will be a Fin plus the massage parlors are better in Miami..
  20. Remember when Bledsoe got knocked out against the Jets the Pats were forced to put in the 2nd year 6th rd pick..
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