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  1. I'll wait until we're eliminated in 2023 to make a judgement.
  2. Cool! I moved out of the area about 15 years ago, but a quick search shows it's about 25 minutes from my old house. I wish they were there in the early 2000's.
  3. That's where I thought you were going, but your final line is: Potential outcome: Orlando Brown, AVT, Kelce, Powers, McGlinchey
  4. They could sign one of those lineman not “potentially” four. Imo I hope it’s McGlinchey. They can draft another receiver in round one and a center in the second.
  5. I want my quarterback a douche and holding people accountable. To me, it's a positive trait. When he puts it all together that "douche" quality will serve him well, if he never does then he's just a douche and not a gruff leader of men. He just needs to grow a sack, stand tall in the pocket, and slow the game down. Nothing major.
  6. Damn I wish Burrow was the Jets quarterback. This might be my worst case of QB envy ever.
  7. Except he wasn't behind them he was the number 1 that year. Last year he tweaked a hammy and shut it down for the year to get ready for the draft. Like it or not, he's the modern prototype NFL receiver. There's alway the place for the plodding big body guy, but give me the separation machine every day. He, Wilson, and Mims would make a great core with Moore being the first guy off the bench for all three spots. You couldn't guard them.
  8. The best part is he runs a very similar system to MiLF. Everyone won't be starting from scratch trying to learn a second system in as many years.
  9. Time flies when you’re having fun!
  10. He’s the prototypical size for a Saleh linebacker. His instincts were pretty bad. Doesn’t matter how fast you are if you’re always running in the wrong direction.
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