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  1. A vet would be nice. Someone that could tell the rookie what he saw on the play when he comes off the field. Oh wait, we have a quarterback coach now. Vet back up no longer needed.
  2. Instead of coming up with my own list, I'll just piggy back yours. 1. Head Coach: Agreed. For some reason, I get the Cowher vibe from Saleh. I have this feeling that he's going to eventually have his own "coaching tree" once his assistants start getting hired away. I haven't had faith in any head coach since Herm was hired (I didn't know who he was, but his press conference won me over and had me fired up). Even though Herm was pretty successful by Jets standards, hopefully this one works out better. This truly could be the beginning of something great with coach and JD. Organizat
  3. I thought you were the one. I wish they gave you some support. You appear to be a good man and I wish you health and happiness. Selfishly though, I hope you lose every game next year to improve our pick.
  4. Dropped down from 23 to 28 and added the pick for St Brown. Offense rebuilt.
  5. 1-Qb 1-C 2-RT 3-RB or one of the Moores 3-Tommy Tremble After that, I don’t care.
  6. It might be early, but I prefer taking them when I can over hoping they fall.
  7. Tommy Tremble with our second third round pick. He's a beast at the point of attack and can catch. Line him up in the backfield or motion him out to a two TE formation. Weapons.
  8. Then I take Eichenberg/Mayfield at 34. I don't want to miss out on the center.
  9. Humphrey @ 23 and one of Jenkins/Mayfield/Eichenberg @ 34. Move McGovern to a Guard and let Clark battle it out for the other Guard spot with Van Rotten and Lewis. Fant is the back up swing Tackle. Take a running back and Tommy Tremble with our third round picks.
  10. Jenkins, Leatherwood, Mayfield, Eichenberg. They all work for me. Add one of the slot beasts (Moore or Moore), and a center and I’m set.
  11. Muscle mass contributes to injuries. We should be safe here.
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