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  1. Jimmy 2 Times

    IF WE WIN!!

    Wow, triple post. That got out of control quickly.
  2. Jimmy 2 Times

    IF WE WIN!!

    double post
  3. Jimmy 2 Times

    IF WE WIN!!

  4. Jimmy 2 Times

    IF WE WIN!!

    Lol. In today's society that statement means nothing.
  5. Jimmy 2 Times

    What Games are the Jets Supposed to Win?

    I have user-name envy right now.
  6. Jimmy 2 Times

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    Sam is 1-0 with a white face mask. i'm just sayin
  7. Jimmy 2 Times

    Canuck Watch; WR Chase Claypool, ND

    There's a lot of people that thought Claypool's best position was OLB/DE, similar to Anthony Barr. I'd be shocked if he didn't return to school next year. I'd also be shocked if he didn't make an NFL roster once he does leave school. He's a GREAT special teams gunner. Dexter Williams: He's a burner that had trouble's with pass pro. That's the main reason he sat behind Adams.
  8. Jimmy 2 Times

    Joe must go, Joe must go

    I started watching in 86. Jumped on the bandwagon at 11-1 just to see them get blown up by the Dolphins 45-3 on Monday Night Football. And to top it off, the Giants won the Super Bowl! I liked Joe until 87.
  9. Jimmy 2 Times

    Joe must go, Joe must go

    Ah, the good old days. I remember when "Joe Must Go!" morphed into: "Cut Bruce Loose!"
  10. Jimmy 2 Times

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    Early on I was Darnold 1, but didn't think he'd be there, and Rosen 2. Then Villain convinced me on Mayfield.
  11. Jimmy 2 Times

    I would be disappointed, if it wasn't so typical.

    Dude, 90% of the board wanted Baker because they thought Sam would be gone. As for this thread: -You took at lot of heat for Glennon. -Baker looked good. -We just had a stinging loss so forgive us if we aren't praising your genius at 6am. Most of us went to bed. We'll recognize your greatness after some coffee.
  12. Screens, screens, draws. Have to force them to think twice about pinning their ears back. The next three games are a gauntlet of pass rushers for our young QB.
  13. Think about what couldda been: -Manning comes out his JR year -Mumbles doesn't leave -WE are the cheating ****s with a dozen Superbowls Manning and Mumbles would've been the perfect Frankenstein monster of football.
  14. Jimmy 2 Times

    2019 Cap Outlook!

    Well i'm sure Mac will hit on all of his draft picks so we really only need 15 players.

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