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  1. Remember when JuJu was a nice kid who was being harassed by crazy Brown? I mean, WTF is in the water in Pittsburgh? They have a monopoly on crazy receivers. Plax, Holmes, Bown, Wallace, JuJu. I know I'm forgetting some.
  2. No, but it's not the slam dunk most are making it out to be. Fields is every bit as talented as Watson. He just might lack the "it" that makes certain players great.
  3. Think of the huge PR nightmare Houston faces if they trade him to Miami. Not only did they lose the best player possibly in the history of their franchise, but they traded him for THEIR OWN PICKS! The number 3 is theirs!
  4. Just remember that all the analysts were saying that Gase schemed someone open on every play. Sam just couldn't find that person and he needs motion and route trees to simplify things for him. Maybe Russ can scan a field and find that guy?
  5. This probably means Brady plays one more year to pass Brees at all the pass records.
  6. LOL! That may be the first time I thought our new uniforms looked good.
  7. It's going to take A LOT more than our two 1's this year and Darnold.
  8. I'd be shocked. They need help everywhere and can't pay a quarterback trade up price for a tackle. I'd take the trade back to 9 even if it's less than market value. We need to add premium picks. First, second, and next year's one would do it for me. One of Smith, Chase, Waddle, or Slater will be there and we add a second to get more help this year.

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