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  1. They're in "win now" mode and are currently under the cap. Why trade anyone now? Imo, they'll keep their depth for this season and deal with the cap issues next year. If they let Waynes leave they'll likely get a fourth or higher comp pick for him anyway.
  2. I have to disagree regardless of what science says. When I'm out on the course in the middle of an August heat wave, it's substantially hotter wearing a black shirt than wearing a white shirt.
  3. Change the gray boarder to green. This looks like an 80's Eagles version of a message board.
  4. We've been fattening him up for fifteen years! He's ripe and ready for my skewer!
  5. It's a sport you play alone versus the course. The course is the defender. Trees, hazards, bunkers, sloping greens. Some courses are designed to play very easy because the wind is the main defense.
  6. You know the best team building drill? Winning games.
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