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  1. Jimmy 2 Times

    Mini Camp Thread

    What's this one yard outs and swing pass crap??? Push the ball down the field GASE!
  2. Jimmy 2 Times

    Favorite Jets Draft Memory

    When they took Coles. I studied all the draft magazines that year and was obsessed with him. That reported 4.37 40 had my head spinning. He was my ASJ. He was my Hurd. I wanted Coles. I needed Coles. They took Coles in the third.
  3. Jimmy 2 Times

    The Harvard Draft Value Chart

    The cost for Sam was pretty low when compared to other recent draft trades for quarterbacks.
  4. Thats some serious Karate Kid sh!t there!
  5. Jimmy 2 Times

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    So he's worthy of James Sudfield's iconic number? Methinks not!
  6. Jimmy 2 Times

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    I thought this was about Doug Marrone wearing a lime green Jets jersey.
  7. I’d rep you, but I’m detecting sarcasm.
  8. Jimmy 2 Times

    What is your local NFL team?

    I'm in the same general area, but a bit further north. About ten miles from the Wisconsin state line so it's more 70-30 Bears-Packers here.
  9. Jimmy 2 Times

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    Why would the Skins trade multiple number 1's for Haskins when they can trade a two or three for Rosen?
  10. Jimmy 2 Times

    What is your local NFL team?

  11. Jimmy 2 Times

    New Player's Uniform Numbers

    What about the receiver from Washington?
  12. That looks...... familiar. lol
  13. How many of those logos are on their uniforms or hats/helmets? Just the Isle who have a history of poor uniform choices.

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