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  1. Some of you are looking at this wrong. His age isn't an excuse. His age is a positive because he's already gone through his growing pains and development and he's still younger than the rookies drafted this year. The lack of talent around him WAS an excuse because he wasn't experienced or developed enough to carry a team by himself. Both of those should be put to bed this season. We should see consistent high level play and we still have another 10+ years of this kid!
  2. 8-8? The only way this team is 8-8 is if Sam gets mono again. 11-5 is the floor.
  3. At the end of the year only one team’s fans are happy. The rest are bitter excuse making crybabies.... like me.
  4. When you married her you married her kid. Be a man and some him support and love. Kids **** up, deal.
  5. I was all for the Gase hire. I didn't know that much about him except he kicked our butts every time we played Miami with what I thought was inferior talent. Personally, I think he's a very good head coach. He may be a great one when he gives up the offense to some young coordinator and becomes the CEO type. Give the guy a couple years to add some players then judge him.
  6. Are you a minority? If so, I DEMAND we close the other thread and let this one have a chance!
  7. Seriously though, is a lack of minority coaches really a thing? I feel like there have been a pretty substantial number through the years. Could probably use a few more GM's though. Ozzie and McKenzie are the only two I can think of off the top of my head.
  8. I demand reparations if this passes! We kept Todd Bowles employed way longer than he deserved to be.
  9. Should've kept the darker blue and white. It looked very clean. These remind me of Jim Everett to Flipper Anderson!
  10. If the season is played virtually, they better re-sign Petty. Dude learned a TON of coverages playing Madden.
  11. How big of a dick they are or how big they have? I like our chances if it goes smallest cock drafts first.
  12. Same player. I believe the fire hydrant quote was from Warren Sapp about Robertson and the bowling ball was Green Eggs and Ham or Bit.
  13. I remember both bowling ball AND fire hydrant with butcher knives.
  14. He's good. Really good. That means nothing though until they do it in the League. To put it in perspective: I thought Trent Richardson was a generational talent.

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