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  1. Sunday Games Thread

    Man, Wentz is really something. Wish Mac paid up for that kid.
  2. Baker Mayfield

    There's no way Rosen is staying in school.
  3. I’m good with Hack. Lets draft a pass rusher!
  4. Bye Week Blues

    pornhub. Then i'll fire up a Oliva Serie V to cap off my afternoon delight.
  5. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Why couldn't Petty and/or Hack improve with playing time? Both guys are physically better. Reps are needed if the mental part has a chance to catch up. They're losing anyway!!!
  6. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    Would he want to coach against his brother twice a year?
  7. That was after spending time playing in the USFL. Took him almost a decade before being great.
  8. He’s going to be a superstar. We’re going to be the envy of the league for the next 20 years!
  9. I was just going to post the same thing.
  10. Todays games...

    Who the hell punches a guy with a helmet on? It's almost as bad as NHL players dropping the gloves with visors on.
  11. The problem with judging someone from a 14 second second clip (and today's society in general) is we don't know what happened the previous 5 minutes or so. What if she: spit in his face prior? took a swing at/hit him prior? physically assaulted someone else before they got there? It looks pretty ugly though.