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  1. No trades. Tope edges were gone so I built the O up more.
  2. Left Tackles, but we already have two of those.
  3. There’s three positions that rarely become free agents: franchise quarterbacks, top edges, and #1 wide receivers. Our choices at 4 and 10 are clear to me.
  4. No trades. Hopefully we signed a free agent receiver or two.
  5. Best case: 2 hall of fame players. Worst case: 0 hall of fame players.
  6. NFC looks chalk, but AFC is wide open. I will be rooting for the Rams the rest of the way.
  7. My father lived in Wichita for years and I was in the Chicago suburbs. There's few things I dislike more than driving through Iowa.
  8. I don't know. He's too similar to Becton. Cross is the ideal fit for this offense.
  9. Hopefully JD is video chatting with him all offseason up until the draft to see if he's gaining weight. If they're going to move on, I prefer it's done before the value is gone.
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