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  1. Special like "Patrick Ramsey Special" or just regular special?
  2. Limit scholarships to 60 players. That will really spread the talent out. lol
  3. I watched him hit a homer in his first at bat as a member of the White Sox. Ball landed about 30 feet from me. It was vs the Yankees too.
  4. Was that an over correction from the league? From airing too much of what Sam said to muting Bell? It was a video of grunts.
  5. Hopefully it's not significant. This wimp needs a full offseason in the workout program.
  6. Now imagine that with them wearing white helmets...
  7. Probably would've scored if he took some PED's.
  8. Star Wars was so cool when I was seven years old. I had all of the toys. Super fan. Saw all three of the originals when they were released back in the 70's/80's. Then Episode 1 happened. I saw it a second time in the theater just because I thought maybe I was just feeling sick or something... it couldn't have been that bad, could it? It was. Then Episode 2 happened. I didn't see it in the theater, but did buy the DVD. It was sh*t. I never even watched Episode 3. I took my kid to see Episode 7. It was pretty good, but felt like a complete ripoff of the original. Watched Episode 8 on Netflix. Lol, it was sh*t. Now, we have the Disney + so I rewatched the original trilogy. Have any of you seen it recently? It does not hold up. 1 and 3 were stupid. 2 was still pretty funny/exciting. I think if wasn't seven years old when they came out, I never would've liked any of them.
  9. Clearly you weren't around after our first drive of the preseason.

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