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  1. None of those players were available with our second pick and I’m not trading The Big Ticket for anyone.
  2. It's defensive players complaining about the practicing. I wish Gase would just give up the play calling. He has a respectable staff here.
  3. Guess who else put up super number in Leach's system: Luke Falk. KJ was pretty average at Stanford.
  4. cringe. Do you keep the shirt on when you're getting pegged by your chick?
  5. They'll have to outbid me. My bid will be so high it'll be cost detrimental to their team. I have the cap space to do ANYTHING (inset evil laugh)!
  6. I'd rather wait at this point. Sign him or Godwin as a free agent.
  7. They had us picking 7th. Trevor and Fields were off the board. Funny thing is, the Bengals took Lawerence so I traded 2022's number 1 for Burrow. May the better quarterback win. here was my four round mock: 7. Ja'Marr Chase WR LSU 31. Elijah Molden CB Washington 39. Alex Leatherwood OT Alabama 71. Aidan Hutchinson EDGE Michigan 94. Alec Lindstrom OC Boston College 102. Zamir White RB Georgia -Chase: Stud receiver to go with Mims and Jamison -Molden: Top corner on the board -Leatherwood: Bookend Tackles for the next 12 years. Might kick inside for a year until we can move on from Fant -Hutch: Bloodline potential pick here. Michigan seems to always churn out the high energy edges -Lindstrom: Center is still a need. Maybe sits a year until or Conner kicks out to guard. -White: another stud SEC running back to go with Perine.
  8. That's why you keep him and activate that fifth year option. Let him play year four with all of the new toys that all the extra picks from Jamal brought and hopefully with a good coaching staff. That will rebound his value and give Trevor a redshirt year to learn. Win Win. I know everyone will complain about the cap hit, but they aren't spending to the cap anyway. There's plenty of room.
  9. Why wouldn’t Cincy want Trevor if they lose more games than us? Burrow has a better roster and coach than Sam. He should be able to win more games or he’s a bust too. edit- Isn’t he also older?
  10. It was harder when I was a younger man. It hurts the most when they had the occasional good season, only to blow it. Let's face it, they've been so bad for so long now that I'm pretty numb to the experience now. If they came out of the gate 4-1 and then played like they always do, hell yeah that would hurt again. I do know that the day after I quit, they'll go on a Pats like run.
  11. You keep Sam after drafting Lawrence. You need someone to take the bullets for another year until JD can build a real team. Who knows? With another coach maybe Sam can build some real value and you get something for him after his fourth year.
  12. If Cosell knew anything he'd be working for a team. The guy's in his basement wearing a Ron Jon shirt looking like he hasn't showered in a week.

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