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  1. I saw every episode of House. He's doomed.
  2. Me. I held off touching myself all morning for luck.
  3. I was at that Bears game. It was at the U of IL stadium. Horrible experience.
  4. I'm for any rule that helps us at the appropriate time and I'm vigorously against same rule when it ****s us over.
  5. This is the sliver of hope I needed to get back on the horse! J- E- T- S- 12-4!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. GTF outta here! Sam’s back and we’re going 12-4
  7. Somebody watched that film over and over waiting for the rematch. I love it!
  8. Bell has been awesome. Biggest heart on the team. Personally, I wish they shut him down until Sam returns. What’s the point of risking injury for games we cannot win?
  9. What could we get for Q Williams? Maybe a 1? Dude's like a new car. Once you drove him off the lot his value depreciated by 20%.

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