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  1. Bryce Petty really stinks

    Everyone expected him to struggle. The hope was he could improve with playing time over the season. Imo he should’ve been in there week 1.

    Hack is potentially one snap away from playing time!
  3. Bryce Petty support group thread

    I laughed, but then realized what I was laughing at and stopped. shame on me....
  4. Bryce Petty support group thread

    If he's proven one thing, Hack can take a beating.
  5. Bryce Petty support group thread

    Given Petty's injury history, we should see the Hack era start by the second quarter. THEN my patience will finally pay off!
  6. NFL Redzone 12/10

    I really hate the redzone. It seems like a great idea, but you wind up watching a lot of crap football. You have tight competitive lower scoring games, but they constantly cut away to watch a 30 point blow out because they're in the red zone or never show them at all. I think balancing the Sunday schedule would really help with the problems by making just as many games start at 1 as 4.
  7. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    The Jets are gaining my support the longer the season goes on. They're building a solid core of young talent that are competing and playing hard every week. I'd like to see them concentrate on the o-line next draft, after taking the best pass rusher in round 1. That way, in two years, Hack steps onto a playoff roster and we roll for the nest decade!
  8. Baker Mayfield

    ouch. For this to happen Adams would have to be a slightly below average player and Watson would have to be a hall of famer (Reed).
  9. ### Jets \ Broncos Game Thread ###

    I want to roll these guys. 1998 NEVER FORGET.
  10. All I got from that article is they're going d-line in round 1.
  11. Army-Navy

    Who's Terry Bradshire? I root for Army because i'm an Army vet. 1/8 Cav! F- the squids!
  12. Army-Navy

    YEAH! Two in a row!!!
  13. Ryan Shazier

    Hopefully Shazier just had one of those stingers where you lose feeling for awhile. Maybe when the swelling goes down he'll have a full recovery. imo- Bufict's a scumbag that goes out of his way to try to injury people every chance he gets. He deserves to be taunted. He's the bully from your childhood that you finally knocked out.
  14. What's your ideal offseason plan?

    Dammit Shane! Spoilers!
  15. Lol that was graceful