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  1. Jimmy 2 Times

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!
  2. It would be interesting to see Teddy's response if the Jets put a 2/24 or 3/36 guaranteed contract extension in front of him right now. He just went through some psychological turmoil with the career threatening injury. He might take the life changing money and still be young enough for another big time contract or two. The Jets would have the Josh money coming off the books, be completely covered with two quarterbacks, and still be way under what the league is paying franchise QB's.
  3. I'm hoping they can stash him (Garcia) on the IR or something until he can regain his strength and weight. He's definitely not ready to play tho.
  4. Jimmy 2 Times

    Articles About Darnold's Debut Thread

    That surprised me too, but it makes sense with the NCAA mandatory three year rule. I guess he started grade school early instead of being held back, like most athletes, to face younger competition.
  5. Jimmy 2 Times

    Mayfield may turn out great but......

    It's better than looking like trash vs the scrubs. He abused who was lined up against him tonight. Eventually we'll see if he can do it against NFL regulars.
  6. Jimmy 2 Times

    Around the NFL - Preseason Week 1

    You say that now...
  7. Jimmy 2 Times

    Mayfield may turn out great but......

    He wasn’t late. Coach just told him to show up three hours early and train with the starter. Mayfield can be ripped for a few things, but this isn’t one of them.
  8. He mentioned how crowded the concessions were and suggested a way to thin the lines.
  9. Almost double my age. Hope I can get there too. Happy Birthday!
  10. Swing and a miss. That was weak. Now make yourself useful and set up a live stream.
  11. I need all of you to log off the live stream so I can watch. thanks in advance.
  12. It'll be the kid's first real winter. He might be wiping frozen nose rockets on everybody.
  13. Jimmy 2 Times

    Jets Announce Uniform Change in 2019

    I HATE green pants.