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  1. I really hope they stick with him after the Rodgers experience ends. I’m rooting for the kid.
  2. Never give a crazy man production incentives. Just image the tantrum he throws because he isn’t being targeted enough to meet them?
  3. Tackle, receiver, or edge every year in round one. First two picks work for me.
  4. I’ve never been able to get past a series or two of Thursday night football unless we were playing. The product is terrible. Seven prime time games doesn’t leave much action for Sunday.
  5. MONOfilament? Keep Sam away! Monofilament sucks. Everyone knows Stereofilament is better! I'll leave now.
  6. Right now: top 5 If he becomes a Jet: best in the league. My guys always get a huge bump once they don the green and white (and black).
  7. That's how you say you're not interested without offending anyone.
  8. 2008? I would’ve bet big they joined three years ago.
  9. Yeah, that's actually a few spots higher than I expected. I guess it makes sense, we've had extended failure, but were rarely the absolute worst. Higher echelon in the lowest tier of teams where we're always picking 6th-9th every year.
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