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  1. @bitonti I remember Clarke. If I'm not mistaken he helped get Sanchez killed vs the Ravens.
  2. The Dolphins have built a very good roster, not unlike the way JD is building ours. They're better than us in 21, but come 22 it will depend on who the better quarterback is.
  3. Imo, he's gone. They drafted Davis to take over at center field and then they drafted 1/2 dozen guys with the potential to replace him in 22.
  4. Not sure how I feel about this. Not a fan of my really good players returning kicks.
  5. Wait, so Joe never heard of him either until October? yikes Figured he had a file or something on the kid.
  6. How soon we forget the offseason of 02-03. After the division championship and playoff win. We thought we had the next Joe Montana!
  7. There were hundreds of posts and videos of Allen's inaccuracy compared to Baker's. Very few wanted him. None wanted Sam because we all assumed he'd go 1.
  8. I prefer the vertical shoulder stripe and hate the black. But more than anything else I want a white helmet. Green is my favorite color, but is best used as an accent color.
  9. Disagree. You can find awesome guards with one of our second round picks. If an edge is there, I’m taking one along with the RT. Of course this all depends on where we pick and how the board falls.
  10. Is he going to keep doing these? Now that he's officially ours, I like the access.
  11. As a bald man, all I see is a great head of hair. In between some big ass ears.
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