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  1. I’m also going to unplug from this place. It’s toxic.
  2. Expectations and hopes are gone. Im approaching each game as a season in itself. Try to enjoy each moment and F the big picture.
  3. Maybe you can make a poll about how entertaining you are?
  4. My God you're pathetic. To spend that much time researching a worthless point on a Jets message board.
  5. The players love him. They better start playing with some fire if they want to keep playing for him.
  6. At least the cupboard isn't bare. There's a lot of talent on this team. A Lot. Just needs to be properly coached.
  7. I expect Zach out there at practice Monday. Joe played on torn ACL's for a decade.
  8. I truly hate this team. There’s never a payoff. I’m not even talking a Super Bowl win. Just an enjoyable season every 3-4 years is all I ask.
  9. It took about 30 years for it to sink in, but once it did it sank in deep. It’s why we’re all draft experts.
  10. I’ve already blown up on the wife and kids twice since Zach limped off. It’s going to be a long hard season for them.
  11. Wtf is Zach doing jump cutting in preseason? Just ******* slide! This team is cursed!
  12. Why isn’t there Wilson injury updates? Nothing else matters!
  13. Well, I guess August is better than October to start scouting for the draft. I might have to walk away from this thing.
  14. If Zach busts I might have to quit football. Not sure I can handle it again.
  15. Maybe the staters should have more than a dozen snaps in practice? Make then play the whole game.
  16. They’re going to rotate heavily. The guys playing are going to be out there half the season.
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