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  1. The main thing I learned from this video is that Moore is open on every throw except the one to Wilson. Zach needs to start peeking his way. Good, potentially great.
  2. I'm old school Catholic and completely not offended by the joke, I just don't get it?
  3. Same old Jets never win in Pittsburgh. Zach is changing our tendencies.
  4. I'm pretty bad at keeping up with other team's rosters, but even I knew Surtain's kid is in the league now.
  5. They don’t make top ten defenses like they used too….
  6. Agreed. The fourth quarter was just as exciting as the second and third was depressing and infuriating. Here's to hoping my optimism pays off for once!
  7. So you're saying he needed a quarterback to pick him up......
  8. Teddy's the kind of guy that beats the snot out of the Jets every time, but would go 0-22 with the Jets.
  9. Rex would be a hall of famer if Zach was his quarterback.
  10. I've called GVR out at least twenty times for tearing up Ticket's knee. F-ing bum.
  11. Hell yeah! I love a biased broadcast when it's titled towards my view. lol
  12. Agreed. Point or run differential might mean something in baseball over a 162 games, but in football's micro season, it doesn't mean squat. 9 one score wins and a blowout leads to a poor point differential and a 9-1 record.
  13. He's everything Adams was supposed to be. Glad he's out of Miami.
  14. He was pretty shaky for most of the 2nd and 3rd quarters. I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach watching him run around and dirt swing passes. The kid stepped up. He found a way to not let the pressure crush him. That was a big dick Joe Burrow performance down the stretch.
  15. To be fair, the Arizona situation was very unique and shouldn't be used as an example. -Rosen was a malcontent off the field. -They just fired the head coach. -They had the number 1 pick in the draft. -The new head coach has a system tailor made for the top quarterback coming out. If any of those things don't happen the decision isn't so clear. If they didn't have the top pick or there wasn't a quarterback worthy of the top pick are they still ditching him? It's much rarer to give up on a quarterback in under 20 starts than not.
  16. That was a big dick Joe Burrow performance down the stretch. Zach has a lot of "chicken with it's head cut off" chaos in him. He seems to thrive in it though. He was constantly in 2nd and long with no time to do anything. All he did was man up and get the job done. Unfortunately I'm not sure it's sustainable. They HAVE to figure out ways to give him time. I don't know if this mean he's going to be the one we've been waiting a very long time for, but today was a GREAT start!
  17. Strange how he’s blanketed when Flacco actually threw him the ball.
  18. He did look a little nervous. Expect the first few passes to be wild and hard!
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