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  1. Not even close. Didn't the Clippers sell for 2?
  2. I wouldn't move Dee even if they sign Cro. Her upside is way more than she could ever bring back in a trade.
  3. It was a hell of a game. 5 to 1 odds Gronk hurts himself celebrating this offseason.
  4. 18000 posts on THIS Jets board. He's got well over 100,000 total on other boards.
  5. I'm: Dumping Geno Signing a vet to start Drafting a qb when he's the highest ranked player on my board. Don't care what round.
  6. Almost feels like Brady is just "next in line" for this Seattle defense. They've beaten Brees, Manning, & Rodgers already the past two years. Crazy to think at one time both of these coaches were ours.
  7. This cat wasn't banished to Canada by mistake. He didn't slip through the cracks. He failed numerous time to run an offense.
  8. His offense ALWAYS gets worse in year two and HE'S FIRED! How can anyone want that?
  9. The reason some guys are named assistant HC is that's how they are stolen from other teams without an actual promotion. OR it's how they are stopped from being stolen by another team.
  10. I'm going to blame the "hire Trestman" theme on out of town stupid. Trestman is poop. Look back at his history of OC and head coach. His offense always got worse in year two and he was fired. The lone exception where he got a third year (Zona), the offense got even worse. He cannot adjust and once his schtick is on film, he's exploited. The only job I'd be willing to give this weirdo is QB coach.
  11. What worries me the most is Rex always had his Jets up for the Pats game. It always took Brady being Brady to stop the Jets from winning those close games. Now we'll be the Pats to Rex and there's no Brady to save us. Rex will probably fail in Buffalo, but he'll beat the Jets.
  12. I meant to say that hopefully this forces the SEC to actually HAVE an OOC schedule besides some division two school sandwiched between another conference game. Or be penalized for it.
  13. If Cook comes out I think he'd be my choice. His inaccurate throws were off his back foot and can be corrected (unless he has a Cutler/like attitude). The guy has rpm's on his tosses that the other's lack and he's got just enough wiggle. He's got to be heavier than the 218 he's listed at. Looks more like 230 in pads. If not, I'm waiting on Garret Grayson in the middle rounds and signing a vet to replace gNO.
  14. In '06 Florida was given a shot over an equally deserving Michigan team... with 1 loss Wisconsin, 1 loss Louisville, 2 loss LSU and 2 loss USC also shut out also. In '07, 2 loss LSU jumped in from being SEVENTH the week before on account of major chaos and questionable voting. 2-loss Virginia Tech and Oklahoma had equally good claims. Virginia Tech was ahead of LSU heading into that final week and they both won their conference championships. In '08, Florida was gifted in over a number of other 1-loss teams... including USC and Texas... in addition to undefeated Utah/Boise State (for the second straight year for Boise). Who knows if Florida wins a 4 team playoff with Oklahoma, Texas, and USC. In '09, there were five undefeated teams... Texas and Alabama got the nod, with TCU, Cinci, and Boise being left out. In '10, Auburn was undefeated and earned their way in... but TCU was also undefeated and there was 1 loss Stanford, Ohio State, and Wisconsin looming. In '11, the SEC was gifted a championship by rematching Alabama and LSU. 1-loss Oklahoma State and Stanford were left on the outside looking in. Who knows if Andrew Luck could've beaten those defensive juggernauts who had piss pour offenses? In '12, Notre Dame played Bama with 1-loss Oregon and Kansas State left out in favor of the tide. It probably would've gone down ND vs. Kansas State, Alabama vs. Oregon in the semis. Then the nightmare ended in '13 with FSU triumphing over Auburn. Baylor and Michigan State were stuck on the outside looking in with 1-loss. So in short... the only year that the SEC had an unequivocal claim to a spot in the final 2 was in 2010, every other year they got in over a comparable team. Even in 2010 they got in over undefeated TCU but TCU was still in a minor conference then. If the SEC had been treated with the same gloves as other conferences, they might've only had a representative in 2 of the BCS finals in that stretch. In particular, the PAC12 seems to have gotten the shaft very often in favor of an SEC team with comparable record/resume.
  15. Hopefully this bowl season forces the committee to view the SEC's out of conference schedules. Remember when these teams weren't dropping in the poll because they were losing to each other?
  16. I love the all white uniform with black shoes. They should go back to wearing white at home like in the 80's. Only wear the green if they are in Dallas and have to.
  17. It's a judgement call. Games are being decided by judgement calls. All PI should be reviewed or just 15 yards like in college.
  18. I love how every fan base for every team (ncaa and pro) eventually fall to the "get Gruden" conversation during a bad season.
  19. Geno is still sh*t. Stupid penalties. Man I hate stupid penalties
  20. He was calling two plays in the huddle and was "killing" the initial play call to the second option. Not really an audible.
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