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  1. I figured the defense out: Letting the Browns score last week led to a win, so they're going to do that all day today!
  2. Now that the defense is all warmed up, time to get after him!
  3. Fyi, if the receiver is facing the white line, toes are all that's needed. If his back is to the line heels need to be in too. Good call on a great effort from Higgins.
  4. Not sure if that's a look of panic, fear, or disbelief. Davis is a monster.
  5. Maybe my theory where Saleh is pissed that Zach isn't playing through the discomfort isn't so far fetched? Everything he's done since we found out Wilson wasn't playing vs Baltimore has felt like this to me.
  6. I've cried twice in my adult life: daughter's birth and father's death. My eyes did water up when the Blackhawks finally won it in my lifetime back in 2010, but no tear actually fell down my cheek. I was a huge Hawks fan my whole life. I've been to more hockey games than any other sport combined. Strangely though, once the Hawks won the cup (3 times), my interest has fallen to the point where this season I barely even followed the sport. I'm infinitely more invested in the Jets than any other professional team, so I probably would find myself shedding a tear or two. I sometimes wonder if I'm just waiting for a Jets Super Bowl so I can say goodbye? Maybe keep following, but not obsessively, until the next rebuild, then become a normal casual fan?
  7. I've already had two cupcakes, a few fingers of Basil Hayden, and half a Percocet. This birthday might not last very long...
  8. You have to squint a little bit and pretend Cager has normal sized hands, but yeah... same guy!
  9. It's taken 17 years and endless complaining, but I finally got my wish: a T0MShane birthday thread! Thank you
  10. Cager is the next Jimmy Graham.
  11. Any suggestions to watch tonight? I have currently Prime, Netflix, and HBOMax. Thanks in advance. I'll hang up and listen to your answers.
  12. Yup. My 11 year old daughter thinks I'm a disgusting ogre. All I hear is "Eww!" whenever I say or do anything. So I go out of my way to embarrass the heck out of her every chance I get.
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