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  1. Yup. My 11 year old daughter thinks I'm a disgusting ogre. All I hear is "Eww!" whenever I say or do anything. So I go out of my way to embarrass the heck out of her every chance I get.
  2. Moore and Wilson can create separation at will. Wilson's catch radius appears to be vastly superior right now though. Both will be 1,000 yard guys every year once the QB gets settled.
  3. If you're standing over a tight lie chip expecting to duff it, you are 100% going to fail.
  4. Fine, but I'm doing it from about 20 yards away. *edit- wait, what was his 10 yard split again? I'll make it a phone call.
  5. Batman, I love the way you analyze.
  6. Boyer has limited options for special teams players. If he had his pick of the entire roster Clemons probably isn't covering kicks.
  7. I'd rather be aggressive and go for the throat. 99.9% of the time it works. The loss is 100% on the defensive coordinator. To give up a 80 yard drive in a few plays and then not defend the sideline on the last drive when we had no timeouts is absurd. They should've left the middle open and covered the flats instead we took 10-12 yards at a time and stepped out to kill the clock. We would've ran out of time. It was How Not To Defend 101.
  8. I only keep playing Joe if he's playing well and the team is winning. If he plays poor but the team wins, Zach starts. If he lights it up but we lose, why not lose with the future of the franchise getting experience?
  9. Right? Where's the fire? The passion? The emotion? Whatta dud.
  10. Wow. I need to work on my Dad skills. That man is an inspiration to us all.
  11. I eat noon to 6pm. Fast for 18 hours everyday. Some are harder than others, but it's pretty routine now.
  12. Now I have McDonald’s ads everywhere.
  13. And the cup ran away with the spoon!
  14. It's still early. A lot of new faces and training camp around the league is just a glorified day camp. If it doesn't improve dramatically by week 5-6, then we have legitimate concerns.
  15. You never fail to bring the goods!
  16. I noticed that play. He slapped the wide edge in the butt and shifted him inside then the Browns ran a toss to the side he just vacated. I was like wtf?
  17. She looks good with the makeup. First pic was a bit meh.
  18. Hot and black, but top it off with cold water. Yes, we're still talking coffee.
  19. I'd only keep playing Joe if the team wins. I don't care if he puts up 500 yards. If we're going lose, might as well develop the future of the franchise.
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