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  1. Happy birthday Charlie Brown. Hopefully that bitch Lucy doesn’t pull the ball away this year.
  2. Worse than Fields at creating? Yes. Worse than Fields at running an offense? No. All Fields can do is scramble around until someone breaks open. Almost every good play he has stems from this. Fyi, I was pro Fields and anti Wilson pre-draft.
  3. If Wilson is healthy he needs to play. But playing Flacco isn't a loser mentality. He's helping to develop our 1st and 2nd year studs. Again, if Zach turns out to be bad, this team is poised to be a great location for a vet unhappy with his situation.
  4. Flacco played more than fine week one. It was the horrible turnovers that cost the game to get away. He played more than fine again week two the first 58 minutes, but again the turnovers. I'd like to stop depending on Joe to throw the ball 50+ times game and get more balanced. He's not Zach mobility wise, but he's more mobil than Peyton Manning and Manning ran a good play action offense. Open up the play book!
  5. Fant can leave (comp pick!). We have Brown at LT and Becton as swing next year. Draft another tackle in the 4th to develop.
  6. Whoa. What's this wishing the enemy happiness bullsh*t??
  7. BOOM! I'm expecting you to bring home a win. Or a loss if we're fighting for draft position.
  8. It reminded me of ME complaining about the Jets. Except in my case the other three guys are making fun of me.
  9. I call BS on this stat. Mims hasn't been active for 20 games.
  10. His first sack was pure coverage. Wentz had about 6 seconds. Weak. Second sack Hutch was pushed about ten yards out of the play and Wentz ran right to him. Weaker. Third sack was legit.
  11. Yeah you're right. I just rewatched his highlights. They sent him in motion a few times and had him split tight, but he almost always started out wide. A lot of those plays it looked like he was in the slot, but there wasn't anyone outside him.
  12. Buffalo isn't going to collapse. We're going to straight up beat them. Their boards will filled with despair on how they have to face this loaded and young Jet team for the next 10 years.
  13. They punted. I'd rather get the first down.
  14. Wilson has been playing the slot. Barrios is the one that's seen his snaps drop. Moore is number 3 in stats, but he's still 1 or 2 on the field.
  15. The offense threw long on 3rd and 1 the first two drives. Both incomplete.
  16. It was clearly a communication issue. Sauce wasn't beat, he handed the receiver off to no one. Does that count against his no touchdown streak?
  17. Davis is a great athlete learning how to play football. While you can probably pick up the pen, I wouldn't write him off yet.
  18. Well my statement started with I THINK, not I read or heard, so yeah I made up a theory as to why Zach is still out. EAD JoJo
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