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  1. Looks like Canseco was right. Again. Cheating skanks.
  2. I've been here the whole time. The Yankee fans on this board are so pathetic that they don't deserve my scorn.
  3. Do not ever accuse me of being that fat skankee fan homo.
  4. Dude, I've already ****ed her. Why do you think she walks that way? Why do you think she's with a little guy now?
  5. Don't do that. Our love should be out in the open.
  6. The grammar in this post proves otherwise.
  7. I guess retahded blue state dingbats don't know how to post pics.
  8. Red Sox Rays Orioles Jays Skanks will finish 84 games out.
  9. Newsflash, genius. The anagram doesn't work if you have to explain it. I swear you skankee fans need to take my class.
  10. **** me? You weight a buck twenty five, and you're talking ****? I will kick your ass and steal your woman.
  11. Bwahahahahahaha!! Another 'challenged' Skankee fan. I'll answer your question when you present it coherently.
  12. You should be afraid. When you're in my class next year, I will make you in sit in the corner.
  13. And the biggest redneck blowhard is back, too? Christ, this is worse than my high school reunion.
  14. I know I've never posted in this forum before. Hell, I never even knew it existed. But I just wanted to say welcome back to TomShane, the second funniest poster ever. And yes, I am back. Be sure to thank Max for inviting me back. Now you can all have the privilege of reading my posts. Anybody seen JonE Jinx around?
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