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  1. but hey let's all remember that Conseco says he's on roids so we have to discredit him.

    We have to believe everything Canseco tells us in his $29.95 books. :yawn:

    Looks like Canseco was right. Again.

    Cheating skanks.

  2. First, I weigh more than 125 pounds. I weigh 140. And I can even bench press 150 so that's more then my weight.

    Second, she'd never be with you anyway. You can dream that's it. Dream you have a life first bitch.

    Dude, I've already ****ed her. Why do you think she walks that way?

    Why do you think she's with a little guy now?

  3. yea ok everyone in the sports world knows that red sox fans are the biggest dumbest idiots in all of sports

    The grammar in this post proves otherwise.

  4. No **** you. Don't call me a loser.

    And dominator i know how to spell LOSER. And I was just kidding around. I know how to spell faggit also.

    Faggit's the two of you.

    **** me? You weight a buck twenty five, and you're talking ****? I will kick your ass and steal your woman.

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  5. i just got one question how can you be a Jets and the Redsux fan and also go for the mets... pick a boro buddy or just stay in bean town with the rest of your hopeless fans.. IMO


    Another 'challenged' Skankee fan. I'll answer your question when you present it coherently.

  6. I know I've never posted in this forum before. Hell, I never even knew it existed. But I just wanted to say welcome back to TomShane, the second funniest poster ever.

    And yes, I am back. Be sure to thank Max for inviting me back. Now you can all have the privilege of reading my posts.

    Anybody seen JonE Jinx around?

  7. Obviously, it wasn't my fault that I wasn't around. All you ***** Skank fans complained about me, telling it like it is. Well, the chickens have come home to roost. This years Yankee Elimination Party is going to be even sweeter, because it will be in July.

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  8. Nobody was at the toilet today. At least no one with any common sense. Wait, we're talking about Yankee fans, never mind.

    It's going to be great watching them tear down the House that the fat bastard built.

  9. Guess who's back?

    Max, in his infinite wisdom has decided to invite me back. It seems that the so-called Sox fans who are still here can't carry my jock.

    Beware Skankee fans, JBF will be here all year.

  10. You can forget about the division. It's not happening.

    Really, you should STFU about the WC too because they are beating up AA pitchers and AAA lineups. Let's see the Yankees beat real teams for ONCE this year!

  11. OK, so I am watching ESPN tonight (with the volume off lest Morgan and Miller ruin another Sunday night of mine) and I realized we are on the verge of seeing Tommy Glavine accomplish a real milestone! 300 wins!

    Pretty impressive to say the least in this era of juiced balls and juiced players. With all these malcontent thugs breaking all of these homerun records...especially lately...its nice to see a pitcher achieve such a milestone!

    Plus his wife is smokin' hot!

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