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  1. OK...if I have to explain this again, I will. Nobody wanted A-hole on the Yankees except fat george. Not Torre, not Ca$hman, and especially not Captain Overrated. Then, A-hole is a root cause of the biggest chokejob in THE HISTORY OF SPORTS. Then, he flaps his gums like he is a lifetime Yankee and not some overpaid interloper up to and including last week. Thats why guys like Big Schill, Kevin Millar, Homerun Trot, Postseason god Keith Foulke, and Matt Mantei are ripping this piece of garbage A-hole apart at the seams. That is also why none of his teammates came to his defense. Face it, when A-hole came to NY, he turned into the arrogant, obnoxious jerk that we all figured he was.
  2. and the Bruins are still undefeated! I've honestly enjoyed this NHL season more than any previous season
  3. Here ya go...ahem...fellas. This is the thread where you can pretend Derek Jeter is a worthwhile shortstop. You can also talk about how his intangibles will overcome the ubiquitous Curse of A-Rod, the pinstriped BALCO boys, and the pitching staff that has AARP cards attached to their contracts. You can even talk about the size of his package for all I care. Just please, limit the DJ love to this thread so the rest of us who take baseball seriously dont have to read that malarkey on the other threads
  4. Please, thats John Wayne re-incarnated youre talking about. Besides, he still has another ankle
  5. that will be fine, just give me the sig I agreed to back in the day... And how about this: Let me take it off after the first series is over OR when Randy Johnson goes on the disabled list for some type of geriatric injury OR until Randy Johnson assaults another innocent reporter and tells him "dont talk back to me" whichever comes first???
  6. Thats right jizzy, I remember that bet. You won it fair and square. Unlike the rest of you shut-ins, I do have honor and I will pay up on this Hey, jizzy, kotite, and the rest of you Yankee marks, good thing you got me to take that silly 9 game finale wager and not the other bet I made with the guys at TGG.com, "Will Mariano Rivera blow 2 postseason saves in one day???" Bwa-hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaa
  7. I F'N HATE THIS TRADE. SAC-TOWN GOT JACK S*#@ FOR C-WEBB. Just to make that whiny little foreigner Peja happy before he royally screws them and joins Vlade Doddy in hideous LA
  8. I see you have a memory like an elephant...I know I owe somebody something...refresh my memory
  9. Whats up bitches??? **Edited for douchebaginess by TomShane **** How long before Maxman kicks me off of this board? FYI, I've been kicked off of thegaygreen.com...oops...I mean theganggreen.com in under 2 months...
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