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    The minute that David Ortiz's name is mentioned in any police investigation, federal or otherwise...the minute a paper trail of steroids or HGH is traced back to him...the minute his name is mentioned by anyone with credibility linking him to perfomance-enhancing drugs, I'll be right there with you to blast him. Until then, the only people even coming close to mentioning the pristine name of David Ortiz are angry, bitter, disgrnutled Yankee honks. I'm surprised at you Bugg, though the bitterness has always been there. Lastly, the Yankee Circle Jerk has zero credibility, so dont try to give me the names of JonEJinx, Bob_the_Yankee_Homer, or anskykloogy
  2. And Okie pitched the 7th when Josh gave up a cheapie....like I said he would all along now that we have a Cy Young pitcher in the bullpen. Stick to Yankee pom-pom waving, you dont want none of my Red Sox expertise, Dingo.
  3. Hey, um, Carl...might you want to update this thread a bit? Guess who pitched the 8th last night?
  4. Whatever, typical JBF worshipper...in such denial and hates himself for it. If Im on your ignore list, then why would you open a thread I created? Before you make up some answer and pretend you dont read every word I type...stop and think: Youre supposed to be ignoring me, you're not supposed to be reading this.
  5. What about Melk Dud? I'll tell you: I can see why you ask. MC is so hard to judge, since The Yankees pushed him so aggreessively through the minors, never really waiting for him to have any significant success before moving forward. My impression is that his defense is just average. He has a decent arm, which looks that much better because the point of reference for many fans is the noodle arms of Damon and Bernie. But I have seen him take some pretty strange routes to balls and I've rarely seen him make a great play in the gaps. If he has ever even done that. I don't think he has the speed to be a long term option in CF, which is mind-boggling why Boy Brian didnt try harder to move him? Maybe because Johnny Damon is rapidly becoming a malcontent??? Basically, he has no insticts to speak of. His performance at the plate has been better as the season goes on...but he had an absolute abortion of an April/May. Not sure why there is so much adulation for this guy in NY other than to say that NY loves its own brought-ups more than the rest of the baseball world.
  6. That may be all you are saying, but anskykloogy is definately thumping his chest when you would hope that he would be smart enough (well we can hope cant we?) to see this team for what they are; a $230 million waste of oxygen and steroid-riddled DNA! and Melk Dud sucks like a Hoover!!!
  7. Jet/BosoxFan


    The Yankee Circle Jerk outrage over Barry Bonds is utterly puke-inducing! They cheered for Sheffield* and they still cheer for Giambi*...they are whatever the word is for BEYOND hypocritical. You dont even have to get into the Grimsley, Clemens, Pettite stuff (though none of that surprises me either) but Jose C's allegations have been proven to have legs! But this instance is just another example of why the Circle Jerk are among the worst people on the planet. It's a shame too, because there are TENS of non-frontrunning, knowledgable, passionate Yankee fans that truly know/love the game...and the rotten 4 million that spoil it for them. ...and some of you wonder why I spend so much of my time KILLING these people?
  8. Who would lie about being a Jets fan? PS: BP, make room for CC in the mediocrity pool, will ya?
  9. Anskykloogy, you dont want any part of the best team in baseball. We dont have AA pitching to pad your stats on like the Tankees have been doing for the past month against random scrub@ss teams. Josh, Dice-K, Gagne, Okie and Paps will put those bats right to sleep. Our pitching staff (already the best in baseball made infinitely better by obtaining Gagne) will be turning the lights out at the Toilet very shortly.
  10. Dont you ever, EVER argue anything Red Sox with me again, boy? Youre not even on my radar, you never will be. Did you see who pitched the 8th last night? Huh? Did ya???? That's right, our newly acquired Eric Gagne. And why you ask, because they want to rest Okie and use him more to get 1 or 2 outs in the 7th if necessary, as I stated they would most often, when not using Monsieur Gagne to close and rest Papelbon! Once again, I stand alone atop the mountain of accurate baseball analysis as you waddle in mediocrity along with the Yankee Circle Jerk contingency, where you belong. This ought to teach you to go at me in an effort to get the Yankee Circle Jerk to be your little cheerleaders!
  11. Thats a good call, MasonJet is the Joe Morgan of this board.
  12. I dont know why BP and Thor...but I expect at least a 3rd grade level of reading comprehension on this board, especially when reading my posts. I was obviously talking about the current Yankee captain, all time leader in the Intangibles category and nothing else! There was nary a reference to Mr. Munson. Max should at least require that you have a GED to post here
  13. Whoever coined it, it was a good one? Shouldnt you be re-banned for admitting that you are the immature kloogy in disguise? Not that I care what happens to you one way or the other.
  14. Nevermind, I just found it... One of his best calls ever! I knew he was going to go with "an A-bomb, from AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-Rod" Why would he not make it about him???
  15. can someone do me a favor and post a link to John Sterling's call of this homerun? I cant find it anywhere!
  16. 4.2 IP, 6 ER. Didnt want it to get lost in all of the "Slappy is a true Yankee (for now)" hype. Now I hate (OK I kinda like it, who am I kidding) to jump all over a rookie making his first start since returning from an injury, from you guys have done it to Jon Lester...just keepin' it real! PS: No word on if Phil Igawa received a curtain call for that line.
  17. Let's not give Slappy any ideas...please delete your own post.
  18. Any truth to the rumor that george fired Billy Martin again this morning? Youre right about the skeevy reporter...total hack. He should write jokes and post them on the Baseball Forum he'd fit right in with Shadow, JonEJinx, and anskykloogy.
  19. The more you project the "jinx" label on me (in spite of the extended success roll I've been on) the more I know how much it bothers you that I have outed you as JonEJinx. Even welcherboy EB knows youre a jinx.
  20. By "ignore" do you mean "To constantly make threads about..."
  21. Truth be told, for ONCE on this thread, Mike Timlin's virtues were lauded by Carl, I said I would cut my losses with him ASAP. But since when was the truth ever important to the few bad apples that are polluting my thread.... Oh, by the way, 8 PAGES (!!!!) and counting for those of you who claimed nobody cares on page 1.
  22. Get your facts straight and for the love of Pete, stop being a know-it-all, or as you would say: "A no-it-all" Zimmer didnt confront Pedro, Zimmer ran (waddled actually) right for him. Pedro then grabbed Zimmer with both hands and forcibly slammed him to the ground facefirst. Zimmer had a cut from the melee and was seen by doctors. He was the only one who apologized for the whole F'N thing and showed class when the following still owe all of us an apology: Randy Levine, Pedro Martinez, Karim Garcia, Jeff Nelson, Manny Ramirez, Roger Clemens, Whore-hey Passedballa, and Im sure there are others Im forgetting but Zimmer is the only one worthy of respect. Once again, youre wrong.
  23. ooooohhhhh...listen to the internet tough guy. Could you stop making excuses for the horrid, anti-social behavior of other posters? How brainwashed are you anyway??? Zeebers can say whatever he wants! Especially when he is asking people like shadow and anskykloogy to follow the rules of this board! Goodness, we have to listen to you wax lengthy about how much you love all things Yankees in a TOTALLY transparent effort to win friends on this messageboard... but look what it's done to you. Youre defending shadowjet's rampant homophobia? How low will you go?
  24. Zeebers, I caution you not to get your hopes up when dealing with the likes of this kid...mods have warned him (and a few others) about this stuff, homphobic terms, racist terms, personal attacks, and it is never to any avail. He couldnt stop himself if he tried, not that he wants to. Rest assured that the mods will get tired of this, some of them are already tired of him as I've heard in private conversations. This is a fight I have with all of my kids in school when they dislike something and they refer to it as "gay". Unfortunately, when dealing with dysfunctional, under-educated people (my kids are 10 & 11, what is the Yankee Circle Jerk's excuse?) of any age, they feel that if they shout their epithets louder, their perceived victims will be more hurt. They dont see that they come off as knuckle-dragging morons to the rest of us until its too late!
  25. anskykloogy makes a good point. OK, fine, he just makes a point. But at least he didnt include a hackey d*ck joke. I thought Yankee captains were supposed to be aloof, overrated, singles hitters who dont step up and defend their teammates honor from both fair and unfair public scorn and who pay strippers to date them so their homosexuality remains the worst kept secret in their Yankeeography.
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