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  1. OK, you made me go to the Timlin card, dont bring up Tim Wakefield!!!
  2. it's been proven in the Okie Doke thread...it is impossible for most people here to ignore me.
  3. It transcends the Red Sox and is an issue in sports. I dont have a crystal ball and I can say for sure what moves will be made as this is certainly a nice problem to have...but I just dont see Tavarez going anywhere because of $ among other reasons. If they wanted to get rid of him, they would have done it last year while he had several meltdowns! I do have KIND OF another bone to pick. You keep talking up Mike Timlin here and using him against me. I hate you for doing this because I love Iron Mike and always will...but youre also forgetting age is a factor here in addition to injury, and his performance last year and somewhat the year before! It's been downhill since the magical run of 2004. There I said it! Sorry Mike, youre still my boy!
  4. stop, calling me Ned Flanders hurts my feelings. Please stop!!!
  5. Youre being madmike again JUST to argue with me. Lopez isnt being sent down because he is a lefty and his ERA rivals Snyder, though I stand by my assertion that ERA isnt the best way to measure a relief pitcher but you seem married to it...so there you have it. It wont be Tavarez, madmike Jr., because he makes too much money and he can pitch long relief. Youre being unrealistic. It most likely will be a Timlin DL situation as Ive said before...then you proceeded to waste bandwith telling me how good he has been (no sh*t!) but make no mistake, its between Snyder -vs- Timlin for that roster spot...Tavarez is staying whether you (or I) like it or not. Basically Sox interests (keeping Paps fresh, Gagne ranking as a stud free agent) and Gagne's interests (both ego-related and showcasing his talents for free agency) align nicely here. Under the circumstances I'd expect him to rack up a decent number of saves by season's end, like I said, more than you think. But in his press conference, he seemed more intent on winning than his own stats...I just expect to see him in the 8th quite a bit too.
  6. I dont want to kill Snyder here, nor did I think I had to extoll the virtues of MDC. Im just trying to see where youre coming from!??!!? Are you saying Eric Gagne will accept some limited role in the bullpen? First of all, he'll close more than you think. Papelbon will no longer pitch 2 days in a row unless he throws under 20 total pitches on day 1. On days he isnt closing, he'll pitch the 8th if there is a 3-run lead or less. Tie game? He pitches the 8th over Okie, who will also BE PITCHING THE 7TH IF NEEDED. You wont see our starting pitchers throwing deep into the 7th anymore, unless the pitch count is exceptionally low or a no hitter is in place. Then in comes Okie. The Gagne, then Papelbon. To answer youre other question, yes I saw that Okie pitched the 8th, did you see who was warming up WHILE Papelbon was closing??? How often do you see that??? Gagne will definately play a bigger role that you think, fella. And, when Curt Schilling comes back...they arent going to carry 13 pitchers! If they do, they're stupid. So logic would dictate that one of the pitchers youre vigorously defending will be gone! I like what Snyder has done thus far, but he wont see a big spot all year therefore his value is diminished. Let me also say I dont want him gone. I think Timlin will be back on the DL from what I am hearing. I still dont get what youre point is here, other than to engratiate yourself to the other posters here by attacking me and saying foolish things. We didn't have Eric Gagne last month...BELIEVE ME, Bill James is crunching numbers and the bullpen is going to be vastly different. Common knowledge doesnt exist here. That was a dumb way to look at this situation...lots of factors at stake here
  7. Please! Youre wrong on many levels. Youre kinda pulling a madmike here. First, Gagne took Okie's spot, primary setup man, Okie then replaced the wide open 7th inning spot that included Donnelly, Timlin and Javier Lopez! None of those guys have pitched exceptionally well for LONG periods of time. Nobody appreciates Timlin more than I, but he has been hurt more than not this year...that was a nice 16-inning run, but he's hurting again...adios Mike! Would you let him near a big game? I wouldnt. No 3-run lead this year has been Timlin proof. Which brings me to Kyle Snyder. First of all, ERA isnt the best measurement of a relief pitcher. Secondly his ERA benefits from the huuuuge number of inherited runners he's let score. While not an easy decision, Timlin, Snyder, or Lopez are gone, probably Mike T or Kyle S. It wont be Tavarez for many reasons, $ being one of them. Gagne didnt replace Donnelly. The just didnt announce that BD was hurt 'til after his signing. Some Sox fan you are! I shouldnt have to tell you this!
  8. 'Told ya, Tabor. Some will never learn.
  9. Nah. He just really needs the approval of Yankee fans and he'll stop at nothing to get it, including making icky statements like this. Problem is, he picks his spots when the Yankee face some AAA pitcher and light him up and the Sox (up by so many games already) slip on a banana peel and blow a game once in awhile. Then, no sooner does he start a Yankee-worshipping thread than JonEJinx chimes in on said thread, and the Yankees fall back farther in the standings.
  10. Assmop, you have a way with words apparently. Wanna start a Yankee Tragic Number thread and help a brutha out? Although I think Jetsfan80 may have already done the honors awhile back.
  11. Nonstory? Dude, have you also been following the saga of the old man lately? The only fear I have is that the old man, in his unfortunate condition, wont be around to see this trainwreck season come to fruition. Though I do need Larry Dolan interjected into this Yankee situation ASAP!!!
  12. Ahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahhaha... you know what else....I should turn my rep feature back on........by the way, 3 pages and counting!!! bwa-hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  13. Agreed. And Im a Red Sox fan and the world's foremost Yankee Hater. I wanted to punch Pedro Martinez in the face after seeing that despicable turn of events. I always liked Zim...he kinda reminded me of one of my uncles...and of everything right with baseball! Edit: Though it should be noted that Zim attacked Pedro. Re-Edit: ...Like many other Yankees SHOULD HAVE DONE. Before Kyle F, Zim was the only Yankee with balls! Where was Captain Overrated? Where was uber-pVssy Karim Garcia who received a deadly pitch before he and Porn Stache Nelson teamed up on a groundskeeper? Where was big tough bikerboy steroid freak Giambi*? Where the hell was Roger Dodger? How can anybody actually like that team??? Yeeech!
  14. Excuse me...your flunkies are the ones who got reprimanded by the mod here...not me. You dont like it, talk to them. I love how he has NO response for being proven wrong (again) by me. Typical Yankee fan.
  15. When you get an answer to that, let me know, OK? Maxman would be an expert on this subject. Think he might have known what he was doing when he invited me here?
  16. I DIDNT SAY THAT! As usual, you've missed the point and meandered off into some other direction. Farnsworth is a disrespectful jerk and not that great of a pitcher, but he is the toughest Yankee on the team right now. That is all I am saying. Posada is one of the better hitting catchers in the game, but he is a hyper-sensitive LOUDMOUTH who aint gonna be throwing punches with Kyle Farnsworth or he would be added to the lenghty list of people that Farnsworth has beaten up.
  17. You would think after that they would get it. They wont! Life is good...
  18. You besmirched Eric Gagne and second-guessed the trade which is something youre not allowed to do! Yes, we took our strength and made it stronger...I love that move to tell you the truth. 6 innings is all we need/expect from our pitchers...and we get to get rid of one of the ineffective pitchers, Timlin, Snyder...etc... It does however look like Tavarez will remain the long relief pitcher unfortunately as he would be relegated to mop-up duty on my team. When Schill comes back healthy and rested, and Lester's stamina goes up with every start... we're going to be nice and ready for the playoff run and beyond because of this bullpen.
  19. Mmmhmm...thats why there were PAGES of hack jokes in the last thread about 'Jima Time. Thats why you and shadow responded within MINUTES! Thats why all of my threads have multiple pages of replies. I am messageboard gold because I bring up topics like this and unlike most other people who throw their uneducated opinions on internet boards like monkeys throw feces against the wall, I actually say start discussions that drive my detractors insane, then prove myself right and them wrong time after time! Thats why I am hated (and loved by the silent majority)
  20. I agree...we should be more offensively top heavy like the Yankees! All we have done this year is be in 1st place by ALOT! Pitching is so overrated, especially dominant, Cy Young winning pitching. Clearly, we should re-upped Johnny Damon. You should be our GM TaborJet and Theo should be getting your coffee.
  21. Ya know, its funny. When the Yankees brought in Farnsworth (a scrapper with a brawl history) all y'all Yankee fans were singing his praises, saying "Now we got someone who will throw at people and throw hard & inside" and back these devastating hitters (Like Ortiz) off the plate" While he hasnt done any of that, he remains the toughest Yankee on the roster and NOBODY especially loudmouth Posada is going to punch Kyle F in the face. Posada wouldnt even throw a punch at Pedro Martinez after he threw his 70 year-old bench coach to the ground AND threatened to throw at his head. Im no Farnsworth fan, but he has proven that he has balls.
  22. The other day, we were having a discussion about the undisputable ROY star relief pitcher Hideki Okajima. I referred to him as "Okie" as many, many, many other people do including Terry Francona in Wednesday's postgame interview.... I was then questioned on this by some clueless Australian Yankee fan who has NO IDEA what he is talking about. Far from an afficianado on anything Red Sox-related, he had never heard of neither this nickname, nor the outpitch he throws called the "Okie Doke" Others, all Yankee fans whom have an agenda, chimed in needlessly. The conversation wnet to sh*t after that with hack joke after hack joke. I chose not to participate in that discussion any longer as I have NO USE for hack jokes. But to finally put the Okajima thread to rest...... Here is an offering from Wikipedia, Dingo: *During an April 15 rainout in 2007, Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell tweaked Okajima's change-up delivery. The result was a devastating change-up with screwball motion dubbed the "Okie-Doke" by bullpen coach Gary Tuck.[13] As of May 10, 2007, the Okie-Doke has been thrown for strikes 79% of the time with hitters swinging through the pitch 14 out of 30 times.[14] Detroit Tigers slugger Gary Sheffield declared Okajima "one of the most impressive lefties I've ever seen" with "stuff I have never seen before from anybody."[15] Yankees manager Joe Torre called Okajima "unhittable".[16] I rest my case. As usual, I win and you lose! Nor did I make up the nickname "Okie" (that was Merle Haggard) as I was accused of in the past by a person who admittedly failed the history of Rock N Roll at Junior College!
  23. Why would a Yankee lover want to harm JD Drew...wouldnt you love him? Or is this just a ploy to get more JN regulars to like you?
  24. Any word on what happens when Torre kneejerk calls in for Proctor? On an unrelated subject, can Wilson Betemit pitch? Roger Dodger booed unmercifully off the mound........orgasmic! I was really pulling for Slappy to go yard yesterday, in front of an empty stadium. That woulda been sweet!
  25. YES!!!!! I thought we had the karma going on this year...now we got the JonE mojo!!!!! Woooohooooo Be afraid Boston Haters!!!!!! Now follow me, to Las Vegas! JonE is $ in the bank!
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