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  1. I think we're surprised to see so many people throughout the country with good credit standing fall for such a scam
  2. Courtesy of Painfully bad Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN "YES Network is the MVP of Steinbrenner's business empire, and it's for sale, report Fortune's Jon Birger and Tim Arango. Will the team end up on the block too? His son Hal says no." Interesting. Could the sickening payroll gluttony days be drawing to a close as the old man's senelity kicks into higher gear?
  3. I hope the federal authorities are monitoring this thread...and the lot of you end up behind bars. You can smoke all the poles you want in there.
  4. Jim Bouton's "Ball Four" is pretty much a must read for the avid baseball fan. You know the stories are true based on the outcry it's release caused. I have signed copies of both of his books.
  5. Don't you mean "remember the years" when Ortiz was doing that. Yes we do, 'cuz they are still going on. Its tough, some might even say impossible, to hit a game winning homerun when your team is already up in the late innings and your lights out bullpen is locking down overmatched hitters for the last 3 innings. Big Papi is this generation's Babe Ruth, except he isnt a falldown drunk and a blithering idiot and he does have dignity and a shred of moral fiber...plenty of it actually.
  6. In light of the terrible tragedy in Minneapolis today, I gotta say that Johan Santana looks like (at best) a whiny, spoiled, ungrateful, POS. The Minnesota newspapers will have articles on BOTH of these stories tomorrow. Maybe he would fit in great in a certain clubhouse we all know and loathe.
  7. You guys wont be happy until you get this thread locked too huh?
  8. I noticed that your last post was (unfortunately) deleted Thor, but you were right for once.
  9. back to the quest... 0-21 is the longest slump of Slappy's career. Ha! I used to hate the baseball gods but now I think they know what they are doing up there. By the way, stop playing around...you guys will find a reason to not read any book, not just Jose's.
  10. Please, if youre gonna hijack a thread, dont do it with hack jokes. Oh wait, this is the "Papelbon is pitching in the 7th inning"/waste of bandwith thread...let the hack jokes fly!
  11. Yet again youre wrong. A stopped clock is right more often than you are! I NEVER ever claim to be above anybody. I will fight fire with fire as I always have. You wanna make fun of appearances of the Red Sox, I'll be making H Matsui/Shemp Howard Sep'd at birth jokes. You wanna poke fun at Teddy Ballgame, I got a Thurmon Munson airplane joke for that. And so on...I wont resort to racism in spite of what Bob has said. There is no proof of that anywhere. But I will point it out 'til it stops. You know the gorilla stuff is over the line. Stop with that nonsense.
  12. Well good for you blackout... (I am standing and applauding you not being a racist seeing as how you feel the need to shout it to the world) I wish MANY of the other posters in here were so colorblind.
  13. I heard he had one hit....of course I heard that from Mad Dog, so I shoulda known better.
  14. The staff at Staten Island CC has my deepest sympathy! If you were even remotely aware of sociology or modern US history, you'd know that its an ugly term meant to disparage people of color. But nobody is paying me to educate you so thats all youre getting. Oh and Max and the rest of the mods agree with me on that issue, so you would be wise (I aint holding my breath) to drop it.
  15. Or Slappy, who has been like 1-30 since being stuck on 499.
  16. Not personal insults at all...its a proven fact that 90% of Boston is comprised of those people. I know you've never heard of the "Okie Dokie" because youre too busy working overtime trying to get Yankee fans to like you but trust me, he is known as Okie and his outpitch is the "Okie Doke" Youre hardly the barometer for all things red sox.
  17. That is Clutch David Ortiz I am speaking of. All season long, Big Papi was like: "WTF, we're up by a bajillion games, let someone else do this thing" But he got sick of waiting for other people apparently to do the come from behind thing. Oh sure, he has been using the whole field, knocking in runs, and hitting .300+, but you get the idea. another issue has been, we havent needed to come from behind much! Either way, welcome back to true form Big Fella.
  18. FYI: I speak on behalf of Yankee Hater Nation...I care not what a bunch of racist thugs, liberal working class joes, and j!zzbag college kids call members of the Red Sox. and more FYI: Plenty of people call him Okie...as ONE of his outpitches is the "Okie Dokie" Youre a Yankee fan suckup, WTF do you know?
  19. ya know, initially I took the blame for that.......... but in actuality, had I known Curt was gonna shake off his catcher with 0 hits, 26 outs and 2 strikes recorded, I woulda said that he had no chance of doing it. I accept no blame, anti-JonEJinx streak still intact.
  20. FYI, Oki in the 8th, Papelbon in the 9th. Can we delete this retarded thread now please?
  21. Update: Papelbon looking as dominant as he has been all year: steady diets 95, 95, 97 mph.......got Aubrey Huff and Brian Roberts looking confused and silly out there! Those 2 guys are excellent major league hitters...and they are so overmatched it aint even funny. Wait, yes it is! Its funny because I was just touting him last night, and I continu to be the anti-JonEJinx!
  22. Can do. I'll make you a deal...stop pm'ing me as we are not friends, nor do I wish to be. I will never say your name again. Keep pm'ing me, and its open season on the use of your name!
  23. Sure did. That must bring Okie's ERA up to alomst 1??? And to scrub-@ss Miguel Tejada no less! Definately time to panic! Maybe it was a good idea to pop those boner pills after all! Edit: Doh! 8th inning over and Sox still have the lead.
  24. I'm sorry I just watched the Sox put up 4 runs...what were you saying? Bet you wish you hadnt popped open that can of Viagra so prematurely as you were sure that you were gonna watch the Yankees pick up at least a wildcard game! See, a little patience next time.
  25. Im allowed to point of flaws in the Yankee organization. Its not my fault that I dont sugarcoat anything and I let you people know the truth about the Evil Empire. Ya know shadow, people who live in glass houses...etc... Max asked me to not call names anymore. I have stopped doing that because what used to be funny when the Yankees were good is no longer funny in light of recent events... You however, have done nothing this summer except gratuitously throw cursewords and homophobic slurs at people who disagree with you. If there does exist a JN Deathpool for the next banned member, my $$$ is on YOU! You have been the cause of more threads being locked than I have this summer! I'd leave the word "ban" out of my mouth if I were you.
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