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  1. Stop calling me Ned Flanders. It's really hurting my feelings. (Hehehe, not ONE word Taborjet!) I am forever grateful to Aaron Boone, if he werent such a clutz, he wouldnt have hurt himself jacking off and Slappy wouldnt be in pinstripes today, and Yankee Haters everywhere wouldnt be enjoying the fruits of the Curse of A-rod. As we ended ours, yours was just beginning. Only 80 years to go for you guys though!
  2. Hahahahahhaha! I love it. Phil Hughes is a no-go, even for Santana. Don't worry, if recent history is any indication, Boy Brian will balk at Santana because he is too in love with his own prospects when NOBODY else values them as much as he does. Now that they have Pettite and Roger Dodger back...they'll probably opt to bring back David Wells or El Duque next year. Besides, Santana wouldnt be a good fit for the Yankees...he's got too much heart and grittiness! Wells would be perfect!
  3. when? After Josh Beckett stuffed the Yankee organization into a garbage can and threw them down a flight of stairs?
  4. No there isnt...if they win their next 7 games and we lose our next 7 games, WE WILL STILL TECHNICALLY BE IN FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Havent we been through this enough this season thus far, the BoSox drop a few games to inferior teams and the Yankees show some signs of life, only for their bipolar bats and HORRENDOUSLY unstable pitching to bite them in the @ss again...only to quickly fall multiple games out... then the fanbase admits they have NO SHOT at the division and they are left HOPING for a wildcard spot. To do what with I wonder!?!?!?! Youre new to the fanbase, Gainzo, so I will give u a break on this one. FYI, there is a reason why you see/hear about most people jumping OFF the Yankee bandwagon, not vice versa!
  5. I have no reason to watch the scoreboard...there isnt a team within a week of us!
  6. You can scoreboard watch all you want, but the Yankees wont sniff 3 games of the division!
  7. Hopefully you used protection when you posted this!!! Yeecccchhhh!
  8. I can appreciate WHY you want to get this thread locked...you insult Bob's appearance and all without apologizing. Youre really looking bad here. But that's your MO. So I assume that you can name-call better than that.
  9. ...but, but, but...I though Slappy no longer suffered from this anymore! I cant wait 'til the playoffs to watch Slappy fold under pressure again!!! Oops, sorry Yankee fans, I forgot that y'all wont be in the playoffs this year. My bad.
  10. bump. Yes, I am the undisputed winner of this thread...but I think shadow deserves a point deduction for sucker-punching Bob
  11. please dont get another thread locked because you have to call people names!
  12. In typical fashion EB is doing what many people fighting a losing argument do...they change the argument. crazymike was notorious for this! Here is me stopping this message board desecration: EB, as of RIGHT NOW...Papelbon is the most dominant closer in the game! You said and I paraphrase "If injury shoould possibly befell him..." and such speculation is not pertinent to our discussion. Make no mistake; JONATHAN PAPELBON IS THE MOST DOMINANT CLOSER IN THE GAME!!!! Oh, and if that happens, I guess Gagne would close. bwahahahahhahahahahahaha
  13. nice try, but I am still not even close to frustrated!
  14. If you laughed at the "name 5 jets players" joke...you really should check out Carlos Mencia's show. You'd be rollin'!!! Better yet, go look on youtube for old clips of Dave Coulier on Full House.
  15. The reading comprehension on this board is seriously lacking! My 5th graders would have been able to deduce the main idea of my last post. blackout, I feel the pain of the Staten Island Community College professor who teaches "History of Rock N Roll".
  16. You've got to be kidding me. Did Mo reach double digits in saves yet because if not, we dont have a big enough sample to pull from. I mean EB seriously, if you wanna get retarded, 2 can play at that game: OH YEAH, WELL PAPELBON MADE THE ALL STAR TEAM AND RIVERA DIDNT, SO THERE.
  17. Ya see, anyone else would be frustrated with you rubes at this point. Not I however. I knew nobody in this Forum would be able to have a level-headed discussion about who is the more dominant closer than Jonathan Papelbon except maybe Bugg, who seems to be level-headed most of the time. Inevitably, you passionate, yet deranged people were gonna revert back to "Mariano is the greatest closer of all time!!!!!" card. I would never argue that. I didnt argue that back in the Brandon Lyon days and Im not trying to argue that now. Simply, I am saying JP is the most dominant closer CURRENTLY in the game. He is filthy, he is scary, he is intense, and he is fearless...the epitome of a closer. No cheesy outdated heavy metal music needed. Putz = having a good year, he is no JP. Mariano has had an unparalled career...I'd rather face him than JP RIGHT NOW, in the year 2007! Not in 1995, not in 2001, not even in 2004...but right freakin' now. But like I said, I could see this whole thing coming. I knew y'all were incapable of this discussion...but I can do this as long as you can. In fact, Im gonna update my "Exit Sandman, enter Jonathan Papelbon thread."
  18. EB, get with the program...I'm not talking about Mariano in 1996! Im talking right now! FYI, Mariano is the only pitcher to blow 2 postseason saves in less than 24 hours! I'm talking about 2007, as Stu Scott would say, Paps is more Now!
  19. No. But dont let that stop you from putting words into my mouth...so long as thats all that you want to put in my mouth!!!
  20. I thought I was disparaging the incessant curtain calls made by Yankee fans after every single!?!?!?!?!?
  21. EB, no I wouldnt. Nary another objective poster would pass on Papelbon over any of those other pitchers. Im not even being a homer here...if I needed a 2-out single with the game on the line, Jetes is my guy. If I need a homerun in the bottom of the 3rd in August, Slappy is my guy...but Papelbon blows the doors off of great hitters. I've seen mariano put about 1 or 2 guys on base before recording the save too many times...Papelbon is flat out more dominant.
  22. I'll take either one of them... but with Papsmear, the season would never be on the line because his team would benefit greatly from playing 8 inning games all year...you know, like the Yankees USED TO. PS, I love the chest-thumping after a meaningless Yankee win in the meaningless Yankee season.
  23. I see there was yet another curtain call for Shelly Duncan at the Toilet tonight huh? How cute. Seems like the Yankees have a team mascot.
  24. Papelbon has been automatic for like 2 years plus...he is the most dominant closer in the game and I dont want to hear about JJ Putz. Flash in the pan, just like Lidge was! Papelbon has the gas, the fearlessness and the intimidating presence, he is everything a closer should be! Mariano, best closer ever, but as I have said...RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW Paps is the man and we all know it.
  25. Jonathan Papelbon is the best, most dominant closer in baseball RIGHT NOW and that includes Gagne and Mariano.
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