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  1. So let me see if I have this straight...Barton now has to take Crazymike's spot as the paranoid schizophrenic Yankee homer? Barton, are you kidding me right now? Other GM's have it in for the Yankees? I cant tell if youre being serious or just ventin about Gagne. By the way: WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! We just made the best bullpen in baseball 10 times better!!! Now back to Barton and his lunacy. Let me preface by saying that I am not going to spend much time on him because he is a welcher and shouldnt even be here. You make absurd statements all the time, many Yankee fans are notorious for this. Yankee fans have a HUUUUUGE tendency to inflate the value of your own players, especially your own brought-ups. Im not going to get into the Jeter thing again, but he is one example. Overrated Wang is another one, Nick Johnson was another one, Hughes is clearly another one, Chamberlain is another one, Ian Whatshisname is another one...there should be NO SUCH THING as an untouchable Yankee prospect. You fans think too highly of your own prospects and not nearly high enough for that of someone else's. Kason "Jimmy Key Jr" Gabbard is the real deal! Texas actually got value in this trade for once. 2 months and the playoffs worth of Gagne is by far at least worth a bona fide major league lefty starter that gets ground ball outs in a hitter's ballpark. Too bad the Yankees, who desperately needed him couldnt get it done. When you literally OVERPAY a washed-up HOF'er at every position, youre bound to be stuck with an untradable logjam of has-beens who flame out every fall like clockwork. Dont hate.
  2. OK, how the hell do you fail History of Rock-N-Roll? I know its not the point, but GOOD LORD, that has to be pretty hard to do. Thats what you get for taking a fringe class. Either way, Im here to help. As a teacher, and most of us are the same no matter the grade level...we hate when our superiors hear our names in a bad way, be it a disgruntled student, irate parent, or accusations of impropriety from anyone!!! We dont want our principals, deans, superintendants, college presidents, etc,...having their cushy jobs made complicated because of a problem we caused or didnt solve ourselves! My advice, go above your advisor and go right to the top. Go to the college president in person. For a Yankee fan, you dont seem like a huge dumb@ss (F in rocknroll class notwithstanding) so I am guessing you have decent grades. Plus, in college youre a paying customer, so you might as well get value for your $$$. Any talk of transferring may cause a meeting/intervention between all parties. Next time, take Rocknroll pass/fail, and dont fail it.
  3. Not a horrible deal for the Yankees as Scott Proctor is all but DONE from eating up so many innings for Slow Joe. This only makes sense if Boy Brian is freeing up space for Gagne, otherwise it makes NO SENSE for a pitching starved team to give up on Proctor. Betemit does have really good power from both sides, which could actually help his homerun production at the Toilet. But still, I dont really get this move. Unless, of course, the Yankees are thinking of replacing Slappy already!?!?!?!!?
  4. and you think Im in need of banning? Youre out of control!
  5. feel free to go back there, if they will take you.
  6. If that were true (which it cant be because it came from YOUR mouth) then they wouldnt sit up all night giving me negative rep points. Most of the Yankee homers clearly care what I think of them, they want me to feel as much pain as I make them feel on a daily basis. And now that shadow has seen that NOTHING he can say to or about me makes a bit of a difference, he has decided to turn on other Yankee fans, setting his sights on Bob.
  7. Too many of you were enjoying my rep feature. Not that I care what any of you people think (obviously!) I just seized an opportunity to throw salt on the gaping wounds of Yankee fans like Fake80 and Gainzo that I've already created.
  8. This thread is completely retarded...all I am doing is pointing out how the originator is coming off! Yet somehow, all of this is my fault!?!??!?
  9. Fake80 is really coming off poorly here. As per usual, and shadowjet is really on thin ice. First he insults Bob's appearance, then he gets entire threads deleted, now this...
  10. If asking other posters not to hijack threads is a 30-day ban...what does calling other people "f@gs" get you as you've done to me in the Farnsworth/Posada thread.
  11. Can the mods stop hijacking threads. Can they at least be clever if theyre going to do so. Thanks.
  12. So, Kyle Farnsworth and Whore-hay Posada got crossed up (again) yesterday...Posada went out to talk to Farnsworth, who walked off the mound while Posada was glaring at him. Slappy came out to be the peacemaker. Just when you think things cant possibly get any better in Yankeeland. Hmmm......I can see it now: The Bronx is Burning II in 2037, 'cept this time with a happy ending.
  13. This is so silly! Why would anyone care about Slappy and a bunch of strippers? The only person I've heard that from is smizzy! -All these lowlife athletes go to strip clubs, its silly, it's not news! -We've already heard about Slappy and his love for strippers!!!
  14. Can you get through ONE post without a reference to pubes or dog's balls, hack? Stop calling me ned flanders!!!!!!
  15. There you have it. Slappy is innocent of all charges before we even know what they are!!! Is that how the justice system in Australia works, Dingo?
  16. He said that I look like Ned Flanders in the Mike Maroth thread!!!
  17. Ignore TaborJet...he is clearly drunk. (again)
  18. All he did was raise his batting average from .192 to .225 since the ASB. If he continues his CURRENT pace, he will be at or very near his career average in nearly all categories. Besides, once you adjust Julio's stats for Intangibles, he is worth every penny.
  19. you better believe it.
  20. At least the Jets have a realistic shot at making the playoffs.
  21. Did you hear that Shadowjet said I looked like Ned Flanders in the Mike Maroth thread??? I think he wins the name-calling contest, Dingo.
  22. with one exception, he seems to be telling the truth about every single player that is implicated. I just read smizzy's nonsensical post too... Why is it so hard to believe for you Yankee fans that Slappy is on the juice? I'll wait to convict him when I hear what Jose has to say and what evidence there is...but for you homers to blindly defend Slappy without even knowing what he is accused of is, well, beyond the realm of Blind Homerism even that I had put you on!
  23. He is afraid youre going to insult his appearance like you did to mine in the Mike Maroth thread... calling me Ned Flanders was especially hurtful and cruel!!!
  24. You know whats funny? Clearly not the innane banter between @ssnykny and shadowtroll... whats funny is that I started an "A-rod is on steroids thread" in response to the phony "Curt Schilling put fake blood on his sock" story. And the subsequent 1 million+ Schilling is a liar threads that were started back in April or so. Some mod deleted my Slappy thread after the Circle jerk got their little panties in a bunch. I was then called every name in the book. The Schilling threads remained as that story was PROVEN to be a falsehood as the no-name jocksniffer that made the claim recanted it the MOMENT the spotlight was turned on him. I started the thread to show the Circle Jerk how dumb they sounded busting a collective nut to something that was so simply not true. Hahaha! Now it looks like the Slappy thread will be making a comeback after all whether the Circle Jerk likes it or not. Then, one should remember how truly fickle the Circle Jerkers are. Lest we forget, they are Yankee fans so they are front-running phonies by nature, so when Slappy leaves NY, they will be teeing off on him, saying he isnt even a real Yankee, he is unclutch, he is a cancer, he is cursed...blah blah blah... I get such a kick out of you phonies, really, especially you shadowjest...tell me again how I look like Ned Flanders!!!
  25. Now is name-calling really necessary? The Yankees deserve to be degraded...in case you havent been paying attention; they sucks @ss this year and they aint gonna make the playoffs after spending $200 million! Now, onto your other nonsense...Yes the Red Sox lost to a good pitcher. Oooooooohhh. Big F'n Deal! Sorry, but I dont exactly feel like I've been ear-raped by a dildo-collecting JN poster (no offense smizzy) after losing to Kazmir. And I dont know what all this hooey about me not being a Yankee-lover is all about. I need them to sweep Detroit and LAA when they play them in a few days so we can secure homefield throughout the playoffs! Cowboy Up!
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