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  1. Bradford? You mean Darnold I'm guessing.....but yea, this is the best QB situation the Jets have had in quite a few years.
  2. From the early reports, this is a very real possibility. I'm stoked by Teddy B's first impression during OTA's and I'm rooting for him.
  3. McCown getting hurt is a given, his inability to finish out a full season is very well documented.
  4. I agree with this. I was hopeful when we signed Bridgewater and this news is even more encouraging. SAR might be right, could be a hell of a steal.
  5. It was a pretty good read - particularly for a Cimini piece.
  6. I like the signing myself and I think Crowell's an underrated acquisition.
  7. ARodJetsFan

    Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day from a U.S. Navy Desert Storm Veteran who is still currently serving with the U.S. Merchant Marines to all those Veterans who came before me and gave their lives while serving their country.....thank you, God Bless and rest in peace.
  8. Just reading what the article said buddy - and it said a non-disclosed injury. As it turns out Mayfield was in the concussion protocol twice in 2015 a few weeks apart. That was 3 years ago.....non-factor.
  9. ARodJetsFan

    The Jets sign Kevin Minter, ILB

    Jets signed ILB Kevin Minter and WR Charles Johnson. Minter should have a chance to compete for early-down snaps at inside linebacker for the Jets. He is a non-factor on passing downs. Johnson was out of the NFL last year. He will slide onto the end of a deep Jets wideout depth chart. http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/nfl/football
  10. I haven't seen his documented anywhere. All accounts that I have read say Mayfield has no significant injury history.
  11. I really believe this is the case. The only way I believe this wouldn't happen is if someone trades with the Giants and takes Mayfield at # 2 - or if the Giants themselves take him at 2. Short of that I think Mayfield will be a Jet with the 3rd overall pick - and I'm good with it.
  12. And the way that I interpret it, that's pretty much the point of the article. I'm kind of surprised that Cimini, of all people, wrote it. He's usually bashing Mac & the front office every chance he gets, which he has pretty much built a professional career doing while covering the Jets. On a side note, I like the vibe that Christopher Johnson has brought to the team since taking the reigns from Woody. He seems like a better fit, with more polished interpersonal skills and appears to have the ability to better relate with the players, from what I have read & heard so far. This could be a sign of good things to come if Christopher stays in that role long term & Woody stays occupied with his new political career.