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    Born in Brooklyn. I was also in the Army with Elvis and went to Germany on the same boat.
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    Ormond Beach, Florida
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    JETS & Tony Bennett music
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    Retired Detective Sergeant

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    I was the detective who covered the Richard Todd v Steve Serby fight at Hofstra.
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    Losing to the Browns & Kosar because of Gastineau's hit.
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    Yes, I watched it

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  1. we need speed and more speed and an OL that can pass block consistently. BRICK has seen better days.
  2. agreed! I expect REX to taint the QB battle in favor of his boy! He has done it in the past and will do so in the future. Sanchez will be the downfall ofr WRECKS!
  3. Click here for reaction and analysis as we continue to update: Mike Edwards, CB, Hawaii 5’9 189 Edwards is a talented corner who had some off field issues. He started at out as a Tennessee Vol and was a four star recruit. He was booted off the squab after he was charged with attempted robbery. As a player he gets very physical with receivers despite his short stature so that lack of height, while a major concern, is somewhat negated by that physicality. He should make the squad and could see time as a nickel corner or possibly return man. He saw some snaps at WR at Hawaii as well. Ronte
  4. If Sucky was able to get the ball even remotely close to his receivers, perhaps they would be better at making plays. Sucky is so inaccurate he makes the guys go nuts trying to catch his wild high passes or into the ground bloopers.
  5. Why? What have you seen that makes you think he can be a top QB and win a SB for the Jets? I have not seen anything but that might just be me. Rooting for him is one thing. Another is to really believe in him. They are vastly different.
  6. Geno needs some fine tuning. but he has above average talent. He is a dual threat and has a very good arm capable of making all the throws. Some guys just love to hate! I am hoping he can develop into what this franchise needs to win a Super Bowl. he surely has that kind of talent. Our OC was at his pro day and was in awe of what he saw of Geno. I'd rather accept his opinion as a talent evaluator! GO JETS!
  7. we were pretty decent with Wilson last year and no pass rush. We tend to dump on the guy because he is not Revis. But he was decent for a #2 CB. He could get better this year with more experience.
  8. Why not trade Suckchez for Gabbert? Ok we will throw in a ticket to the Super Bowl in "our" stadium for the Jags owner.
  9. I think too many have underrated Caleb Schlauderaff. The guy has been with us for a few years now and could be ready to contribute.
  10. Slauson was signed by Chicago today!
  11. Favre also throw the ball deep much more often then Suckchez. I think Brett was well over 60 per cent completion percentage. Sucky has yet to hit that mark but he did his Moore's butt.
  12. MSG Tim and Alyessa are in my prayers as well. Tim is a great guy and a good man.
  13. Hill and Edwards are big receivers. McKnight can catch out of the backfield and so can Powell.. Not many QBs are smarter then McElroy! They guy was a near RHODES SCHOLAR. But can he win in the NFL with this new system and poor blocking in front of him?
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