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  1. This is a non voluntary workout. Becton is about to become a father. I think for the sake of team building he should make a quick appearance and then go back home.
  2. we need speed and more speed and an OL that can pass block consistently. BRICK has seen better days.
  3. agreed! I expect REX to taint the QB battle in favor of his boy! He has done it in the past and will do so in the future. Sanchez will be the downfall ofr WRECKS!
  4. Click here for reaction and analysis as we continue to update: Mike Edwards, CB, Hawaii 5’9 189 Edwards is a talented corner who had some off field issues. He started at out as a Tennessee Vol and was a four star recruit. He was booted off the squab after he was charged with attempted robbery. As a player he gets very physical with receivers despite his short stature so that lack of height, while a major concern, is somewhat negated by that physicality. He should make the squad and could see time as a nickel corner or possibly return man. He saw some snaps at WR at Hawaii as well. Rontez Miles, S, Cal (PA) 6’0 218 A small school stud with massive 10 (1/4) inch hands and good speed at 4.55-4.62 for a free safety Miles will add speed and athleticism to the practice squad at worst and push for time at best. He needs some development as he adjusts to NFL caliber competition. Miles can jump in and realistically compete for a starting job. The hybrid safety has some Johnathan Cyprien in him, as he is interchangeable at both safety positions. Miles was projected to go as high as the 5th round, was a top small-schooler all year, and was one of the most highly-sought after UDFAs. The Jets’ scouts and quick thinking nab an absolute steal here. Mike Shanahan, TE/WR, Pitt 6’5 241 Mike Shanahan, no not that Mike Shanahan (no relation), is a terrific addition to the Jets. He has a tight end’s body but the athleticism to play WR at Pitt and do very well. He isn’t overly explosive or athletic, but he gets it done and with a 6’5 frame can really challenge smaller defensive backs and safeties. A very good high school basketball player Shanahan should be able to box out corners in the red zone. Ryan Spadola, WR, Lehigh 6’1 204 Spadola is fast and will challenge for one of the last wide receiver position or be a great gunner and special teamer. He surprised many with his consistency in basic catching drills (gauntlet) at the Combine. Chris Pantale, TE, Boston College 6’5 256 Not a standout athlete but he was productive and solid as a blocker and receiver for the Eagles. He has very good size and is a natural mover running routes. With how desperate the Jets are at TE he could easily be in the mix to start. Zach Rogers, WR, Tennessee 6’0 182 He isn’t a stellar athlete, but I would be surprised if he doesn’t make the roster and see some time on Sundays in 5 WR sets as a slot specialist. He is crafty and gets open and ran a 4.49 at his Pro day. At times, Rogers proved to be as effective in the Tennessee passing game as highly touted teammates Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson. Roger’s athleticism, once again, won’t blow you away. However, you could argue that he will adjust to the speed of the NFL much easier than his former teammates, as he’s much more polished in regards to catching ability. Rogers is also consistently called one of the smartest players on the team. His smarts are evident in his sideline awareness and his technical routes. I (Mike), am definitely labeling Rogers as the Jets’ UDFA signing with the most potential to make an impact in the future. KJ Stroud, WR, Bethune-Cookman 6’3 205 Stroud is very intriguing. In 2012, he only caught 26 passes for 286 yards, but his impressive workout numbers, including a 4.4 second forty time, caught scouts’ attention, anyways. Most reports say that he was never fully healthy in 2012, as well. Mark Popek, OG, South Florida 6’7 308 A team leader and rock of the Bulls offensive line Popek is a developmental OG/OT with good leadership and intangibles. A coaches favorite is always worth a shot, especially with his 6’7 frame and massive 11 inch hands. Spencer Nealy, DT, Texas A&M 6’3 285 Nealy is a versatile having played defensive end and tackle for the Aggies. He is active and plays hard. From a talent perspective, there isn’t a whole lot to work with but could stick on the roster because of the scheme versatility and activity level. Nealy was often referred to as a major leader on his successful Texas A&M team. Troy Davis, DE/OLB, UCF 6’2 251 NFLDraftScout.com via cbssports.com said “Davis first caught the attention of NFL teams with his pass-rushing skills, and then again with his 4.65-second 40-yard dash at UCF’s pro day. He enjoyed a very strong all-around workout, but the question is whether he’s a hybrid without a true position at 251 pounds.” I’m on board, especially because a hybrid defender always has a fit in a hybrid system like Rex’s. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/p...724/troy-davis Dalton Freeman, C, Clemson 6’5 291 Freeman is actually a draftable guy, but he plays center so there are a limited amount of teams willing to use a pick on the position. His Pro day was very impressive posting a third best 4.88 40 among all lineman and is clearly a good athletic. The question is can he improve on technique and gain more strength so he can anchor effectively in the trenches. Trey Gilleo, OT, Northern Arizona 6’7 309 The Northern Arizona Lumberjack is from Kingman, Arizona and has a criminal justice degree. That certainly sounds tough to me, and at 6’7 309 pounds he does have an NFL frame. He looks to be a practice squad body and developmental project. Antavious Wilson, WR, Marshall 6’1 198 If you were looking to watch Aaron Dobson (New England’s 2nd rounder) in 2012 you likely came away saying “who is that #9 at WR”? He outperformed his more physically gifted teammate and the “quicker than fast” (ran a 4.62) and “sneaky good athlete” clichés fit well. Roosevelt Holliday, DT, Eastern Illinois 6’2 307 He looks to be a very fluid athlete and aggressive tackler. It’s a little hard to tell with grainy film and less than stellar competition because I see some potential a defensive line savant like Rex came draw from. We’ve seen one Eastern Illinois Panthers make a name for themself: Tony Romo, Sean Payton, Mike Shanahan, Brad Childress and the late Mike Heimerdinger. Plus actor John Malkovich. Not a bad list! Jake McDonough, DT, Iowa St 6’5 305 Our friend at NEPatriotsDraft.com James Christenson wrote on his game versus Iowa: “McDonough destroyed Iowa center James Ferentz for the majority of the night, swatting down balls and disrupting plays in the backfield. He has the ability to be a good rotational lineman at the next level.” Again, I’m on board with that. For the full review visit click here. Alex Dunnachie, Punter, Hawaii 6’3 217 This punter become the second Jet on the roster to have Aussie bloodlines. He has a monster leg, evident by his 36 punts that notched over 50 yards over his first three season at Hawaii. The Jets give him a chance after he was suspended the first four games of 2012 due to a drunk driving arrest over the summer.
  5. If Sucky was able to get the ball even remotely close to his receivers, perhaps they would be better at making plays. Sucky is so inaccurate he makes the guys go nuts trying to catch his wild high passes or into the ground bloopers.
  6. Why? What have you seen that makes you think he can be a top QB and win a SB for the Jets? I have not seen anything but that might just be me. Rooting for him is one thing. Another is to really believe in him. They are vastly different.
  7. Geno needs some fine tuning. but he has above average talent. He is a dual threat and has a very good arm capable of making all the throws. Some guys just love to hate! I am hoping he can develop into what this franchise needs to win a Super Bowl. he surely has that kind of talent. Our OC was at his pro day and was in awe of what he saw of Geno. I'd rather accept his opinion as a talent evaluator! GO JETS!
  8. we were pretty decent with Wilson last year and no pass rush. We tend to dump on the guy because he is not Revis. But he was decent for a #2 CB. He could get better this year with more experience.
  9. Why not trade Suckchez for Gabbert? Ok we will throw in a ticket to the Super Bowl in "our" stadium for the Jags owner.
  10. I think too many have underrated Caleb Schlauderaff. The guy has been with us for a few years now and could be ready to contribute.
  11. Slauson was signed by Chicago today!
  12. Favre also throw the ball deep much more often then Suckchez. I think Brett was well over 60 per cent completion percentage. Sucky has yet to hit that mark but he did his Moore's butt.
  13. MSG Tim and Alyessa are in my prayers as well. Tim is a great guy and a good man.
  14. Hill and Edwards are big receivers. McKnight can catch out of the backfield and so can Powell.. Not many QBs are smarter then McElroy! They guy was a near RHODES SCHOLAR. But can he win in the NFL with this new system and poor blocking in front of him?
  15. This is the latest message I have received regarding Tim and Alyssa Thanks again everyone! I still can't believe how many people have stepped up for me! I can't even thank you all enough! I was floored when our first bill came in from the hospital so far, three pages of itemized charges totaling $212,000. And my insurance so far is only covering $38,000. I can't even believe it! And of course more will follow. It's crazy. As for my Daughter, she is still in rehab in New Brunswick NJ, my wife's step mother took my place before New Years so I could go back to work. But she goes home next week so I don't know what we are going to do. She is talking better, but not great, she still can't walk or even stand on her own, her left leg moves but her left arm has absolutely no movement. So I am sure she has a long road left to get back to normal. But thanks again for everything you have done, I really appreciate it, you guys have shown why I like to consider you all my family.
  16. Here is the link... https://www.facebook.com/groups/117798261731082/?ref=ts&fref=ts Or go to facebook and type Alyssa Brady Health Fund into the search bar.
  17. Hello all, I am posting here to ask for your help in aiding a fellow Jets fan. Tim Brady (TBrady) is an admin/mod on JETS ADDICTS and has been for 15 years. Last month his 13 year old daughter went in for surgery to have a cyst removed from her brain. While the surgery was successful and the cyst removed, she had some complications. The long and short of it is she lost all of her motor skills and now has to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, dress, etc. It's going to be a long and difficult road but her doctors are opptomisitic. Currently Tim has taken a leave from his job and moved from his home to take care of her while she is in a rehab facility in NJ. They will likely be there for 4-6 months and insurance will cover some but not all of the massive costs Tim is likely going to incur along the way. Tim recently received the first bill for over 300 thousand dollars! Tim's friends and family have started a Facebook page attached to a Pay Pal account to raise money for them. It has been posted on JA and I thought it would be OK to post it here too since at the end of the day we are all Jet fans! The page is called Alyssa Brady Health Fund and it explains in much greater detail the situation she is going through. I ask that you all go to FB and check it out and donate if you can. I can't think of too many better causes then to help out the little girl of a fellow Jet fan on her long road to recovery. Thank you, Nick R aka Kentucky Jet
  18. WRECKS says Sanchez gives him the best chance to win! I disagree but I am only a fan. We all know that WRECKS is loyal to his favorite guys! When a players number is tattooed on a HC's wife's arm, guess what? Not a soul will bet with you! LOL Of course Sanchez will start for the Jest! err Jets!
  19. Carl Mathew Theodore "Ted" Sundquist II (born May 1, 1962) is an American football player, manager and commentator. He spent sixteen years working in the National Football League for the Denver Broncos franchise. Sundquist was hired in 1992 as the Player Personnel Assistant, and two years later promoted to Director of College Scouting. In 2001, Pat Bowlen promoted Sundquist to General Manager. Contents [hide] Sundquist was born in Houston, Texas and attended Spring Woods High School in Houston, Texas, where he played football, and was a teammate of future Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens. College football Sundquist graduated in 1984 from of the United States Air Force Academy, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he played fullback for the Falcon football team. He was team captain in 1983. The Falcons had bowl victories over Vanderbilt (1982 Hall of Fame Bowl) & Mississippi (1983 Independence Bowl) while Sundquist was on the team. Sundquist returned to Air Force as an assistant coach in 1989, and named head coach of the United States Air Force Academy Prep School from 1990 to 1992. Bobsled During his posting in Berlin, Sundquist trained for and became a member of the 1984-1988 U.S. National Bobsled Team. Sundquist competed in the 1988 Olympic trials, but they were cut short due to a shoulder injury.[1] NFL executive Denver Broncos Sundquist joined the Broncos in 1993 as a scout as Player Personnel Assistant (1992-1994), Director of Scouting from 1995-2001 and then promoted to General Manager. At the age of 33 Sundquist served as College Scouting Director and was in that role during the Broncos' back-to-back Super Bowl wins in 1997 and 1998. He supervised pro and college scouting, and was responsible for salary cap and contract analysis. Sundquist was promoted to GM in 2002 by owner Pat Bowlen after being pursued by both the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons organizations. He was also a finalist for the President position with the Seattle Seahawks in 2004. He started at GM with five consecutive winning seasons, a franchise record. Sundquist left the Broncos following a 7-9 record in 2007 Denver Broncos season.[1] Recruited athletes During his tenure, Sundquist helped Denver land players such as John Lynch, Daniel Graham, Al Wilson, John Mobley, Brandon Marshall, Mike Anderson, Olandis Gary, Clinton Portis (WAS), Reggie Hayward (JAX), Trevor Pryce (BAL), Brian Griese (TB), Deltha O'Neal (NE), and Nick Harris (DET). Sundquist was known[by whom?] for being one of the more active GMs in player acquisition through drafting, signing free agents and trades. Under Sundquist, the Broncos became one of the league's most active traders. His most notable move came just before the 2004 season, when he dealt star running back Clinton Portis to the Washington Redskins in exchange for cornerback Champ Bailey, another to obtain Dre Bly from the Detroit Lions, and a No. 2 draft pick that turned out to be Tatum Bell. He also engineered a 2006 draft-day deal with St. Louis allowing Denver to move from the No. 29 overall pick to No. 11, where they selected Vanderbilt quarterback Jay Cutler. As a result, Sundquist's GM term was the start of a franchise-record five consecutive winning seasons. [1] Post-Broncos career In the 2008-2009 football season, Sundquist worked as an expert analyst and editorial commentator with Profootballtalk.com.[2] Also, in early 2009, Sundquist was mentioned in several general manager searches across the National Football League, and it was reported that he was interested in interviewing with Cleveland Cleveland Browns for their open General Manager position.[3]
  20. of course he really did not seem to be given much of a chance after they drafted the young QB. That kid was going to start and that is all there was to it! Moore played pretty well for them last year and they had a weak OL and one receiver! I'd prefer ALEX SMITH but MOORE is very decent and can win games for us. He was not a laughing stock like Suckchez was for us! At least we'd get some respectability!
  21. I think MATT MOORE was with Miami this year! I do not know who you are referring to as ONE START for Cutler.
  22. Who chose the TERMINATOR? Which HC went to USC and worked out Sanchez? Which HC went to workout Coples last year prior to the draft?
  23. They could move to the CFL and almost be dominent if they could get a competant QB.
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