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  1. I think a forum dedicated to daily updates about Pennington's shoulder condition should be top priority ... that will definitely bring you to the top ... or somewhere that i can post pictures of my balls in the jar.
  2. Are you any relation to assmop? No assmop, but some of the classics include: Doomie Harter Count Monsterrod Von Hugenstein Rooster Cockburn Crack The list goes on ....
  3. Thank you ... Thank you. First I would like to offer some love to all the haters out there. Don't be mad that the Jets and Pats of the 90's are going to be contenders. As much as you cry, it won't bring Fergeuson back. Cowgirls ... very original. I have not heard that one before. Much like beer from a bottle - BRILLIANT! The significance of my nickname is my fraternity/pledgename ... AXP - Scrometheus Protector Of the Testiclies. I hope everyone enjoys today as much as I do!!
  4. http://www.realgm.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=198721
  5. They didn't have much choice in the matter to sign a WR considering they have no first round pick ...
  6. The Boston Red Sox are offering free Curt Shilling bobblehead dolls for answering Red Sox trivia.... Call 1-800-999-2723 today while supplies last ...
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