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  1. This makes me realize the importance of putting your wishes in writing! If you haven't already done it, DO IT NOW!!!!! You never know.......
  2. I post from home, when the laptop is here.....
  3. HEY~HEY~HEY~ I just SIMPLY forgot to mention it...sorry Maxman I was present when Stewdawg mentioned it....it is a good site. If anyone wants to get me an EARLY wedding present, I will take a computer, LOL! When the fiance` isn't home, the computer isn't home!
  4. chrebet73


    Not sure yet, too far away for me to know. The wedding is Nov.5th.
  5. chrebet73


    Hey Guys! I started a new job and they don't have e-mail and/or internet so I haven't been on-line in a LONG time! I will just have to try and check my e-mail and get on-line a lot more in the evenings...I didn't think anyone missed me! Max, I don't know how to add my signature count down here...I have 250 more days to go....Yikes!
  6. Since I have been off the computer for almost a month, can I ask what happened and why you guys left and/or got banned???
  7. chrebet73


    Hi All, I just joined and wanted to say "hello" to you all. I haven't been on-line since the first of Feb. and things have changed, A LOT! Hope everyone is doing well.....
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