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    2001 and 02 vs Oakland
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  1. Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    GREAT move!! he will be better than McClown
  2. *** wildcard weekend games thread ***

    Kaepernick would've had them 2 to 3 wins better
  3. Why are Darnold & Rosen givens?

    they both look like trash. totally overhyped.
  4. Cotchery Tribute...

    Goat Jet
  5. Petty Inactive; Hackenberg Active

    good, put Hack in now
  6. j e t s suck suck suck worst offense ever
  7. Chiefs vs Cheats

    pats suck
  8. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Sanchez is finally proving to be better than Judge as I expected going into the year judge has alot to work on
  9. Possible torn ACL for Edelman

    so what's for dinner?