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    I'm a Jets fan who likes football .
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    Seeing a cheerleaders top come off during a pre season game on 73
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    2001 and 02 vs Oakland
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    I was there

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  1. Could never win the big game...he'd have been perfect fit for the Jets Rest in peace
  2. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KnigSu20.htm There are plenty pictures of him online, why is PFR so lazy?
  3. How did Earl do in the 78 title game? Those fumbles hurt them
  4. Otto Graham was also better than Brady and won just as many championships in half the time
  5. Who in my top 13 are you placing below Campbell? Breece may be a premature selection when I could have put Tony Dorsett or Derrick Henry there but I stand confident in my list
  6. As dictated and decided by Blackout (aka me) 25 Breece Hall 24 Frank Gore 23 Terrell Davis 22 Priest Holmes 21 Larry Csonka 20 Jerome Bettis 19 Franco Harris 18 Shaun Alexander 17 Gale Sayers 16 Bronko Nagurski 15 Marcus Allen 14 Earl Campbell 13 John Riggins 12 Steve Van Buren 11 Red Grange 10 Marshall Faulk 9 Adrian Peterson 8 Curtis Martin 7 OJ Simpson 6 Emmitt Smith 5 Walter Payton 4 Barry Sanders 3 Ladanian Tomlinson 2 Eric Dickerson 1 Jim Brown I think this list is very accurate. What do you guys think?
  7. Was hoping we could trade for Fields. Oh well.
  8. I already have the same policy with Romo most of the time
  9. He's so vanilla, these tv networks need to realize we're gonna watch the ******* games no matter who is calling them and they don't need to spend 30 million on a rookie play by play guy just because he's an ex superstar
  10. Why would Alex Rodriguez play football?
  11. Didn't their o line let tua get three concussions? You know what, let him go there please
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