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  1. Mahomes is the best QB ever Brady couldn't even stand out amongst his peers Peyton and Brees
  2. Don't forget the Aaron Hernandez documentary
  3. Was going to go with wings but plans changed and now I'm picking up pizza instead (which is no problem) And vodka
  4. 0 tds and a pick in the end zone...he was AWFUL. Eli?? Eli played well enough to win SB MVP. Are you Bradys public relations guy??
  5. Most rushing yards in 1 season The pre-cheating era 1978 Patriots held the record until today
  6. Clippers are the only legit team Watch the NBA force memphis to trade iguadala to the Lakers because they're afraid of a Clippers Bucks finals
  7. Unless this helps houston beat the Patriots in the playoffs i don't care
  8. This forum really forgot how great T.O. was
  9. I'm not asking about who's the best ever, just the best of these 3

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