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  1. I would support adding a 2nd bye week so it gives the networks and us fans an extra week of games but still 16
  2. Give me the championship team but 09 was amazing too
  3. The 98 Jets had a lot of firepower The 72 team was great until December rolled around
  4. Showtime has some homo erotic TV show about him they keep promoting. Disgusting.
  5. Troy Aikmen. Big Ben and Russell Wilson don't belong Starr is too low Graham is too low Montana should be 1
  6. Blackout

    2019 Yankees

    Ok didi redeemed himself for that error by scoring the GW run
  7. Blackout

    2019 Yankees

    Didi is a ******* bum. Keep Torres at SS and bench didi asap
  8. Character has to be last because look at the Patriots A cheating coach and QB. A steroid using WR. A serial killer TE etc
  9. Maybe having a larger fanbase in St. Louis will get his name into the conversation.
  10. Good. Not that I'm even excited for this league outside of the Jets anyways. No more onside kicks, rigged conference title games, defenses can't touch Brady etc.
  11. I pray Miami doesn't sign Kaep like the rumors say. If so we're doomed.
  12. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2019/03/09/julia-ruth-stevens-babe-ruth-last-surviving-child-dies/6xkrTF96hvUqLSY5FR0mDK/story.html?s_campaign=bostonglobe%3Asocialflow%3Afacebook&fbclid=IwAR0dDkln_RtxludYYHO8DiFpDhY0Daq_hqxs665qoFbNaKb54bIP9nQuQ0Y Our last connection to the greatest athlete ever
  13. Trade for him. Resign Cotchery and then own the league and coast to 16-0
  14. Ugly deal long term but for the next few years they'll be a good team
  15. Every game is an ugly 3 point contest with no defense and low IQ shot selection Very unwatchable. It was so different just 3 years ago...**** silver
  16. I find it hilarious the local radio shows aren't allowed to discuss it He was pulled over Jan 19th by those cops so that's how they knew it was him. Hahahaha
  17. I get both CBSN and NFL network from spectrum. Even on the app so I can watch on my phone.
  18. Couldn't happen to a bigger jerk

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