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  1. Yankees should bring Jesus Montero back
  2. He blocked replies, what a bitch move. Glad the Jets let him go.
  3. Mike White has a new weapon to work with once Zach Wilson gets hurt again
  4. Oh ok. So you don't have any cats??
  5. I have a black cat. His name is Max. He turns 13 next month.
  6. Watch the NBA playoffs or watch the Yankees
  7. The dullards in the media will probably give it to Fraudgers or Brady but Kupp dominated his position much more All regular season and today proved he is the best player on the field when he plays He even made Matt Trashford look good today
  8. I would say on purpose Either way I hate seeing Brady win so this hurts even though the draft pick will be better
  9. At the time I posted it was 16-6, jets could have been ahead with the better QB playing
  10. Once again we started the wrong QB. Can't blame the defense today but 10/26 for 92 yards so far is not doing the job.
  11. a blind tyrannosaurus Rex could still see Wilson isn't the right guy for the job
  12. That INT by Wilson was just awful
  13. Maybe in four years we can finally beat them
  14. This franchise is nuts to give up on him
  15. Because Wilson doesn't throw picks? White showed more potential than Zach has so far
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