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  1. i just looked and saw it was like 20 threads below, do you expect me to read the entire board or something? :?
  2. this article is old but still has the re-read value
  3. he was the guy with the Bollinger autograph in his signature, right? i think i have that saved somewhere if you want it
  4. john chaney is a class A scumbag, I still remember that Calipari incident from way back (one of the first memories I have of being a sports fan) i was surprised that he wasnt fired then, this only adds to my confusion
  5. yeah, but atleast this one has a good signature
  6. Chef was caught masturbating during the ALCS???
  7. hopefully one rain day per week will take care of that
  8. I've got pretty good expectations for RJ, Pavano and mussina, but I dont expect better-than-average play by Brown and Wright considering how every other pitching staff in the AL got worse in the offseason (other than the Twins), I think the yankees rotation will be fine
  9. ok crazy without career ending injuries to Shaq, Wade, both Wallace's and Antoine Walker, how do you see the Cavs making it that far??? :?
  10. seeing how the chiefs will have to deal with Randy Moss twice this season, this trade would help them alot as for Miami, if they finish in last place WITH surtain, they can finish in last place without him too
  11. Phili just comitted armed robbery and got away with it ironically, on saturday they still lost to Sacramento (with Webber on their side) 2nd round of the playoffs is almost a lock, but Detroit and Miami will be in the conference finals the team in the east that people need to watch out for is the Celtics, I've got them penciled in as the 4th best team (behind miami, detroit and phili) and ahead of the Cavs
  12. i would love for someone like Baron Davis to be on the Knicks though, its better than anything we've got all we can do is hope for Ariza and Sweetney to get some experience while we finish our next 2 months on the losing side
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