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  1. Guarantee the majority of those home fans will root for Tampa that day
  2. Tebow is a better QB than trevor will be
  3. Holy sh*t, its Jetsfan80s birthday AND 4-20??? Two holidays in 1 happy birthday
  4. I guess he should've opened up a sweatshop instead, Nike would be ok with that
  5. He should be innocent until proven guilty
  6. This is dumb, hate how greedy the owners are
  7. Id say Bron Embiid (never thought I'd see the day he became an MVP candidate) Luka Kd Kawhi Giannis Dame Harden Tatum Steph honorable mention in Zion, he's well on his way
  8. Gronk is a FA, lets go sign him. He'll mentor our guys on how to properly use steroids and not get caught
  9. That team is stacked. Can't believe the other teams just let them get Bauer
  10. A top 5 QB 1 Otto Graham 2 Bart Starr 3 Joe Montana 4 Johnny Unitas 5 Tom Brady* * known cheater and probable HGH abuser
  11. Seems like the NFL is pretty predictable now, the refs don't even hide it Is Donnehy reffing this game?
  12. You got a case of corona? Hope you feel better
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