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  1. I think the 'strategy' in the secondary was dictated by the trade up to grab AVT. I have to believe that the Jets would have gone secondary with one if not both of the R3 picks if they sat tight and got an OL at 23. But I also can't blame them for valuing AVT much higher than any other G prospect, especially considering scheme. Its not a stretch to say he could wind up the only day 1 starter in the group.
  2. Mosley makes the "All-Paid Team: 2021's highest earners by position" Oof. https://www.nfl.com/_amp/2021-nfl-all-paid-team-patrick-mahomes-deandre-hopkins-joey-bosa-top-the-marquee
  3. I get that you can condemn the move based on value, and that's fine - even value is an opinion, everybody's chart is different. What bothers me about these critiques is that more often than not, the author has the attitude that "this was a mistake, no doubt about it" - for example, this Walder guy saying it "looks like a clear error". First of all, as stated above, nobody knew who would be available at 23 when the Jets made the move. Second - if you want to know 100% for sure if the move was a mistake or not, even in hindsight, you have to see what the players they 'could have' gotten without
  4. Yep. That's why D'Brick is one of my all-time favorite Jets. We drafted him and didn't have to think about LT for a decade.
  5. Yeah his 2020 salary was basically the roster bonus - his base was $1M and his roster bonus was $10.5M so his salary was $11.5M and he got a $7.5M signing bonus ($1.5M amortized cap for 2020). That was kind of my point, add $1M + $10.5M + $7.5M and divide it by the OP's 30.25 minutes and you get almost $700k per minute, which is plenty absurd without exaggerating / including money he'll be paid for any seasons he plays from 2021-2024.
  6. The guy was one of the top LTs, he missed All Pro to HOF Joe Thomas (1st team All-Pro 6 of those 10 years) and Andrew Whitworth and some other guys that made one but didn't have great careers. The guy never missed a game in his career. Would you rather he made an all pro team or two and missed big chunks of multiple seasons or averaged 10-12 games a year like Jake Long, Ryan Clady and numerous other 1-2 time all pro selections? Joe Thomas is the gold standard, I'll give you that, but he's like the Jeter of LTs for that time period.
  7. That's not how it works. If he doesn't play a snap he won't see all of the $85M. Besides, it's silly to exaggerate it like that - as it is, he's actually made almost $700,000 per minute played (base plus roster plus signing bonus) which is absurd enough.
  8. Yeah but the 'roster bonus' was basically his salary - his base was $1M.
  9. Actually, it does, unless he stays with the Jets for the next 4 seasons and doesn't play another snap.
  10. You know he didn't get paid for last year right? The whole year gets skipped. He's now signed through 2024 instead of 2023 and gets his 2020 base ($16MM) for 2021. Minus payback of the $150,000 'stipend' he got paid last year.
  11. To me, "value" doesn't just mean taking a guy that I think should have been drafted earlier. I look at draft value as where your evaluation and the players availability meet your need. I know so many preach 'don't draft need' but when a player you have rated high is available in a spot you're at or can reasonably can get to and it's in your top remaining position of need, that's value to me.
  12. Right, but looking good or great against inferior talent doesn't make you inferior. If Pat Mahomes goes out and dominates Manalapan HS JV, he's still Pat Mahomes. If you didn't know him prior, you'd have a harder time being sure of how good he is, but he'd still be exactly how good he is. His point is, the lesser competition doesn't make him a lesser prospect. He might be, or he might be the best prospect. It's just harder to evaluate, whereas a blue chip prospect vs blue chip competition is easier to see what he is.
  13. It's not really a knock or a red flag, it just means it's harder to evaluate. I have a friend in baseball scouting who told me this, applies just as well here: This is a fact, a known fact to scouts and other player personnel people: Playing a lower level of competition doesn't mean a player is not as good as his counterpart. It means it's harder to evaluate his talent. You have to look harder at the technique, the physical traits, the great plays, the mistakes. That's all.
  14. I thought they dropped too far (11 to 20) and missed out on a lot of talent at positions of need (OL and LB/EDGE) but if they knew they were going WR, you can question which WR but they didn't miss out on anyone between 11 and 20. You could argue that the Giants still got the guy they wanted too and got a whole lot more. If they wanted EDGE all were still available at 11 so they were OK not going EDGE, it looks to me like they knew they were going WR. Once Smith went off the board at 10 they may have had similar grades on a Toney/Bateman etc. but still ended up having their pick of all remaini
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