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  1. I think we already did it in the worst way. [emoji2957]
  2. The OL is really pretty patchwork outside of the 2 high draft picks. You've got 3 positions with "looking to upgrade" status.
  3. I always assumed the "3 years" thing was for outsiders - draftniks, fans, etc. The staff sees more from a guy in one practice than we see in a year, and they have a hundred practices a year. If you watch every snap of every preseason and regular season game, you're seeing, what, like a dozen plays from a rookie who didn't immediately break out?
  4. I think for opening day you just have to bite the bullet. When I gave up my season tix with the move to the new stadium (didn't want to sit in the corners or upper bowl, didn't want to pay $40k+ in PSLs and can't go to 8 games anymore anyway) I figured it would be break even at worst to buy on the secondary market, mostly way under face and every now and then I'd take a hit for big games or playoffs etc. Unfortunately, the way the Jets have been playing, I'm way ahead of the game. Still hoping to have to drop a few hundred for playoffs.
  5. I'm talking about buying. On TM most of the time don't seem to drop in price like they do on SH as it gets closer to game day - at least for 'normal' regular season games.
  6. I always look there but it seems to me there are a lot more 'I'll sell if I get my price' users on there - seems to be much less fluctuation as the event gets closer than StubHub. Is that your experience?
  7. Every time I look around, I end up buying on StubHub. Usually Weds or Thu the week of a Sunday game, but not for opening day - I'd just get them now.
  8. —Former NFL QB Shaun King, to Fox Sports Radio. Reading this again as I follow the thread, the primary premise - that Zach Wilson, because he was picked #2, is the 2nd best player in the draft - shows that either King doesn't understand how this works (that there is an inordinate value on QBs, and that there is often a consensus 'best player' in the draft that is taken after any projected potential FQBs are taken) or its a hot take. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume the latter. As for the second statement, that Mond or Trask will be better than Wilson? That's cute. He's takin
  9. Nah, these guys that have been grinding away trying to establish a media career with little or no success are all just taking sides, trying to make a bunch of loud noises in the hopes they're right on one or two of dozens so they can be 'the guy that was right about [insert highly drafted player here]' - nobody cares about the dozens they'll end up being wrong about, "even the NFL personnel people get them wrong more often than not."
  10. Definitely. The WCO and other offenses that get the ball out quickly was effective vs. the blitzes and DEs of the sack-crazy era that preceded it, which led to the smaller, more athletic Ds, and this is kind of the answer to that. Other things happened as well (those smaller more athletic LBs struggle to cover TEs, leading to this golden era of the receiving right end, etc.)
  11. Where can I place a bet on a player not taking a meaningful snap in his career? Nvm probably have to bet $100 to pay $100.10 for the Cap'n
  12. Meh. Zach doesn't have a ton of experience, and a good bit of it is against non-NFL quality talent. It shouldn't be a huge surprise that he's going through a learning curve.
  13. We're talking about kids who are playing college football right? So they need to graduate high school. And other kids (not the football players we're talking about above), at least those that I know, either started college early or worked after graduating HS early and started college with the rest of their class. They tend to be more motivated kids, not less. Just kids that are 'done' with high school.
  14. I mean they're not really skipping high school. Just his senior year, by graduating early. A lot of kids finish high school after their junior year plus taking a class or two over the summer, or graduate in January. The way high school is now, at least here in NY and I'm sure most everywhere else, kids have enough or just about enough credits to graduate a year early.
  15. These are still local sponsors, hard to see that. The $10MM car dealer deal mentioned above is a fantasy. Even a UCLA in a big market would have a hard time justifying that chunk of their marketing budget. Car dealers make very little from sales, mostly make their money from service. But if that were the case, the NFL instituted the wage scale to protect teams from high round 1 busts, they can scale it up if necessary. Also - This would be better for the league too - most of these players would benefit from another year or two in college. Less likely to bust I would think, which again lessen
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