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  1. isired

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Bridgewater didn't stink, but he also wasn't nearly as good as many here seem to think, and he certainly wasn't on the "can't-miss" trajectory some seem to think he was on. He was up and down, with reason to have hope but no sure thing.
  2. isired

    Donahue Instagram post

    The way he worded "after all that has happened" makes it seem like he doesn't really see it that way, even though I'm sure on some level that he knows (and has been told) that he should. Generally people that have turned a corner on their demons convert from "all that had happened" to "the things that I've done" or "the mistakes that I've made". It's more than just semantics.
  3. Well he'd have to clear waivers to get him on the PS anyway, so if another team claims him he's gone. As for the $ if he leaves, it all depends on the infamous 'offset language' he negotiated I think.
  4. The money is fully guaranteed though, right? Doesn't matter if he's on the 53, on the PS or in street clothes. Re the Texans I was thinking that O'Brien might think he could recapture the Penn St. Freshman year and revive him into a backup at least. I think it's more that he/they get away with flaws at the high school and college levels, but can't do it at the pro level. I've heard many QBs talk about how tight the windows are in the NFL compared to even the best college Ds, and also how what passes for an 'open' receiver in the NFL is considered covered in college - in other words, that's as 'open' as they get in the NFL, but a college coach wouldn't want you to make that throw, there's likely somebody more open or will be next play.
  5. I guess, but I think it's not inconceivable that somebody (O'Brien in Texas?) might grab him.
  6. From CBSsports.com A little tweak here and there is something you do with your QB coach. You go to one of these gurus for extensive workouts to fix bigger flaws.
  7. I thought the same, but if Petty got claimed I don't think Hack will make it through waivers. Yes. It's not even about the roster spot, really - there's just not enough reps ti develop 2 young QBs in today's NFL. They have no practice time anymore.
  8. isired

    Petty > Hack

    He'd have to clear waivers... wonder if O'Brien/Texans would have any interest in him.
  9. The Jets have had so many needs. I love OL, former OL myself, but while you're drafting high in the rounds I can't blame them for thinking they can get reliable OL later or through FA etc. Its not the ideal way to build an OL, but more likely to be successful with late OL than QB, same for FA. And this idea that it 'borders on malfeasance' is just every SOJF and every knock on NY sports fans in general. Neither Macc nor any GM owes the public anything. His responsibility is to his owner and to his family, to build a better team to keep his job.
  10. Eli has to play like a top10 QB and they have to make 2 or 3 serious playoff runs in the next 3 years. Otherwise they blew it.
  11. Pretty sure all new developments hit about 25% low income housing to get certain benefits. Lotteries have already started... https://www.google.com/search?q=hudson+yards+development+low+income+housing
  12. Yeah that space is in development, that's gone. https://www.hudsonyardsnewyork.com/discover/
  13. Tebow learned to throw more accurately too - looked real good at pro day and workouts... but when the pressure's on, you usually revert to what you know. Tebow did.
  14. isired

    Is Eli Manning overrated?

    I don't think he's overrated in general because so many feel he's an above-average at best QB that's had some great moments. I do think some Giants fans overrate him, though if he did what he's done for them for the Jets, I'd love him too. If Joe Flacco gets a ring in the next few years they're pretty similar QBs aren't they?