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  1. For a teamwork stop run D, the edges always have been a problem. But I don't expect them to stop the Ravens rushing game - with Fitzpatrick gaining like 65 yes on the ground, you know either Lamar or Ingram could go off.
  2. Good personnel decisions in choosing to build an OL, I agree, and picking up good plug-and-play depth at RB.
  3. I think you need to look at who you're listening to. I heard that about Luck when he was young and healthy, about Mahomes last year and, yes, Jackson this year. About Wentz, the super bowl year, there was optimism but the 'experts' were still wary, always mentioned flaws. Never heard anyone I respect sa that Mayfield was set to dominate anything other than media controversy.
  4. The model is making good personnel decisions up and down your roster and adapting to your key personnel (a fresh concept in the NFL). Play callers who call a game to their offensive strengths - Philly pivoting to Foles, Rams running behind the best run-blocking OL in the league (and hiding an average QB), KC and Baltimore rewriting their playbooks to fit their QBs, and the 9ers adjusting weekly on O and D to attack each opponent (D vs Baltimore, O in shootout with Saints, etc.). The Rams biggest change from last year to this year is the lack of a run game (OL, RB) and defenses following what the Pats did to them (and the Lions and the Bears) - stop the run and confuse Goff. As for personnel, look at the Ravens and 9ers WR units. The whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.
  5. Come on. Bell has never been a downhill runner. He needs blocks at the LOS. Anyone who's been watching the game for the last 5 years knows this. Powell just hits the hole and gets what the defense gives him. With a good OL, I think they complement each other. Small crease, Bell gets you 2 or 3, Powell gets you 3 or 4. Legitimate hole, Powell gets you 5 or 6, Bell 10, 15+.
  6. Agree 100%. I feel like you're a thrill-seeker or compulsive gambler if you're eating 7-11 sushi. It's just not a normal thing. I won't even eat it at my local 'gourmet' deli where they have 2 guys back there making it all day - I just don't trust the volume is enough that it's always fresh.
  7. I'll go one further - all baked pasta is gross.
  8. The Adams 'negotiation' with Dallas, if theres a shred of truth to what's been reported, seems to support this. While he was making ridiculous requests, he didnt ask for Zeke or Dak, he didnt ask for DeMarcus Lawrence or Byron Jones, he asked for their Pro Bowl LG, and then their Pro Bowl LT.
  9. Went to a MNF in SD in 2008... David Barrett had a pick-6 on Rivers' first pass... should have left right then and there. Final score was 48-29 Chargers.
  10. He might. I think Q's got more room to grow. He obviously wasn't physically mature coming outof college. Oliver should improve, not saying that, just think he may be closer to who hes going to be than Q is.
  11. My point was just that, for those making like it was a no brainers, that's ridiculous. Q was ahead of Oliver with the 'experts' - and when you take them in aggregate, they're surprisingly accurate. And you really can't compare college careers. There's probably a DE at Holy Cross that had a better career than Oliver. And another at Ithaca College.
  12. Consensus of 97 mocks. Q 3 or 4. Oliver not 1st in aggregate in the 1st round. https://www.sbnation.com/a/nfl-offseason-free-agency-draft-2019/mock-draft Consensus of 9 popular mocks. Q at 4 (Josh Allen to us at 3). Oliver and Devin White tied at 6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.businessinsider.com/2019-nfl-mock-draft-consensus-first-round-2019-4 Draft Machine (runs 50 samples with aggregate data) - Q at 3 to Jets, Oliver at 9 to Bill's. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2019-nfl-mock-draft--consensus-simulator Feel free to look for an aggregator that finds Oliver ahead of Q.

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