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  1. Redskins... but I think you have to count teams with new coordinators (unless promoted from within to run the same system)... so Miami/Gailey, Jax/Gruden, Denver/Shurmer, Rams/Staley (though IIRC he'll run a similar D to Phillips) Don't think things will change much in the other places where systems will remain mostly the same.
  2. Its either Douglas' job to evaluate talent or its not. In his evaluation of our roster, our QB talent behind Darnold is severely lacking. I could easily argue that he's right. And don't look at it like a 3rd string QB - nobody's drafting for a QB3, ever. He's looking for his future QB2 at worst. And our QB2 situation is more dire than our WR situation. That much should be obvious.
  3. Need to post = desperate attempt to stay in the conversation, stay relevant.
  4. It would be great if it worked that way. But, like most everywhere else, he's worth what someone is willing to pay him.
  5. Good, let him go to Tampa and be Brady's WR3. 4? But seriously, who cares if he said he wanted to play with Brady? If you asked every WR for the last 20 years if they'd want to play with Brady, every single one would say yes.
  6. Rams logo looks like a Chargers bolt fashioned into a Rams horn. Maybe they can share that, too?
  7. The twitter account the OP is referencing has been deleted...
  8. Everything I've read about the deal from October has the 'signed before the 2020 league year begins' language. I don't think it was overlooked. The deal the way most of us perceived it (if they re-sign him at all, we get a 4) was ridiculously one-sided for the Jets - it really wouldnt even be a conditional pick, because if they didn't re-sign him, its the dumbest trade ever - to rent Leo for half of a non-competitive year for a 3 and a 5. It makes much more sense that they can re-sign him after the league year starts for the 3 and the 5, BUT, if he performs to the extent that he'd draw big interest from other teams in FA, and they want to get a deal done before he hit FA, it costs them a 4 instead of a 5 to the Jets.
  9. A grievance over what? The deal was always reported as a 5th that becomes a 4th if he's signed before the start of the league year. We all just missed it and assumed it was if he resigned at all. Which in hindsight would be a really, really bad deal for the Giants because they almost had to resign him, or they threw away a 3 and a 5 to rent him for half a year in a year they were not going to the playoffs. So basically the condition was, it's a 5 that becomes a 4 if you sign him before he becomes a FA. If Leo went nuts and had 5 sacks and played by far the best ball of his career, they would have had to sign him to a bigger deal before he hit FA because if he had that monster half year he surely would have gotten interest. And the Giants wouldn't want to be in a bidding war where if they lose, the original Leo deal was colossally dumb.
  10. It actually makes the trade more logical from the Giants POV - I still say we got the better end of the deal, but they only had to give up a 4 if Leo played lights out and they couldn't risk him hitting FA
  11. I think if the Raiders did go after a veteran and a top 4 qb in the draft, they'll trade Carr, and I think they'll find a market. But I think most likely they don't go after a Mariota because he may not be an upgrade at all, they keep Carr, but I could see them drafting a QB to groom. Chucky's still got 8 years there. The QB he'll have in 2028 isn't in the NFL yet
  12. If they move on from Carr, I could see Mariota and a rookie. If not, I could see Mariota pushing Carr. But I do agree that the likely options are probably not big enough (or sure enough) upgrades to make it worth it to get rid of Carr.
  13. Good question - LV is one of the shakiest guesses I made, mostly because I seriously doubt Mariota is an upgrade to Carr, or at least a big enough upgrade to eat Carr's contract (though it's not un-doable this year). I could see Carr staying put and LV drafting Herbert as well. As for the Jets backup, it might be tied to what Chicago does - in the above LV scenario with Mariota available, maybe Mariota is seen as a better bet in CHI. Keenum would be great for the Jets, though I would think he'd rather go compete with Trubisky given the chance. If not Keenum, Mariota could be a fit, he could certainly run the same offense. Last, and least exciting but an improvement over Siemian, Chase Daniel shakes loose after Chicago signs whoever they sign to compete with Mitchell.

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