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  1. I think anyone familiar at all with addiction realizes that for someone who has struggled the way Josh Gordon has struggled for most his life, and certainly the last 8 years (Baylor through current), the chances that he can lead an NFL life and not have issues unfortunately make it much more likely that it won't work out. I'm sure Cleveland realized this and was done, and everyone else realizes it to a degree, as evidenced by the fact that the going rate was a 6th round pick that would return a 7th if he didn't stick. That's just this side of nothing.
  2. This thread is not a good look for you. I don't even disagree with you re: the Jets taking that kind of risk on Josh Gordon, the likelihood that he stays clean are, unfortunately, slim. But do you run around calling everyone you interact with dumb IRL? You know what they say about people who question everyone's intelligence...
  3. isired

    Parking Pass

    I think there is more to the story. Maybe they added a 'real men' section for guys to go sit in when they have a strike and can't take back the seats they paid for?
  4. isired

    Parking Pass

    Pretty sure you get zero strikes for sitting in your seats. If the guy refused to move, why wouldn't you just get an usher?
  5. isired

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    Camp Arm / PS2-4 tackling dummy. win-win, he gets a chance to flash and maybe generate interest.
  6. Yeah thankfully they forced Garapollo out - I think they may have continued on. Brady is one of the GOAT, no doubt, but he plays one position. The most important position, but still. They have won SBs with scheme alone holding the defense together.
  7. isired

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    Being late to practice doesn't involve law enforcement, it's a team rule and the team can handle it how they like. Ditto shoelaces. Don't think they can do anything about the hours he keeps, except maybe in camp, when they might have a curfew (maybe not nowadays?). Otherwise they again would have to follow that rule with everyone. But yeah, I think Woody Hayes was the last to legally use the wood chipper before it was banned. I'm not saying what they should do. I'm saying what I think they will do.
  8. isired

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    I think they don't do anything because they don't want to set the precedent that they selectively decide whether to let the legal process play out or not before suspending based on whether the player is a mid-round rookie or a starting RB or the reigning MVP.
  9. isired

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    I was speaking in terms of the CBA, I think "let the legal process play out" is parroted because it's the negotiated terms.
  10. isired

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    I think the NFL/NFLPA have been pretty consistent that any legal infractions get dealt with after the law has determined guilt, no? I don't see why that wouldn't be the case here. Besides, game suspensions would mean more, as would being in the NFL Substance Abuse program for his entire career. I've heard players talk about getting a knock on their hotel room door while vacationing overseas with their family, being handed a cup and accompanied into the bathroom while their family stood by.
  11. isired

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    I think those are high school, maybe college coaching tactics. These guys don't see each other a whole lot off the field, it's not like they're sitting in class together or passing each other in the halls 5x a day, where they have that kind of bond that would really reinforce the code of behaviour. They're not buddies, they're coworkers. And coworkers that spend less time together than office coworkers. Yeah, drunk people.
  12. Nothing pisses off a defensive coach more than a quick INT, or even a 2 or 3 pass 3 and out. His defense hasn't even gotten water and they're back on the field.
  13. Minnesota's taxes are not even low - but they have a reciprocal tax agreement with Michigan, where Cousins built a home and lives - and Michigan's tax rate is low. I'm not an accountant - there's a guy that heads the sports accountancy at one of the big firms (PWC? I forget) and he's got a Twitter @sportstaxman and he laid it all out on Sirius NFL Radio when this was going down. Cousins will take home like $450k/yr more on the Minn deal than the Jets offer or something like that IIRC. He also said that interpreting the numbers based on tax rates was something that was done in every multiple offer situation, and the hosts (a former player and a FO guy) agreed. Which is still not to say he went to Minn because it was slightly more money, but it wasn't for a lot less, as most Jets fans seem to believe.

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