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  1. Great call on that 2PC too, great call by Williams, great execution by Adams.
  2. Rex knows enough about the NFL to know that the number of guys who get a 3rd chance is pretty small. Also probably figures Snyder is one of the few owners left that would hire a guy like Rex.
  3. QB4? PaxtonLynch? What happened to Devlin Hodges?
  4. If they can keep their D mostly intact, maybe that window starts in 2021 when they're out from under Cousins. He's exceedingly average on his good days, even with a strong run game.
  5. Haha I knew you wouldn't like Audi owners in there... no need to justify your 3 series, it was a joke.
  6. Thats right - only owners of Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, etc. are allowed to pee on BMWs. And of course owners of other BMWs, Lexus', Infinitis, Acuras etc. can pee on 3-series. [emoji14] But seriously, would any of you wear full Jets gear on a random Thursday NY-LA flight? I'm not a jersey guy anyway, but I can't see a grown man wearing that outfit unless it was to a game, while watching the game, or possibly travelling to a game. Otherwise it seems weird.
  7. If they eliminate preseason maybe they'll let them hit in practice and we can see tackling in the NFL again.
  8. Waitaminute - does he know this? I bet he doesnt know this.
  9. Really? Tell us what you think of Phillip Walker or Alex McGough... Luke Falk's equivalent (practice squad QB) on those teams: Colts - Phillip Walker (practice squad) Jaguars - Alex McGough (practice squad) Steelers - Devlin Hodges (3rd string QB on the 53 man roster) Giants - Alex Tanney (3rd string QB on the 53) Panthers - Will Grier (3rd string on the 53) Saints - Taysom Hill (wildcat-type QB on the game day roster - J.T. Barrett is probably more on par with Falk)
  10. He certainly hasn't distinguished himself. But I don't know how much you can blame him for the personnel. Some, I guess, but not much. The ownership gets an F for ******* up the GM situation. The new GM gets an Incomplete. Gase gets a D for the offense, but I think the ceiling with this group, now minus Enunwa and Darnold and with Luke Falk playing fresh off the practice squad, was probably a C.
  11. Sorry to interrupt the pissing contest, but... Actually Pantone is intended to solve the problem you're describing. The Pantone Matching System exists to make it so that you can choose a color, and match it on different jobs, on the same or different different substrates. There are Pantone formula guides for coated and uncoated paper, plastic, vinyl, cotton, polyester, nylon, etc. The idea being that using Pantone base pigments and formulas (which vary by substrate) corresponding to a colors PMS #, you can match color across these substrates. This is not to say that other attributes that you mention might make viewers perceive different color, but the color, or hue, should remain the same - things like brightness or brilliance are what's actually changing. Do you have any idea how many eyeballs saw this, from the people that designed the helmets and uniforms, the to the people that produced it, to the Jets organization, to the NFL? I don't love the mismatch, don't hate it either, it's just a fad that will probably be gone soon enough, but 1 thing I am 100% certain of - they know it didnt match. They know how it looks. They liked it.
  12. I don't know why - he's always been known to adapt and adjust based in his QB and personnel in general. When the Dolphins hired him, it worried a lot of us - he had a great rep at the time. That's never been his issue.

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