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  1. isired

    Fans turn backs on Redskins.

    ... and named Johnson the starter next week.
  2. isired

    Fans turn backs on Redskins.

    Doubt what? 32 teams signed 3 QBs and none signed Sanchez. 32 teams passed on the oppty to have him as their backup when his suspension was over week 5. And they're feeling pretty good about that decision right now. He just lost his job to Josh "hasn't thrown a pass in 7 years" Johnson.
  3. isired

    Fans turn backs on Redskins.

    If you would take Sanchez over McCown OR Fitzpatrick right now, you are alone in that opinion. 32 teams wouldn't take him over their #2.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I don't know which way it will go - just that the next 8 games probably won't influence their decision. They may have decided that he gets another year. I hope not, but I don't know.
  5. I bet a decision has already been made on Bowles, one way or the other. We're not making the playoffs, and it's a young team so not likely to quit on the coach. A few wins, or not, really should t make much of a difference. Either they're happy with the job he's done or they're not, and I dont imagine much could change it.
  6. This. I would have expected Sam to light up the Bills at home as well.
  7. I didn't expect him to start most of the season, so not really worried about anything this year.
  8. Well that pretty much goes back to the coordinators argument I terms of tweaking the game plan, and even position coaches in terms of in game adjustments for the different units. But I agree, ultimately the buck stops with Bowles. His staff, his responsability. Don't want Darnold to have 3 more years of this.
  9. I think anyone familiar at all with addiction realizes that for someone who has struggled the way Josh Gordon has struggled for most his life, and certainly the last 8 years (Baylor through current), the chances that he can lead an NFL life and not have issues unfortunately make it much more likely that it won't work out. I'm sure Cleveland realized this and was done, and everyone else realizes it to a degree, as evidenced by the fact that the going rate was a 6th round pick that would return a 7th if he didn't stick. That's just this side of nothing.
  10. This thread is not a good look for you. I don't even disagree with you re: the Jets taking that kind of risk on Josh Gordon, the likelihood that he stays clean are, unfortunately, slim. But do you run around calling everyone you interact with dumb IRL? You know what they say about people who question everyone's intelligence...
  11. isired

    Parking Pass

    I think there is more to the story. Maybe they added a 'real men' section for guys to go sit in when they have a strike and can't take back the seats they paid for?
  12. isired

    Parking Pass

    Pretty sure you get zero strikes for sitting in your seats. If the guy refused to move, why wouldn't you just get an usher?
  13. isired

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    Camp Arm / PS2-4 tackling dummy. win-win, he gets a chance to flash and maybe generate interest.
  14. Yeah thankfully they forced Garapollo out - I think they may have continued on. Brady is one of the GOAT, no doubt, but he plays one position. The most important position, but still. They have won SBs with scheme alone holding the defense together.

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