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  1. Didn't have to do anything - they've been talking about this for weeks on NFL radio, it's been drilled into my head. Imploring outraged Jets fans (and others) to stop saying the Jets offered more. Bringing in experts to corroborate what the hosts (FO people, coaches, players) are saying. If you make $100k for a company in Houston, and you're moving from their office in Houston to their office in NYC, are doing it for the same $$ with no relocation $$ and thinking your not losing money? So why do you think that a guy making millions and employing an agent, accountants and lawyers not consider this?
  2. I wish people would stop saying the Jets offered more. In the weeks since the Cousins deal happened, I have heard from dozens of NFL Front Office people (Mark Domineck, Pat Kirwan, Gil Brandt, et al), players and sports accountancy practitioners, that players are absolutely explained the particulars of the contract in terms of net dollars - that is, net of taxes based on the location of both home and road games (and other factors stuck as cost of living etc.). BTW, thay all said that from an accountants standpoint the AFC South is by far the division to play in, for one of the 3 no-state tax states especially, HOU, TN or JAX. INDI is very low state tax as well though. The Vikings offer would net Cousins approximately $800k more annually based on state tax rates alone. Does not include cost of living, Federal taxes (which, with the new $10k cap on state tax deductions, is not an insignificant amount ate 'll for these guys playing in high tax cities/states). The Jets would have had to offer about $6MM more (so $90MM over 3) in order to match the Vikings offer based on state taxes, which is basically what they did - matched the state taxes disparity. In order to match the rest of the disparity (Fed and COL) they apparently would have had to offer as much as $6MM more, or $96MM over 3 years. I'm no accountant, these are numbers mentioned on Sirius by Robert Raiola, @SportsTaxMan, who runs the sports division at one of the top sports accountancy firms. Found this chart based on 2015. The salary cap that year was $143,280,000. Here's what each team's players would take home if they spent exactly the cap: You'll see the Vikings are in a high tax state. However, as the number crunchers pointed out, Minn has a reciprocal tax agreement with Michigan, where Cousins bought his home in 2017. Their tax rate is less than half what Cousins would pay if he were a Jet.
  3. I just remember hearing it in 2015, and reading leading up the injury that he needed to have a good year, and remember that the Vikings got to the 2015 NFC Championship game with Bridgewater performing as a game manager, they didn't give him the opportunity to make plays or to hurt them trying to do so. I'm not saying he was bad, didn't mean to imply that, but in 16 starts he threw for 3,231 yards, 14 touchdowns, 9 interceptions and a 65.3 completion percentage in 2015 - not quite Keenum-type numbers (14 starts / 3,547 yds /22 TD / 7 INT / 67.6%).
  4. Actually before his injury not even the Vikings were 100% convinced he was their guy (though he was popular amongst fans and the team/staff), but I agree it's well worth the shot.
  5. He may have made up his mind before it came time to talk contract, I don't know, but the Jets offer would have netted him less. And if you don't think those numbers were presented to him, you're wrong.
  6. I liked Sanchez as much as anybody for 2 seasons + 3 games games. He was mostly average during that span, but played very well in some big games. Until Mangold went down and the Ravens D ruined him, left him shell-shocked. Still don't see how any aspect of acquiring or signing him compares to Bridgewater's "prove you're more than a camp arm" deal.
  7. Accurate post, I think a lot of us are feeling this way. I don't even love Cousins, but I can't disagree that when you've got the Jets track record with QBs, going after and getting an established top 10 or even top 15 QB should be a no brainer. Go and draft a QB atv6vtoo if you feel you love one. Point is, the way the league is set up, keep getting every potential franchise QB available to you until have one. Only thing I disagree with is the Bridgewater signing, and comparison to Sanchez. He's guaranteed $500k. Can be traded or cut before opening day and he costs us that, plus another $500k workout bonus if he makes it that far. If hes on the opening day roster, his salary is $5MM non-guaranteed. Can earn another $10MM in incentives. If he earns $16MM with the Jets this year, we will all be thrilled with their season. And he's a potential FQB. I love him slightly less than Cousins when healthy, but at that money, I'd have the same complaint if they didn't give it a shot. So definitely not anything like trading a first, second and 3 players to move up to 5 for Sanchez...
  8. Bad move. California has the highest tax rate in the country.
  9. Maybe he knew he was going to MIN in 2017 when he bought the house in Michigan. That cuts his tax in half - more than half. Seems like a no-brainer for a pro athlete to maintain residency in Michigan or another state with a low tax rate that has a reciprocal agreement with MN.
  10. According to the 'sports tax guy on Sirius the other day, Cousins has a home in Michigan, and Minnesota and Michigan have a reciprocal tax agreement, so if he plays for Minnesota he wouldn't've to pay Minnesota tax, just Michigan. The Michigan tax rate is 4.25. If he signed with the Jets, he would have to pay tax in NJ and Michigan. I'm no accountant but it looks like Minn outbid the Jets $26.8MM vs $26MM net.
  11. He'd also have to pay state taxes in MICH too, right? Since there's no agreement? I read that somewhere. Besides that, the Jets (and all AFC and NFC East teams) play more games in high-tax states. And yes, players get presented with gross and net numbers. And this doesn't even factor cost of living. The Minnesota offer was more lucrative.
  12. All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    He had a young roster playing hard in Nov & Dec - a HUGE change from the season before, when the team clearly quit down the stretch. I can't blame Bowles for not ******* with that. He'd be a moron and a terrible coach to **** with that. Two 5-11 seasons, but two entirely different attitudes.
  13. All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    No, he wasn't. The idea that we're going to pretend that he played well is equally ******* hysterical.
  14. All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    Because neither was ready to see the field. You can't put a complete farce out there. Not unless you're firing everyone involved and selling the team. Who would want to play for that staff/FO/owner? Could the Bills have stuck with Peterman after his ridiculous showing?