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  1. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    It's really silly to argue 'the Pats wanted him and he wanted the Pats, why couldn't the Jets want him and he want the Jets?!?' 'Get young - get cheap - plan for the future' does not and should not make the same personnel decisions as 'play for now - short window - experience trumps potential'
  2. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    Jimmy G had his 'Brady/Bledsoe' moment last year, and not a single Pats fan was wishing Brady would stay gone.
  3. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    If Brady goes down?
  4. met life question - mezz seat view

    Thats the lowest Ive heard, good for you!
  5. met life question - mezz seat view

    Yeah I don't think anyone should buy looking to sell at this point, even with some selling for a third of the original cost. But I don't think anyone really does.
  6. met life question - mezz seat view

    I'm sure row 1 is better for secondary market sales;I don't think you can really consider resale of the PSL at this point, we're almost a third of the way through the probable life of the stadium, if you say you're going to stay for at least least 5 yrs and they're going to start talking new stadium a decade before it happens, the value of the PSL will be severely compromised by the time you're looking to sell. But as I've said a dozen times, if you're happy with your purchase, it's money well spent.
  7. met life question - mezz seat view

    Yeah I just meant middle as in not the aisle. I like the extra room.
  8. met life question - mezz seat view

    Choice between aisle row 12 and row 1 middle all depends on your preference. I'd take the aisle, I like the aisle and I like to stand, at least at appropriate moments, but if you dont care about the aisle and you dont want someone standing in front of you, row 1. I'd guess most would take row 1.
  9. I really like David Harris. An old-school thumper. But "an all-time Jet"? "One of the finest Jets"? No. Come on. Someone called him "solid" - yes, that's what he was.
  10. met life question - mezz seat view

    Agreed with our 2nd/4th round QBs. We probably need a bona fide top 5 QB.
  11. met life question - mezz seat view

    It's actually a good analogy - the only way franchise QBs leave is via injury. Unfortunately the Jets (and Rams with Warner) didn't have a franchise replacement ready, like SD and Indy.
  12. met life question - mezz seat view

    The thing is, if this is your strategy to build the team, you're planning against long odds.
  13. met life question - mezz seat view

    I like Lee, but our LBs are still a weakness, our DBs are as unproven as can be, and no "Top Defense" lacks an imposing edge rusher. So while I like our additions on D, and of course I like our DL, there are a LOT of teams that would say they have a top D "in the works", and they wouldn't be any more right or wrong than you for saying it about the Jets. And let's be real, teams that win with mediocre QBs generally have all-time D's, and/or have found a wrinkle that teams haven't adjusted to yet.
  14. met life question - mezz seat view

    Yep - lights out D and running game. We don't have either, and won't, unless we stop going after a QB.