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  1. You just named 3 teams that brought in WR help their young QB AFTER getting a good OL in place. [OK well Buffalo is still middle of the pack but not for trying... volume of OL acquisitions has been there and they made a leap out of the bottom of the barrel, where we sat].
  2. But then Gase might still be here in 2021! Right, the 'bad contracts' mentioned above. Nothing is disastrous this year except: - not developing an OL - giving away draft picks - signing average players to above average contracts
  3. It's been one week fellas. OL and WR (working with QB) are probably the units that are hurt the most with the minimal pre-season work. The O-line was remarkably better than you'd expect with 5 new starters and a rookie LT - by week 5 I bet we're all very happy with that group. The WR group could be adequate minus the injuries, but they'd still need time to gel.
  4. High school coach bullsh*t. Next he'll have them line up on either side of the tunnel as the Steelers run into the field Monday.
  5. It was a joke - the man was positively smitten with Patrick Ramsey even before he was a Jet... outside of former The Washington Football Team QBs, I'm sure his track record is fine.
  6. I'm firmly in the "I don’t know" camp. But I do think its fair to expect him to perform like a top pick. Don't care what we traded to get there. Wasn't his choice, wasn't ours. On the negative side, I think it is universally agreed that Mike Mac was not good at drafting NFL football players. So I don't know why I or anyone would expect Sam to succeed. On the positive side, historically Warfish also has suspect credibility when evaluating QBs, so his skepticism regarding Sam may be just the blessing he needs.
  7. Yep, and not just the NFL. "Welcome to pro sports in the 21st century."
  8. They might do it as long as its the Jets firsts and not the Seahawks...
  9. As true a statement as you'll see here.
  10. Redskins... but I think you have to count teams with new coordinators (unless promoted from within to run the same system)... so Miami/Gailey, Jax/Gruden, Denver/Shurmer, Rams/Staley (though IIRC he'll run a similar D to Phillips) Don't think things will change much in the other places where systems will remain mostly the same.
  11. Its either Douglas' job to evaluate talent or its not. In his evaluation of our roster, our QB talent behind Darnold is severely lacking. I could easily argue that he's right. And don't look at it like a 3rd string QB - nobody's drafting for a QB3, ever. He's looking for his future QB2 at worst. And our QB2 situation is more dire than our WR situation. That much should be obvious.
  12. Need to post = desperate attempt to stay in the conversation, stay relevant.

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