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  1. A if we're grading the hire. He was my first choice. Assuming he was theirs, thats an A. To me, if you graded less than an A, who was your A hire? Who did they miss out on? I mean if we're going on record here... If we're grading based on his performance as HC, then my grade is LOLJetsFans.
  2. Is it even in doubt that Saleh will get a job? There's going to be like a dozen coaching changes.
  3. I'll try Darnold again vs. one-game-hype of Mariota vs. a team that prepared for Carr.
  4. Until you have your FQB, you keep drafting QBs.
  5. Seems like everyone is pushing for this, from players to media. He's a pretty obvious choice, being from just outside of Detroit and having started his coaching career at Mich St. I guess it is a little weird for politicians to talk about a coaching vacancy but they obviously think it will influence voters.
  6. At what positions do you see top 5 or 10 talent next year? I like Becton. I have a hard time putting a 29 year old CJ Mosley, coming off 2 years put of football, on that list. You want to argue Maye is a top 10 safety?
  7. They must be a/b testing. Perine's is completely unimaginative - a lightning bolt between his initials?? And Bekton's is cartoonish, loooong on imagination and short on execution.

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