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  1. I wrote above about all the quality safeties, but fully expected someone to say "why let Adams go just to sign Simmons for $$$$" or some variant of "when's the last time someone said a team was 'a safety away from a SB run'?" And they'd he right. Sign Maye, or another of the similarly skilled FA safeties, but don't pay Simmons what he's gonna get.
  2. Assuming they will spend money and not have $80M in cap space every year, they may want to pay more AAV than the tag number to bring the cap number down. The tag number may go up too with all of the quality safeties hitting FA this year. Culture-wise, I think its more the fact that he's the guy his teammates voted for than 'he's the best of the worst'.
  3. He's a solid building block on and off the field so I'd like to keep him but it's a banner year for FA safeties with Justin Simmons, Anthony Harris, Marcus Williams, John Johnson III, Xavier Woods, Malik Hooker, Keanu Neal, etc., etc.
  4. Haha yeah, with the exception that I know that I don't know what Sam is yet.
  5. In today's NFL you don't finish near the top half of the league with the worst QB in the league. If Sam really is that bad, they'll be picking in the top 5 again. And with the ammo they have and the fact that 4 or 5 QB-needy teams will have drafted a round 1 QB this year, they should be able to move up and grab someone- and hopefully they'll be able to put him in a better position after 2021 draft + FA.
  6. Also a lot of first round OL talent, so some will be available at tye top of the 2nd.
  7. I don’t think anyone is saying Sam is for-sure going to be great. I feel like we don't know for sure, but if you look at film, even his NFL film, there's no way you could confidently say Fields is a better prospect, even now. Yeah, if you watched one game, you'd take Fields over Lawrence, but that's one game. And Wilson is intriguing, his film certainly looks better than Fields, more on par with Sam as a prospect even when taking level of competition into account, but he's a big time reach at 2. I see it as a Trubisky-type pick at 2, not a Mahomes / Watson at 10 / 12. But the league has change
  8. I mean, look up above for one example (Pebnongton'w first year in Miami). Favre was more successful in Minn. But that's besides the point. The issue is, Lawrence is a prospect yiu dump Darnold for, hands down and figure out the rest. The other guys are similar to what you get every year. So I think you risk more by spending #2 on a probable JAG than getting the BPA all over the board and getting your QB a year or two later. I hate the idea of spending #2 on a QB that's not really a top 10 pick.
  9. You realize Darnold is Brees in this scenario, right? Let's hope we don't let go of the wrong guy too.
  10. We should build a team and run Darnold back. I was all in to dump Sam for Lawrence, the kind of prospect that you can only get this year, if we were in a position to get him. But I feel like you can get a prospect like a Fields or a Wilson just about any year, and we have a lot of holes. Use the picks and the cap, start filling holes, and see if Darnold really is a bust. If you do it right, at least you're bringing your 2022 or 2023 version of Fields or Wilson into a good situation.
  11. Interesting. What do you think the players would have to give up for the owners to agree? Lower the salary cap 25%? Any/all guaranteed money? Free agency?
  12. I was exaggerating, but some of the positions you listed are x2, and we have no idea what our LB situation is either, though the switch from 3-4 to 4-3 actually fits our personnel better IMO. And we probably need another quality TE in Lefleur's offense.
  13. So you're saying take one of the 2 or 3 positions that we're reasonably set at, and can re-sign at a reasonable number, and add that to the 20+ positions of need? You have a 7 year plan I guess? Or are you trading down with every pick and absolutely just taking over the 7th round?
  14. Trade to WFT and have 3 first round picks. This is a deep draft, we need talent all over the place - we can potentially find 3 sday 1 starters at positions of need.
  15. Honestly I don't think I know any Patriots fans that were fans before Brady. And all of those were rooting for Brady. But they'll go back to not caring about football again in a couple of years.
  16. You do realize what it means to the player financially to be a RT vs. an LT? And that you're probably souring the relationship with your best offensive player such that you're not going to have him without franchising him beyond his rookie deal? Doesn't sound like a great move to me when you're doing it to bring in a guy to play a new position anyway.
  17. We have way too many needs to go after guys at positions where we have young established stars.
  18. I agree with you, I thought that your quote showed that Saleh's point made sense. I think Saleh's quote is perfect. As said multiple times above, he may not be telling the truth - fine - perfect, in fact. Refreshing coming off of a guy that said whatever popped into his head, then a guy that said absolutely nothing, and most recently an incoherent psycho. A guy that just says the right thing, the smart thing, is good. And if he really believes it, great! If this guy, who most fans agree looks to be a solid hire, is willing to stake his first opportunity as a head coach to Darnold - maybe he
  19. Darnold played in a Shanahan system under Jeremy Bates his rookie year.
  20. A if we're grading the hire. He was my first choice. Assuming he was theirs, thats an A. To me, if you graded less than an A, who was your A hire? Who did they miss out on? I mean if we're going on record here... If we're grading based on his performance as HC, then my grade is LOLJetsFans.
  21. So are you giving up football or just the Jets?
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