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  1. I get the sentiment, but there is no way Ertz was coming to the Jets... no way.
  2. Let's not forget that the Bucs built probably the best team that Brady's ever had around him. I can't think of a better Pats team, seems like they were never nearly as strong on both sides of the ball.
  3. Can't disagree with any of that. I don't know, I look at NE and McDaniel spoon-feeding Mac Jones with some success, at least in terms of getting accustomed to the pro game without having a fire drill 40 times a game. They call plays they let him get I to a rhythm - I don't see the high percentage short throws to TE and RB that you're seeing, at least not in the 1st Q or even half.
  4. Difference is this supposedly won't straighten or heal without a solid 6 weeks give or take in a fingertip splint, which, with the middle finger anyway, wouldn't allow you to throw a football. So if you can't throw with the tip at a 45 degree angle and it won't straighten without a continuous splint, it's hard to say he'll be playing soon. I was thinking surgery to short cut the process but it looks like the tendon has to heal.
  5. What error? I didn't see the all-22 but Joe Buck said Lockett tripped after Geno let go of the ball. Not even the magical Brady can change the throw after he lets go of it.
  6. Ha - knew someone would post this. Geno played well. Receiver got tripped after he let go of the ball, nothing he could do about that. If not we may be talking about a comeback win. Hopefully he returns to form and increases our draft stock.
  7. ^^^^^ Yeah nobody is saying it was a better deal for MIN than Gilmore will be for CAR.
  8. The first thing I thought of when I saw the thread. We went back and forth on Martin a few times, never was anything other than a classic sports argument. "The ultimate stat compiler" - Savage69
  9. Carroll didn't do a good job in NY or NE. On ME he inherited a Parcells roster, Parcells went 11-5 and won the division, and Carroll proceeded to go 10-6, 9-7 then 8-8. That's gonna get you fired.
  10. Jimmy G will be a backup on his next team.
  11. It was Herndon and a 6th for a 4th. Also Herndon is 25 and healthy, Gilmore is 31 coming off quad surgery.
  12. Funny, I though that made perfect sense. BTW, one of the few stories from Goodfellas that is reportedly more or less accurate.
  13. It's called "Let's see if anyone wants to cut the (waiver) line and save us $6MM in cash and cap"
  14. Gilmore has other baggage (injury, guaranteed $7+mm this year, $9+mm next, guaranteed against injury). So the real value the Panthers paid the Patriots is this year's salary - if he went to waivers, the team that signed him would have paid him the vet minimum with the Pats on the hook for the rest. By trading the Panthers have to pick up the contract. I think Maye might get more, but not a lot more. Still in awe of what we got for Adams, Maye isn't getting anywhere near that. EDIT: The above is only partially true - I got Gilmore mixed up w/ Jaylon Smith. There's no money next year, no inju
  15. That's why I don't count him out. He's got his system QB, it's going to suck if he's back competing for the division again next year.
  16. 2 games into his second season? Come on. We all hate the guy but be logical. Even Pete Carroll got 3 seasons as he backslid from Parcells' roster (10-6, 9-7, 8-8)...
  17. Well on this we agree 100%. Not really surprising that Belichick doesn't excel at the 'ray-rah-rally-the-troops' moments.
  18. I guess you have a different source than the SB Nation article: The Browns began the year 3-1-0 and on top of the AFC Central Division just weeks into the season. Then the rumors began to swirl. The Browns lost three straight including a 23-15 loss to the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars in front of just over 64,000 fans whereas just three weeks earlier 74,280 crammed the stadium to witness a 35-17 victory over the Chiefs. After a win over the Bengals, the Browns were bludgeoned 37-10 by the Oilers at home with a 57,881 gate. The very next day, it became official: Modell announced that the Browns
  19. Added some corroboration above. Anyone can feel any way about that team, but there's no doubting they were affected. After 3-1 their home attendance dropped more than 10k fans - why would this happen to a 3-1 team tied for the lead in their division? Of course attendance then plummeted further after the public announcement. All accounts I've read and from what I recall (I was in my late 20s) this was all directly attributed to the move. Debating whether Cleveland was a sure-fire SB team is pointless, they were a good team with a great shot at winning their division, so they were in the h
  20. It's in the 'A Football Life' episode on the 95 Browns. Edit: From various accounts, it looks like Modell and minority owner Brian Lerner started talking 'in secret' with the Maryland Stadium Authority in July 1995; Modell told Carmen Policy in September. Probably around when he told Newsome. Rumors "swirled" in Cleveland in October. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Browns_relocation_controversy https://www.dawgsbynature.com/2020/3/26/21193496/art-modell-10-poisons-he-inflicted-on-the-browns
  21. Brady's not usually too bad in the elements. Career in precipitation (includes Sunday night's 70.8 QBR / 0 TD etc.):
  22. I thought they made young Tony look like a pud. And young Gandolfini isn't a pud. As for the others, yeah some were cartoonish but Sil is cartoonish. If he didn't have those mannerisms as a younger guy when would he develop them? Same for Paulie. I thought they did a good job with him. It's gonna take some transformation to make Tony Soprano out of Young Tony Soprano. I can't figure out how people wind up fearing that kid. So I do think there's still a good film in there somewhere.
  23. They were 4-4 and tied for 1st in the AFC Central with Pittsburgh when Modell told the team, the night before a divisional home game vs the Oilers. I don't know who knew what before then. Ozzie Newsome is the only one that I recall saying he k ew before Modell told the team. It was publicly announced on Nov 8.
  24. They were 11-5 in 1994, then started 1995 3-1 as a favorite to reach the super bowl. They went 1-7 after the public announcement of the move.
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