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  1. Not a lawyer, but having been through this with my mom and them my dad, I can say that there are ways around it but in their cases (1) my dad was still at home when my mom went into the memory unit of a LTC facility, and (2) when my dad needed care his assets were protected to a degree but the things he and his estate lawyer did were set up prior to him needing care. So neither situation is exactly like yours. If you're on LI and want a referral to the guy he used, PM me. He's I. Smithtown. It's worth talking to someone, it's super complex but there are sometimes ways to protect assets. I don
  2. I mean, who among us hasn't... nvm.
  3. So was I. The East Harlem location was sold to the Albanian in 1991, and he expanded it with some Greek partners to 5 or 6 Manhattan locations.
  4. Only partially true - it's been owned by Frank Briza, an Albanian guy, for 30+ years (this came up before, here or on another board I follow) following the original owner Patsy Lancieri's death, in 1991. In the mid 90s Briza trademarked the name and opened other locations with some Greeks. There were a total of 6 in Manhattan at one time, don't know how many of those affiliated locations are left. The original offshoot on Third Ave near 34th St is no longer there. The lawsuit was between Briza and Patsy's Pizza in Brooklyn, owned by Patsy Lancieri's nephew, Patsy Grimaldi, who opened Patsy'
  5. I'll keep your wife and family in my prayers. I'm not on here often, but every time I see your screen name I wonder how your wife is doing - your posts about her battle and victories really stuck with me. Here's to another big win.
  6. I was thinking that would be the biggest restriction - I assumed players wouldn't be allowed to wear their jerseys, use the team name/logo/identity. If so, that would restrict opportunities to local contracts for the 99.9% of players whose fame doesn't expand beyond their campus, or their hometown. Especially for football players, whose faces are seldom seen. I heard an interview with a college AD and a conference exec, don't know which said it but when asked how prepared they were for July 1, one of them used the old "we'll be building the plane while flying it" metaphor...
  7. As long as weed is still illegal on the Federal level, colleges won't allow it even in states where it's completely legal. They'd forfeit they're federal funding, which even private institutions rely on.
  8. Athletic scholarships aren't need-based. Each program can decide to divvy up its allotted scholarship amount however it wants. One big misconception is that all scholarship athletes are on 'full rides' - not true of any sport, but especially in the non-revenue-generating sports (everything outside of Men's Football and Basketball) where full scholarships are more the exception than the norm. So there, if a student-athlete is getting need-based money in addition to the athletic scholarship, I'm sure that income would have to be reported and would figure in the calculation of the need-based
  9. I definitely think the story has a lot of legs, wouldn't be surprised if they tell those stories in other films. Especially now that he's embraced what he is and what he does.
  10. I live pretty much in the opposite corner of Manhattan, been here for 25+ years. These days I take pleasure in seeing the city come to life again post-pandemic - walking down aves a, b, 1st etc. and seeing all the restaurants packed, sidewalks full again, people in the parks. Good stuff.
  11. You're stupid! I loved it too. Everything I'd hoped it would be and more.
  12. Saw The Kinks in the late 80s at Jones Beach, thought they put on a great show - one of those 'everyone knew every song' singalong. Pribably sobered up by then or sum.
  13. Saw Black Crowes shortly after their first album broke. They opened for ZZ Top, who was already basically a novelty act at the time. Crowes were very good, half full arena (fuller than most opening acts at the time, they had some buzz) went nuts for their handful of songs and they came out to play an encore- LZ's Hey Hey What Can I Do. Crowd was screaming for more, Chris Robinson was saying goodnight and explaining that they would love to play another but... and the sound and the lights cut. Stayed for 2 or 3 lame ZZ songs (and 9 or 10 guitar spins) and left. Crowes got fired from the tour a
  14. How could you even ask that? After 4 years, Wilson is on a Brady-like path with 3 rings, 2 league MVPs and 2 SB MVPs, Tucker is a 4-time All-Pro with 71 regular season starts under his belt, Moore has his own SB MVP and may already be the single greatest playoff performer in league history that's not a QB. Michael Carter is more than a third of the way to the all-time multipurpose yards record. With Sherwood and Carter II sharing co-defensive ROY, and racking up 11 DPOTWs between them, and Jonathan Marshall becoming a force in years 3 and 4, this is the greatest draft in history.
  15. Yeah not sure guys can 'improve' their ability to avoid soft tissue injuries other than doing what most/all NFL teams demand (hydrate, stretch, etc.). Same for concussions. He can improve his route running for sure but when on the field he was definitely in good shape to be a quality performer. Same for Becton and Mosley. I vote Herndon on O and Bless on D.
  16. Looks like, at minimum, a small upgrade in talent vs. what we got performance-wise out of last year's O (which looked better on paper than on the field). It a looks like a sizeable upgrade in upside/ceiling, so hopefully we'll see improvement over the course of the year for a change.
  17. Hetfield was probably more pissed because he knew Lars was going to throw a sh*t fit about it. Pre- or post-Napster I wonder...
  18. Love sites like this: https://concerts.fandom.com/wiki/Harry_Chapin These are the shows I remember seeing: January 3, 1976 Huntington High School, Huntington, NY (Benefit for the PAF Playhouse. Also performing were Pete Seeger and Tom Chapin) November 14, 1976 Huntington High School, Huntington, NY (2 shows, with Pete Seeger & Steve Goodman benefit of P.A.F. Playhouse) March 6, 1977 Huntington High Schol, Huntington, NY (2 shows 2.00 & 8.00, with Kenny Rogers, to benefit PAF Playhouse) June 5, 1977 Huntington High School Auditorium, Huntington, NY (Solo. 2 shows 2.00 & 8.00, wi
  19. That's awesome. My parents took us to the ammual Harry Chapin benefit concerts at Huntington High School growing up, some great shows and guests. Would have loved to see Jim Croce, my dad loved his music, it was a staple in my house growing up. What a voice.
  20. Thank God my boys weren't into that... only concert they wanted to see when they were too young to go by themselves was Green Day, who put on an awesome show. Of course I sat through The Wiggles, Barney and others when they were real young.
  21. I sawbThe Cure headlining with Love and Rockets and The Pixies opening at the Meadowlands in 1989... Pixies were great, L&R were good too, The Cure were just a bore live.
  22. Sounds smart. You have to pay it off on time every month for it to make even a little sense to accumulate points/cash back.
  23. Agree, we've taken family vacations to Italy, Costa Rica and others and paid for the flights and hotels with credit card points.
  24. Also there are still a number of restaurants/food stands that only take cash in the city, and many are very good. Most have ATMs on site or can direct you to one on the block though.
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