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  1. 2022 Strength of Schedule (based on 2021 W-L) 1.) Rams — .567 2.) Cardinals — .543 3.) Bengals — .536 4.) Buccaneers — .535 T-5.) 49ers — .533 T-5.) Chiefs — .533 T-7.) Raiders — .528 T-7.) Saints — .528 9.) Falcons — .524 10.) Chargers — .519 11.) Seahawks — .517 T-12.) Steelers — .512 T-12.) Panthers — .512 T-12) Bills — .512 15.) Broncos —.509 16.) Patriots —.498 T-17.) Jets — .495 T-17.) Browns — .495 19.) Texans — .488 20.) Vikings — .484 21.) Dolphins — .481 22.) Packers —.478 23.) Ravens — .474 T-24.) Bears — .471 T-24.) Titans —.471 T-26.) Jaguars — .469 T-26.) Colts —.469 28.) Lions — .467 29.) Giants — .465 30.) Eagles —.464 T-31.) Commanders — .462 T-31.) Cowboys — .462 Previous year's W-L is not always highly predictive, but it's all we really have And meanwhile, the AFC East has improved as well, for the most part, so 2021 W-L, so you could argue the AFC West and East are both a likely stronger than their 2021 records suggest. Sent from my SM-S908U using Tapatalk
  2. Anybody watch "The Afterparty" ? Even though we only get one shot in life, we all get that one shot... twice.
  3. I dont think he expects to work in the NFL again. Everything he's said since was along the lines if 'thos was too important not to do.' But I do think some owners would still give him a shot (f allowed) in spite of it all. sh*t, Al Davis would have hired him because of it all. He was good in Miami with a sh*t situation due to the actions of the owner. As a Jets fan, I was happy to see him go!
  4. Are you saying they're in on the 'interview to satisfy the Rooney rule but don't hire me' process? Because they're interviewing, and complaining when they don't get interviewed. That tells me they want to be coaches. I think most owners, if there was a slam-dunk candidate that was black, would hire him. They used their millions/bns to buy a sports team because they're competitive. I also think that a lot of these 70-year-old white men are more comfortable with white men, all else equal. As tye league ownership get younger I think it will improve. And I'm sure a few owners don't think black coaches are as capable as white coaches, just like they used to think that black QBs weren't capable (and some maybe still do). There's racism, just like in society. It's decreasing amongst people with open minds, or that get out of their echo chamber, but it's sure taking a long ass time.
  5. Nothing really cuts the legs out of the Class action lawsuit - Flores was brought in to interview with the Giants after they decided on Daboll, and a league with 70% minority players has about 35% on coaching staffs and less than 10% HCs. Which logically means that there are a lot of sham interviews going on. Then there's O'Connell getting a job with very little experience. If Josh McCown gets one this year, pssh.
  6. I grew up on LI (Huntington, western Suffolk) and was about 8 years old during the 'Summer of Sam" and even out there it was a big thing, in the Newsday headlines all the time, women getting their hair dyed and/or cut short, etc. I do think there was a stronger connection to NYC back then, especially in Huntington- basically all of our dads worked in the city, Huntington was where most north shore commuters wanted to live because it's the first/last stop on the electric line, you have to change to/from a diesel to get to/from anywhere east of there - for some reason this seemed like a bigger deal prior to the 80s, not sure if something changed. Also, LI business centers like Hauppauge, Melville, Garden City etc. weren't what they are now, if you worked in Finance or other industries you really couldn't work for a large firm on LI. It was a crazy summer in general in the city (blackout, bicentennial, financial crisis, etc.).
  7. So everyone can hold, PI, release downfield prior to a pass, all formations are fine, everyone can line up wherever they want, etc.? I think they have that league already, it's called middle school flag football.
  8. Full time refs is the only way that I can see making the on-field officiating better. Why shouldn't refs be looking at film all week leading up to their game assignment? Reviewing personnel packages, tendencies, situational line splits, blocking assignments, receiver behaviors, etc., etc., etc. Prepare so they know 90% of what they'll see Sunday (Thu, Mon, etc.). Same as coaches, players, broadcasters, reporters and everyone else who makes their living off of this enormous business.
  9. Good call, that probably is the best football movie.
  10. Bull Durham may be the best, Pride of the Yankees is probably my favorite just because it has stuck with me since seeing it as a 10 year old or so (1970s). Best football movie is probably Brian's Song or Rudy, but football movies in general are kind of lacking. Best sports movie of all time, IMO, is Hoop Dreams. Non-documentary Raging Bull.
  11. isired

    RIP Savage69

    Haven't heard the name JoiseyJet in a loooong time. Seems like he would have to be lurking, or around on some message board somewhere - seems like he felt his contributions were just too important not to share. [emoji14]
  12. I get the sentiment, but there is no way Ertz was coming to the Jets... no way.
  13. Let's not forget that the Bucs built probably the best team that Brady's ever had around him. I can't think of a better Pats team, seems like they were never nearly as strong on both sides of the ball.
  14. Can't disagree with any of that. I don't know, I look at NE and McDaniel spoon-feeding Mac Jones with some success, at least in terms of getting accustomed to the pro game without having a fire drill 40 times a game. They call plays they let him get I to a rhythm - I don't see the high percentage short throws to TE and RB that you're seeing, at least not in the 1st Q or even half.
  15. Difference is this supposedly won't straighten or heal without a solid 6 weeks give or take in a fingertip splint, which, with the middle finger anyway, wouldn't allow you to throw a football. So if you can't throw with the tip at a 45 degree angle and it won't straighten without a continuous splint, it's hard to say he'll be playing soon. I was thinking surgery to short cut the process but it looks like the tendon has to heal.
  16. What error? I didn't see the all-22 but Joe Buck said Lockett tripped after Geno let go of the ball. Not even the magical Brady can change the throw after he lets go of it.
  17. Ha - knew someone would post this. Geno played well. Receiver got tripped after he let go of the ball, nothing he could do about that. If not we may be talking about a comeback win. Hopefully he returns to form and increases our draft stock.
  18. ^^^^^ Yeah nobody is saying it was a better deal for MIN than Gilmore will be for CAR.
  19. isired

    RIP Savage69

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the thread. We went back and forth on Martin a few times, never was anything other than a classic sports argument. "The ultimate stat compiler" - Savage69
  20. Carroll didn't do a good job in NY or NE. On ME he inherited a Parcells roster, Parcells went 11-5 and won the division, and Carroll proceeded to go 10-6, 9-7 then 8-8. That's gonna get you fired.
  21. Jimmy G will be a backup on his next team.
  22. It was Herndon and a 6th for a 4th. Also Herndon is 25 and healthy, Gilmore is 31 coming off quad surgery.
  23. Funny, I though that made perfect sense. BTW, one of the few stories from Goodfellas that is reportedly more or less accurate.
  24. It's called "Let's see if anyone wants to cut the (waiver) line and save us $6MM in cash and cap"
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