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  1. my honest opinion? i think, in the end, it will be the jets decision, and it will get built. i think the pols will get what they want and relent; i think the laws governing financing real estate development in nyc are some of the most fluid and pliable laws in existance, and they'll be a small, albeit expensive (for woody) hurdle; i think it will cost the jets a lot more than they thought, but less than they were willing to go, so their decision will, in the end, be to build it, using more of their actual money than they ever thought they would have to, maybe even $800MM.
  2. i think that, at this point, it's in the hands of the politicians / legal system. i think there's very little that the dolans could do, one way or the other. bottom line: it gets built IF-
  3. who got it last year? not lamont - let's face it, blaylock's not a 'move the pile' guy, but neither was lamont. he was more likely to run someone over 5 yds. downfield than at the line of scrimmage.
  4. myself, baumer, and, more importantly, sheldon silver and joseph bruno, each with the power to stop it cold, singlehandedly...
  5. here's a q. - if he's done, and there's no ramifications re: pension vs. years served, why couldn't they just cut him, save whatever cap space they save, and pay him as a scout, or mascot or whatever?
  6. just keep it clean (design-wise ), like the forum is now - don't junk it up with too many cheesy feathered-edge blends, like most of the other boards...
  7. i'd love the option to turn sigs off - not that i don't appreciate the effort, it's just easier to read long threads without, and it gets tiring to view the same pics over and over...
  8. here's hoping they don't put the genius in charge of matching the skins offer to chad morton on this one...
  9. 'tis. what's up over here? i saw BTJF
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